Majic Chapter 17: War

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Stacy will go into battle with her fellow majics and fight till the death.

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Submitted: July 06, 2017



Chapter 17: War


I was dressed lavishly. My forta was a vibrant gold, with a rainbow hem, indicating who I was. I had a choker, with my seal dangling from it. It was gorgeous. My hair was in a braid, and my face fresher than ever. Alina was putting on the finishing touches when The Matal came in. He was dressed a a matching golden forta. His hair was combed back, and his face was shiny. He was just as nice.

“Doesn’t she look beautiful?” said Alina.

“Very.” said The Matal.

I took his hand. “So, what first?”

“We need to make a speech.”

“What are we talking about now?” I asked. I sucked at speeches.

“I’ll do the talking. You just need to add a bit of your dazzling taste into the speech and it’ll be fine.”

We went downstairs. The others (except for Jacob) would remain behind.

We left immediately to the main building. As we entered, the woman at the desk said, “He’s expecting you on the third floor.”

We went up the stairs to the third floor where a sitting area was. I saw some doors, and they probably were leading to some balcony where we’d make our speech.

Commander Wright bowed. “Ah, there you are. So, your speech will take place on the balcony.” he said, pointing to the doors. “Then I will go to collect some troops. The square will be open all morning for the soldiers we are taking with us to train, then we go to the briefing rooms after lunch to brief them on their mission.”

“When will we leave?” I asked.

“The day after tomorrow.” he said. “So don’t get too comfortable.”

I nodded. “Right. So, shall we begin?”

“Yes.” said Commander Wright.

He opened the doors and entered the balcony.

He addressed the soldiers in the square, gathered below.

“Men!” he said. “We have been through much together. The Dark One has been planning to attack for weeks. But now we shall bring the attack to him. May I present, The Matal, our king, and the queen, The Alimic.”

An eruption of applause came from below. The Matal went first, and I followed from behind.

We waved at the crowd below. When the noise subdued, The Matal said, “We have come from miles away for this. We seek the finest men to accompany us on our journey.”

I took over. “We will be traveling a long way to The Dark One’s fortress to attack. We shall not wait for him to come to us first. We must attack!”

“So we may live without fear again!” he said. “But it all starts with you. So we encourage you to fight for your kingdom, for your life if you would like to live in a world without fear!”

Again, they clapped. We smiled again. Then, The Matal looped his arm around me. He brought me in and kissed.

The crowd went wild. They whistled, clapped, and shouted in glee. I, a bit dazed, tried not to show it.

Then, The Matal pushed me back inside, and followed, with Jacob behind him.

“You ok?” asked Jacob.

“Fine.” I said, smiling.

“I got carried away.” said The Matal. “But the people adore you. The story about you and the baker spread fast, and the people loved you for it.”

“I wasn’t trying to get good points.” I said. “I was just being nice.”

Commander Wright came in. “I must get the ferals ready for training. Shall I meet you in the square?”

“Yes.” said The Matal.

He left. I took the Matal’s hand. For the first time, I saw a sun was tattooed to it.

I looked at my hand, which too had one, but of my own seal. I had it done before we left, and I never really looked at it. The tailor that did it was quiet the whole time, but a master.

We went downstairs to the square. It was empty, except for the remaining soldiers in blue and red fortas who were buying some goods. We found a bench and sat.

Then, probably around thirty men and women in blue and red fortas were spread throughout the square. They started spreading waves of flame and sparks of red through the square. We watched in silence as they practiced.

Of course, people would keep setting each other on fire, so Oceankeepers had to run over to put the out.


For hours we watched fireals, oceankeepers, and heartrenders train. The heartrenders training was scary. I stared as they took men in black fortas out. The Matal grabbed me and turned me around, but I could tell that they were killing them off.

“Savage.” I muttered as they pulled away the dead bodies.

“They need something to practice on.” said The Matal.

Then, they brought out children. They were in black, and heartrenders were positioning themselves. Probably about thirty more.

I stood. “What are they doing?” I asked.

“They… I think they are going to kill them.” he breathed.

