the love that started with a lockdown

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Submitted: July 06, 2017

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Submitted: July 06, 2017



The Love That Started With a Lockdown


So you know when you have fire drills and lockdown drills etc. at school, yeah well this is the time when it wasn't a drill. It all started when I walked into school that morning.

8:26 am


“Hey Emma” I said as I walked down the hall to my locker. There was no response. Then I notice that none of my friends were there. I just had noticed Mrs. Smith telling us to come into the room. “But I hadn’t put my stuff in my locker” I said as I walked closer to the room.

“Just come in and hurry!” I had no idea what was going on so I’m a little scared. So of course I run into the classroom, still not knowing what’s going on. Emily is calling me over to the corner behind the bookshelf.

“What’s going on”

“Just shhh!”

“Ok” thinking this must be a lockdown, but why would it be in the morning.

“Who are we missing” said Mrs.Smith

“Jason and Nicole” said Lucas

“They were both on the bus” I said

“So where are they?” said mrs.smith

“ they are dating but I don’t know what that could do with it” said Riley R

“Ryleigh, go check all of the bathrooms in the school even the teachers. Emily go check all of the storage and janitor closets. Stay undercover, don’t let anyone see you.”

“Okay” Emily and I said as we took off from the room. I looked at the girls and the boys bathrooms and they weren’t in there. So now I had to look in the teacher restrooms. When I opened the first bathroom I found Nicole sitting in the corner alone.

“Come on run to class tell them we are still looking for jason” I said. Nicole ran to class. Still looking for jason on all floors to find him but he's nowhere to be found. There was one place we haven’t checked the boys locker room in the gym. Emily and I ran to the gym but girls weren’t allowed in the boys locker room. So emily wouldn’t go in.

“No matter what I’m going in there's no way that if jasons in there that I wouldn't go in to find him” I said as i ran inside. I ran in. As I was running in I could hear noises from farther in the boy's locker room. So I ran farther in and I saw this big thing in the corner.

“I wonder what it was” I said to myself. I went over to it and poked it.

“Jason???” I said.

“Who is that” he said

“Its Ryleigh come out”

“Ryleigh, I know this isn’t the time to talk about this but I’m thinking about breaking up with nicole.”

“Okay, can you tell me why when we get back to class”

“yeah , but can I do this first”

“Do what” Jason stood up and turned around to face me and kissed me.

“Okay now we can go to class and I can tell you”

“Okay” I said shocked. As we walk out I can here Emily yelling my name. So I yell back.

“I Found Him”

“I’m Okay” Yelled Jason. We walked back to class and the whole class ran up to us and hugged us.

“Now can we sit down and can I tell you why or did you already pick it up.”

“I think I picked it up.” So after that he went over to nicole and broke up with her to be with me. He came over to me and said

“Ryleigh Chevalier will you be my girlfriend”

“Yes, Of Course”

For the rest of the lock down it wasn’t as scary anymore because I had someone who would protect me. Although it was the last day of school so I wouldn’t be able to see him everyday. But at the end of the day, Jason and his friends behind him came up to me and I was talking with mine and when jason pulled my shoulder I turned around and my friends turned and stood behind me. He pulled me closer and kissed me again and everyone was there to see it. Lucas, Corey (who the day before asked me out), Robbie. And my friends, emily, mckenzie, fiona, and eve. And when we stopped everyone started clapping. My friends were all like hugging jason and shit. An all of his friend were all like telling me about jason and batting me on the back. Corey stood over by the corner and just looked at us like he was sad. So I went over to jason and asked him if I could do something for corey.

“all he really want is to be me.” he said

“ So he wants to kiss me and date me”


“Then that's what I’ll give him”


“Relax and just watch” I went over to Corey and said

“Have a good summer” and kissed him on the cheek.

“What the hell just happened” said corey to lucas and robbie.

“You got kissed by your crush and you now have her lipstick on your cheek” said lucas

“I wish that happened to me” said Robbie


Written By: Ryleigh Chevalier



© Copyright 2018 ryleighgc. All rights reserved.

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