We Are Glass Beings

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Submitted: July 05, 2017

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Submitted: July 05, 2017



A stampede crowd in the hall to see the display buoyant. They brush death through her hair with gentle strokes. Listen to the lies and the flowery stories. I couldn't see the light no matter how I tried. We are imitating lives.

The sailors steer the vessel home. They know the bleeding smiles will take them home . They are parasites feeding on a heaven host . But they tried. We are imitating ghosts now. To the forces we won't bow. Imitating horses. Where fate is the seat . But still through the glass the zombies breathe.

Longing for one small touch of a lethal comb. That gave her hair the power to haunt my soul . It was only a hole with tears they cried. Only to hide the venom in her violet eyes. So they tried. To imitate the angels. With a love so wrong They hold. A heart so old .

We are glass beings. A whimper in a frightened dream . Hurling our bodies made of plastic. We cant keep our arms on like the makeup on your pink lips. That kiss vengeance lovingly with out a trance. So we listen one final time to her flowery stories. As age floats on knives in a burning dawn. So long . I'm imitating glass now. I'm coming In now. In your soul. But I've got a long long way to go.

They cross her hands like a preying mantis. That longs so hard for a venomous bite. If I can't walk to the edge of this world. I know I'll never see the light of day. She can turn the moon into another night. So I try. To imitate her reasons. I imitate these demons. For glass is my lasting life. We are glass beings.

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