if only i just listen

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this poem is about a teenager who was on her way to finishing high school and going off to college and having her whole life planned out, but her ego got in the way and she got into a situation that could change her life forever.

Submitted: July 05, 2017

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Submitted: July 05, 2017



As the sun comes up in the early morning, 

I sit there looking to myself, wondering why me.  

I was so close to living my life the way I  

wanted it for the first time.


It was my last year of high school, I was accepted into the  

college of my choice along with a scholarship 

for four straight years. To top it all off, I had  

a great summer job to pay for other expenses 

before it all started. This was supposed



be my year. I realized that if I would not  

have gotten into that car with a 

drunk driver, I would have been  

well off without any of the problems 

that comes along with it. But no, I


did not want to listen to my parents and 

stay home to celebrate with them. I was 

too busy trying to get others to like me.  

Because again, this was supposed to be my 

year, my time. My success was supposed to


pay off all my hard work. I couldn’t believe it, 

if only I just listen for once to somebody. Now I 

sit here in a wheelchair that I am probably going

to be in for the rest of my life because I didn’t listen.


Now everything that I had worked hard for is all gone away. 

My relationships with my friends is all gone away, 

my trust with my parents is gone, and now they just 

sit their worrying about me, about how I am going to 

have a whole different life now all because I did not listen.


I want to listen now, I want everything to go back to the 

way they use to be, when I was in control of

my life. I should have just listen, and now I 

sit here wanting someone to listen to me.

But if only I just listen to them.






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