Bullied Brother

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Can brothers be bullies?

Submitted: July 06, 2017

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Submitted: July 06, 2017



Once upon a time

There was a brother

Who laid the land to waste

By doing none other

That punting his DNA other

To paste


While this brother

Always professed love

In a variety of ways

He knew none other

Than the way

That puts others in a maze


Claiming to be a victim

Of a variety of circumstance

So he announced other victims

That serve his term of trance

That get into his system

Then produced as gas


But none more so

Than the younger brother

Who was born years later

A mistake like no other

Born smaller, not greater

Time to punish time


That allowed such a crime

And make a person exist

At the expense of another

Who is supposed to have all the love

All the memories that persist

Of a fairy tale like no other


But here comes the nuisance brother

Always there, never leaving

Always alive

So, there’s no relief and no grieving

What to do but to control him

By saving him to control him

By controlling him, holding him out on a limb.

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