The Communism As Religion (popular study)

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This is popular study about the communism as religion, because that is how must be looked at it, especially nowadays, after its falling down as form of social government. This view has been intuitively supported by many people but (according to the author) was not scientifically elaborated, more so from apolitical point of view (in such a way that the very communists don’t agree much with the expressed ideas), and in addition with elements of science fiction in the end. Besides, there is an appendix to the book, one multilingual poetry clearing some curious moments with communists' greetings in different countries.

Table of Contents

I. Similarities of the communism with other religions

I. SIMILARITIES OF THE COMMUNISM WITH OTHER RELIGIONS 0. Definition of the notion "religion" And so let us try to give some w... Read Chapter

II. Differences between the communism and other religions

II. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE COMMUNISM AND OTHER RELIGIONS Our main goal was to show the similarities of the communism with other r... Read Chapter

III. Past and future of the communist religion

III. PAST AND FUTURE OF THE COMMUNIST RELIGION In this chapter is convenient to look at the communist religion, as it's said, in t... Read Chapter

IV. The pentaism — religion of the future

IV. THE PENTAISM — RELIGION OF THE FUTURE 1. Subject of the pentaism The pentaism is religion of atheists, in which is over... Read Chapter

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