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Look around you. Everyone is experiencing something different.

Submitted: July 06, 2017

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Submitted: July 06, 2017



Green. Green were the chairs inside this popular coffee stop on campus. Green were the lamp shades that hung from the ceiling. Green were the leaves on his tropical button up shirt as he sat there breaking my heart slowly. I was green; green with envy. I was envious of every other person in this shop. For surely, they all were happier than I was at this moment. Apart from the sound of his voice, which was nervous and dull sounding, I heard laughter and busy chatter. I sat with my arms folded, an unconscious move to protect myself from the pain that I was feeling. How very gracious of him to end things in this crowded place that was so alive while he told me things between us were now dead. I tried to argue that things were going so well, but perhaps I was a fool. I wanted a love so big that there was little room for anything else, so maybe I had ignored the signs. I wanted to ask was it my hair color, my glasses? Insecurities and hurt feelings crowded my mind to where everything else became a blur. So I focused on the green.

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