Majic Chapter 18: Revival

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Now that Stacy is back from battle, they mourn a lost friend, and there is much to be explained.

Submitted: July 06, 2017

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Submitted: July 06, 2017



Chapter 18: Revival


We rode for a while. Lucy kept watching the Majics with interest. Again, she asked me, “What’s going on? Where are we?”

“Where are we going.” I amended. “Well, we’re going back to our base. Don’t worry, we’ll explain later.”

“So… we are safe?” she asked.

“Yes.” I said. “We’re safe as can be.”

The Matal and I locked eyes for a moment, then looked away.

As we arrived to the base, a few hours later, Jacob said, “Majesty, we might want to conceal your sister. The men might not take well to a non-majic in the base.”

I nodded. “Just try not to make a scene.”

He bowed. “Majesties.”

I took Lucy’s hand. “Stay close to me.”

“Are you a queen?” she whispered as we passed the gates.

“Yes.” I said. “I’ll tell you more later.”

Thankfully, no one really noticed that a little girl dressed in black was clinging to my arm. We got to the ‘house’ by dusk.

Alina and Ella hugged me. “We’ve been so worried!” said Ella. “I thought you failed.”

“Thanks.” I muttered. “Hey, I got to tell you something…”

“Where’s Natalie?” asked Alina.

“D-died.” I whispered. I then started crying. It was weird because when I did everyone stared.

Jacob spoke up. “She died trying to save Stacy and her sister. She was a good soldier, and a good friend.”

I hugged my friends. “We’ll miss her. And, can Lucy stay with you guys for now?”

“Of course!” said Ella.

I nodded. Then I took Lucy. “C’mon. Let’s sit in the living room.”

The Matal motioned Jacob and John to come with him. They left. Only us.

“Ok, so, how did I get here?” asked Lucy.

“Good question.” I said. “Do you remember?”

“Yeah. We were eating dinner. Then, we heard a pounding on the door. Julia went to get it. We then hear a scream, and Julia is dead, with a bunch of guys in black. One grabs me, the rest… they killed Mom and Dad.” this time she started to cry.

I hugged her tight. “It’s ok. They can’t be hurt now.”

“I-i know. Then, this guy… The Dark One, right?” she asked.

“Yes.” said Ella, nodding.

“He told me I was perfect bait. When I asked for what, he said for you. So he knocked me out. The next few days were just traveling. Then, he, well, I don’t know, but he then made it to when I couldn’t remember.” she said.

“Well, ok. That answers some of my questions.” I said. “Now, let us explain. First, this is Alina and Ella. They’re my best friends.” I said.

“Now, the ranks of Majics- those are the magical guys- they’re in three classes: Dentrium, Oastiumla, and Zantrics. Alina, tell her about Zantrics, since you’re one of them.”

Alina smiled. “Well, we usually wear green. There is the Zalritic, who make special things for the army, like poisons and special knifes. Zalotics make devices, like… stoves that can get hot quickly. Then there is tailor's, like me, who can make clothing.”

“Oh. Ok. What about the… dentrium?”

“Well,” said Ella. “I’m a healer, one of the dentrium. We can heal people while only leaving scars and small bruises. The other type is heartrender, who, well, they can hurt you physically without even touching you.”

“Ok. That’s cool. And then there is…”

“Oastimula. They are summoners. There is gravitios, who summon wind, oceankeepers, who summon water, fireals who summon fire, and iceals who can summon ice. The Matal, who was the man on the horse next to us earlier, can summon light. He’s the only one. The Dark One is the only one to summon darkness.”

“And you?” she asked.

“I can do them all. That’s why I’m chosen. Because I can create a balance.”

“Er, not to be weird, but should you tell her about…” said Alina.

“Oh, yeah.” I said. “Well, er, how do I say this?”

“Say what?” asked Lucy.

“Well, I’m married.” I said.

She jumped up. “But you’re too young!”

“Not according to Majic laws.” said Ella. “You can marry when you turn eighteen. She’s nineteen.”

“Was it forced?” asked Lucy. “If it was I’m gonna punch whoever-”

“Yay.” I said. “Good. Don’t worry. Yes it was. It was the High Council’s choice.”


“A bunch of stupid pampered goonies.” explained Alina.

“Yes. I always want to give them a beating sometimes.” I agreed. “Except John, Jacob and Ella. They’re cool.”

“Who are you married to?” asked Lucy.

“I’m married to The Matal.” I said. “But don’t hit him. Or get mad. He’s really sweet. I’m actually loving him.”

“Cute.” said Lucy dryly.

“Listen, I know it’s weird. But I have to. Besides, it’s… complicated.” I said.

Lucy sighed. “Ok. I get it. But don’t go being all gross all the time.”

Ella laughed. “Oh, that’ll be hard. He is really handsome.”

“Yep.” I agreed. “But-”

“What will happen to me?” Lucy asked.

“Well, I don’t exactly know, but no matter what, you stay with me.” I said.

The door suddenly opened. The Matal and the others were back.

“Hey, er, we got some stuff.” said Jacob. “And a clothes was kind enough to offer clothes. They’ll arrive tomorrow morning.”

“Thank you.” I said. “Anyways, Lucy’s all caught up, and she knows everything. Including the whole marriage thingie.”