I walked over. By the time I was close to the nearest heartrender, he had raised his hands.

“Stop!” I commanded.

They looked up.

“What are you doing to these children?” I asked.

“They are condemned to death.” one said.

“For what?” I demanded.

“For being followers of the Dark One.” he said.

“I don’t care if they’re followers of Satan!” I felt my anger rising on me. “Show some mercy!”

“They deserve it!” another cried. He raised his hands, but I was fast in defense.  I was able to swerve his hands to the side with some water.

“I demand you,” I roared now, “As Queen of Majics to let these children go!”

Commander Wright stepped forward to his men. “Are you treasonists? Put your hands down!” he faced me. “Your Majesty, please see sense. These children have learned to live in darkness, to never let the light come! They are too sensitive for rehabilitation. They can’t just scurry back now, too. It’s best to put them out of their misery!”

“You will not slaughter them like pigs!” I shouted.

The Matal stepped forward. Commander Wright calmed a bit.

“King, please. It’s only logical. We’ve already soothed them into it. They are ready to die!”

“I stand by the queen.” said The Matal with a bit of steel of his voice. “Now, if you argue again-”

“No!” ranged a heartrender. “Let us kill them! They need to! The less the better!”

Some nodded in agreement. I couldn't believe it.

“What kind of monsters are you?!” I cried. “Guards!”

Then the heartrenders raised their hands, and I raised mine. One then suddenly had blood coming out of his mouth. He groaned and fell.

I looked over. Jacob had his hand raised, and the look in his eyes showed the need to kill. He stepped in front of me, alongside The Matal.

“Lower your arms now.” growled Jacob.

They still were red with anger, but they lowered their arms.

I calmly walked over to the nearest child. He, like the others, were in heavy chains. I took his hands. They were red and sweaty. I cradled his head in my other hand. His eye was swollen shut with a black bruise. His lip was cut.

He had sandy, thin hair and small pink freckles.

“Monsters.” I murmured.

I then held my hand out to Commander Wright.


He hesitated.


He fumbled into his pocket and removed a large key. He put it into my hand.

I placed it into the hole on the boy’s cuffs. The cuffs fell. Then, the boy launched himself into me, hugging me, crying.

“Shh.” I said. “It’s ok. You’re safe now.”

“There are others.” he said. “More. In the prison. About twenty more. Help them.”

“I will.” I whispered.

I next released the other children one by one. They all thanked me. I whispered my soothing talk as best as I could in an effort to calm them down.

I stood and turned to Commander Wright. “I want all of the children released within five minutes or it’ll be hell to pay.” I threw him the key. “And get them all to a healer.”

“Ma’am, we don’t have enough-”

“I don’t care. I’ll supply my own. They can even do it where I am staying. You have four minutes. Go.”

He then literally ran away. The heartrenders all bowed and left immediately. It was only us and the children.

“Jacob.” I asked. “Would you please take these children to the infirmary? If there isn’t enough space, bring them to where we are staying.”

He bowed, then headed to the children with me.

“Don’t worry.” I said to them. “This is my personal, trusted protector. He will take care of him.”

Some nodded. Others just kept weeping. It was painful to let them go, but I had to get to Ella to tell her about them.

The Matal and I practically ran to the guest quarters.

“Ella!” I yelled the moment I entered. “Ella, quickly!”

There was a crash, then Ella came flying down the stairs. “Yes? Are you okay?”

The Matal and I quickly described the situation as: There was children being held hostage here and then they were about to kill them when I came to rescue them and now they are all going to the infirmary and we need her help to heal them.

Natalie came downstairs and, again in a rush, we repeated.

“I’ll go with you,” she said. “I can help.”

“I’m going too.” I said. “I’ve had plenty of practice.”

The Matal nodded. “I’ll speak with Commander Wright about it. He won’t be happy.”

I hugged him quickly. “Thanks. If he back talks, rip a limb off for me, will ya?”

And with that, we rushed off.


Thirty minutes later, my whole team had put kids on all of the furniture in our ‘house’. They were crammed on couches, chairs, tables, desks and beds.

Let me explain what our whole ‘house’ looked like:

Downstairs in the living room, kids were on couches, a table, and the chairs. Natalie was washing their wounds while another healer tried to mend some of the worse wounds. In the kitchen, The Matal and John were cooking soup, while the baker was kindly loaning ten loaves of bread. At the table, the kids who were all fixed up (or mostly fixed up) were at the table eating. Some even offered to help cook. (One girl suggested adding garlic, which made it taste really good).

In the office, more kids were being fixed up by Ella and Alina. Three were on the table, and two to each of the three large chairs.

Upstairs in the girl’s bedroom, about fifteen kids were lodged with me to heal them. One ten year old who only had a black eye helped me. She was  an Iceal, so she fashioned some blocks of ice to press against some of the bruises.

In the boy’s room, Jacob was helping a healer with another fifteen kids. He was running around like we were from kid to kid to kid.

In The Matal and my room was empty. We were saving that room for kids if they needed to sleep here.

Commander Wright came to visit me, but I was busy, so The Matal talked with him. I found out by John later that the conversation went a bit like this-

“Majesty, please, we don’t have enough room anywhere. The other guest house is full with the rest of the children. They can’t sleep together like this!”

“The queen has her orders!” argued The Matal. “And I order you, I want these children taken care of! I don’t care if you don’t like them, Commander!”

The Commander, red in the face, growled, “You need to control that damned wife of yours!”

The Matal did not take that well. So, he ordered a guard outside to arrest him for treason and put him in the prison. The guard, who was obedient to his king, dragged him away.

Meanwhile, the rest of us worked for hours.

I was working on a boy who had a cut running down his left arm. It wasn’t fatal, luckily. I cleaned it and healed it, so it only left a scar. The iceal, whom I never got her name, gave him some ice to help the pain.

Jacob came in. “We have some kids who need rest. Should we put them in your room?”

“Yes. I have a sleeping bag and a blanket in my pack. Look in the others’ packs too.”

“Of course.” he bowed and left.

I went to the sandy-haired boy from earlier. I was able to help heal some of the black eye, but there was still a lot of purple. His cut lip was healed.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Fred.” he said.

“Well, Fred, when was the last time you slept?”

“About 40 hours ago.”

“Well, you can come and get some sleep.”

I took him and four other children to the bedroom where Jacob had sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, and the one large bed.

“Three can sleep in the bed.” he said. “Maybe four. The rest can have sleeping bags.”

“Great. Bring in more from downstairs. If we run out of room, use the office.”

“Alright. Oh, and three soldiers came along. They donated ten blankets and four pillows, along with six sleeping bags. They said they could some help in any way.”

“Great. Have one in the kitchen to give The Matal and John a break. One come up here to give the girl in my room some sleep. The other can cover you.”

“You need rest.” he argued.

“They need a proper healer. I’m the only other one.” I said.

He bowed. “Alright.”

Then he went downstairs. I went back into my area. I told the iceal to go sleep.

A soldier in blue and purple forta stepped in a few minutes later. She bowed. “I’m ready for anything.” she said.

“Excellent.” I said. “Would you go around and just take care of the kids? You know, clean wounds and cuts, give them some company? They really need it.”

“Yes, your majesty.” she said, and bowed.

She left to tend to the children. Together, we worked. I mended broken bones, cuts, bruises, and other ‘boo-boos’.

We worked until about six that night. It was tiring, but I kept going until The Matal had a healer replace me. When I argued, he literally picked me up and carried me downstairs.

“What are you doing?” asked John.

“She had to literally be dragged from her work.” said The Matal, putting me down. I scowled, but it was hard to not smile.

“Let’s go.” he said, going towards the door.

“But the-”

“-kids will be fine. Most of them are in the infirmary now, sleeping. The rest here are in good hands. And Commander Wright will be stripped of his rank and dishonorably discharged.” he took my hand. “Let’s go.”

We walked outside. Again, the sun was setting, and a field of reds, pinks, purples, blues, and oranges laid on the open sky. We walked through the square, and to the doors.

The guard halted. “No going out at this time of day.”

“We’ll just be up that hill.” said The Matal smoothly, pointing southbound to al hill. “We won’t be long.”

The guard hesitated, then said, “Yes, sir.”

We walked through the gates and to the promised hill. There, we laid down on the grass together. It was soft and smooth, like anyone would ever dream of.

“Those children…” I breathed. “Are they going to be okay?”

“Yes.” he said. “I have arranged for them all to be taken underground. I will order their protection.”

“Will the council like it?” I asked. “They hate it when we do things without them.”

“They know that we can’t talk with them, and besides, they’re mostly there to represent the people and council us. They don’t truly get anything else to do.” explained The Matal.

I looked up to the sky. “I can’t believe I’m a queen.”

“You’ve been doing it for nearly half a year now.” he said. “What got you realizing that now?”

“Well, underground, I was always busy- saving you, training, winning the people, the council, Notch and Jen, etc. But out here I have the time to think. An I realize now how much my sister is in danger, and how she might be dead, and those children…”

The Matal took over once I lost words. “...The children remind you of your sister, don’t they? That’s why you’ve been working so hard.”

I nodded. I was nineteen now, then it hit me.

“How old are you?” I blurted.

He grinned. “Why’d you want to know?”

Well, it’s been a year since I came here, I’m now nineteen, and I never found out how old you were.”

He laughed. “Twenty.”

I gasped. “No joke? Dang, you seem powerful for a majic whose only twenty.”

“I’ve been doing this since I was four.” he pointed out.

I nodded. “We better get back.”

We got up, and I actually took his hand. We kissed, once briefly.

I think I actually love him.




The next day we found another place for the kids to stay, and soon once again our ‘house’ was kid-free. We still kept busy. The Matal and I appointed a new Commander, Commander Alard.

Our attack was put on hold by one day, and those days flew by. The night before we left, I hugged Alina, Ella, and John goodbye. They would stay here, waiting for my return with The atal and Lucy. Jacob, The Matal and I would take the main team while Commander Alard would take another. I didn’t know who was commanding the third team, but I trusted Alard chose wisely.

The next morning, a new forta arrived. It had red, blue, and purple hems and sewing. It was golden, and the clothes underneath were black. I had a choker with my symbol dangling off of it. I had my hair in a braid. No makeup. Just me.

The Matal was dressed in a golden forta with blue hems, and he had something in his hand.

“Look in your pocket.” he whispered when I saw him.

My hand plunged into my pocket. I felt something small and band-like against my fingers. I took it and pulled it out. It was a ring with a lovely diamond on it.

He took it carefully out of my hands and smiled. He then took my right hand and put the ring on. He then extracted his own golden ring from his pocket. I then did the same.

We walked downstairs to our friends for the final goodbye. I hugged them tight. We made our vows, and then Jacob, The Matal, Natalie and I left to the square.

Hundreds of horses were ready. The Matal and I had pure white horses, gorgeous if that.

An hour later of chaos, we and our soldiers were ready. As the base faded from view, we rode for hours on the plains until we saw a beach.

“Where are we?” I asked The Matal.

“Washington, USA. We just crossed the border from Canada.”

“How has noone found us?”

“We’re completely off the grid.” he said. “It took a very long time to figure out the spot, but actually we have some of our own people working in non-majic places.” he said.

“Huh.” I said.

We traveled for a few more hours before the fortress came in sight. My stomach tightened. I took a breath. This was it.

The Matal took my hand. Then he shouted, “For The Majics!”

The army cried, “For the Majics!”

When the other two armies were in sight, we all charged in battle.

As we got closer, I saw that about 50,000 men were surrounding the fortress. I held my breath. We stopped.

The Matal nodded to me. I shouted, “By order of The Alimic, I order you to surrender!”

A laugh. I found The Dark One, leading the men. “Oh, Stacy.” he sighed. “Take them.”

Then, chaos errupted.

Men collided, horses fell, and somehow I blacked out for a moment. The Matal grabbed me, waking me. I was off of my horse The Dark One was grappling with a few of our men. The Matal and I moved as one. We were surrounded by men. The Matal blinded some as I burned them with my fire. As a heartrender tried to slow my heart down, I crushed his lungs as The Matal made another two soar as he hit them bam with a hit so strong the light was sent in sparks. The last one he sent a spark of light warm enough that it set her forta on fire.

We moved through the battle, helping our soldiers. I then was hit with a wave of darkness. My hands were raised, but then sent down. I looked up. To my surprise, The Matal was battling The Dark One and Lucy.

Lucy was the one holding me. I gathered all of my strength. I couldn’t hurt her. I then summoned a light so powerful my hands were freed. The Matal picked me up, and we battled.

The Dark One laughed. “Brother, do we really need to go over this? I win!”

“Over my dead body!” snarled The Matal. He sent a wave of light, but The Dark One deflected it with darkness so powerful it nearly knocked him over.

Meanwhile, Lucy hissed, “You betrayed us.” she sent a ribbon of darkness to my neck, but really, I deflected it.

“I didn’t!” I gasped as I sent a weeble bit of light. My feelings were distracting me.

“Stacy!” barked The Matal. “Focus!”

Lucy laughed. “Darkness will reign. And I, Lucielle, will rule by his side!”

“Never!” I roared. That next moment, I froze her hands together. She tried to break it, but couldn’t.

She then kicked me, but I blocked and tripped her, only to catch her. Then, with light, I healed her.

She groaned, then wiggled around. I turned her over she stared.

“S-Stacy?” she whispered.

I melted her hands. She hugged me.

“No!” roared The Dark One behind me.

I then saw something fly to Lucy. Knowing that I couldn’t deflect it, I jumped up with lightning speed and caught the knife in my arm.

I roared in pain, but when The Matal turned, I yelled, “Take care of yourself.”

I then realized that men were trying to take my defenseless sister. Ignoring the seething pain in my arm, I protected her. Then, I saw The Matal coming to me.

“He ran off!” he snarled. “Coward.”

“We’ll get him next time.” I said. “Sound the alarm. We must retreat.”

“No.” he said. “We’re winning. We can win. Take your sister. Get to Jacob and run.”

I nodded. Then, I grabbed my sister and fled.

“Where are we going?” she cried.


I was cut off as she fell. Behind her was Jacob, who had his arm cletched towards the heartrender who tried to kill her. Lucy wobbled, and Jacob caught her as she fainted.

“She’s ok.” he said as Natalie ran to us. “We need to leave.”

We ran to where the extra troops who were standing by in case we needed escape.

As we ran, I heard a cry to my right. A heartrender stood, his hand was in a fist. Natalie laid dead, blood dripping out of her mouth.

I then put my hands ready and cut. I used rei.

Again, a whiplash of thunder was heard, and the man was sliced in half.

Jacob grabbed me and we ran. Lucy in his arms, he ran without effort. I stumbled along with my thoughts. The Matal was somehow already there with the guards. Some men tried to kill us, but were easily killed off.

We sounded the alarm. Our forces-what we had left- retreated. There was tons of black-soldiered men still lingering, but quite a group dead.

“Surrender!” I ordered the remaining few. “Surrender and you will be spared.”

“Never!” some yelled, but then a high voice entered the sene:

“Troops, fall back to me!”

Then, they retreated to the ocean.

“Cut them off!” I ordered.

All of our troops went to the oceanside. There, we found The Dark One. He cackled.

“You may have won this round!” he snarled. “But next round will be the last!”

The oceankeepers and gravitios moved as one. They created a bubble of air around the army and The Dark One. Then, they floated under the sea.

“Retreat!” ordered The Matal.

Most soldiers stayed behind to search the fortress. The rest of us started home. The Matal and I got two horses. By that time, Lucy was waking. I put her on my horse.

“What’s going on?” she mumbled. “Stacy, where am I?”

I took her. “Shh.” I said. “You’re safe.”


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