The Matal smiled. Jacob just nodded, while John was quiet.

That night we had a quiet dinner. I was basically reliving the battle scene in my head. I don’t know what the others were thinking, but they were quiet.

That night I convinced Lucy to sleep in Natalie’s old bed before I went with Alina into my room to unchange. Alina undid my hair and I got changed into a nightgown. When she was brushing my hair, she grabbed my hand.

“Where did you get this?” she asked, examining the ring.

“The Matal.” I blushed.

“Cute. I think he’s trying. He’s never truly loved before.” she said.

“I’m trying too.” I said. “I’ve never been in a relationship before now.”

“You do make a cute couple.”

“Cuter than The Dark One and I, if that’s what you mean.” I said.

I got into bed. I turned. Then, bam, out like a light.




The next morning, The Matal got up after I did, surprisingly. I was brushing my hair when I heard him get up.

“Morning.” I said.

“How come no one says ‘good morning’? Too lazy just to add ‘good’?

“No.” I replied. “No one ever says good because if it was good I’d be in bed.”

He laughed. “I love how funny you are.”

“I love your humor too.” I said.

We hugged. There was something warm about it. It was kind, loving. Reflecting.

“Hey, I’m gonna dress behind the curtain.” I said. “Be back in a sec.”

He turned away to start to dress as I went behind the panel. I dressed quickly, not wanting to be waiting.

Alina came in just as I was finishing buttoning up my forta.

“Oh, you look lovely.” she sighed. “I wish you would let me do the hair. It’s fun to play with.”

I giggled. “Weirdo.”

She laughed. “Funny. Lucy is still asleep. But her clothes are here and I put them next to her table. And to be honest-” she hesitated for a moment before continuing- “I think she might be majic.”

The Matal looked up. “It’s impossible. She would’ve shown it when she was a baby.”

“What if she hid it?” I asked. “I did, remember?”

“We’d need to test it.” said The Matal. “Which is difficult. First, you need a healer, and they need to be certified, and it takes days for the testing to end. We don’t need her in that stress.”

“True,” I said. “Maybe she’ll show it in time.”

“Hopefully.” said Alina. “We can’t hide her forever.”

Alina did my hair, and I did my makeup, which I was getting much better at. My cheeks became rosy red, and my eyes shone as I applied powder around it.

When we went downstairs, oatmeal was in a tub waiting. I began to eat when a messenger came.

“They retrieved all of the dead bodies.” he said. “We will be able to propose a proper burial of all dead.”

“Good.” said The Matal. “No stopping it or postponing it. The sooner the bodies identified and put to rest the better.”

“Yes, Majesty.” he said with a bow.

Lucy came downstairs, hair brushed, new clothes on. She waved.

“It’s way better to be in actual clothes.” she said to me. “How do you live in those?”

“No clue.” I said. “I just got used to it.”

“You’re good at that.” she said.

I smiled. I loved her, and I missed her so much.

The Matal said, “We have to go to Commander Alard now to discuss what to do from here. And also, we got a new Temple.”

I almost choked. “That fast?”

“Well, we took an old Canadian fortress. It was destroyed in battle, so later no one knew it existed. We kind of improved it, and worked on it day and night. The High Council is already there, and transportation of the underground has began. We’re leaving the first chance we have.”

I stared. “And when is that?”

“Er… well, as soon as Lucy’s better and you give your respects to Natalie, then we will leave.” said The Matal. “Wanted to get your business done first, you know?”

I smiled. “Thanks. So, what in the meantime?”

“Well, we just need to lay low. I thought Lucy and you could, well, just hang out for now.” he said, a smile creeping up his lips. “And you and I, well…”

“Talk later.” I whispered. “Lucy isn’t used to it.”

“I can tell.” he said.

We then talked about traveling. The Matal warned the others not to get too comfortable. Lucy said, “What about me?”

I looked at The Matal, who said,  “Well, we need to come up with where you can go, but it’ll be hard, because well…”

“They aren’t used to it?” she offered.

“Yeah. They don’t take kindly to it.” said The Matal. “But we do have leverage. One, you were a hostage. That’ll create some sympathy. Second, you’re The Queen’s sister. That’ll create a ton of protection.”

“We still want to take precaution.” I said, hugging her. “You’ll be fine, though. I’ll figure it out.”

“Good.” said Lucy. “I want to see them train.”

I laughed. “Oh, it’s fun to. Trust me.”

“But for now.” said The Matal. “Stay inside. Just until we figure everything out.”

“Can I please come with you?” begged Lucy.

I smiled. Then I looked at The Matal and shrugged. “You know my vote.”

He nodded. “Ok. Just stay close to your sister.” he said.

We got ready to go. I told my sister she had to follow my instructions if she wanted to come. She just nodded vigorously. It was good to see her happy after all of this time.

We left it bit later, and the streets were packed. Soldiers jogged to their stations, officers watched the crowd, and Jacob, Lucy, The Matal and I looked like a rose in the middle of a field of poppies.

We kept getting strange looks. One soldier looked at us, then the officer next to him told him to show some respect.

We got to the square where the iceals were training. They froze dummies, rocks, and other random stuff, then cut them in half of shattered them with axes, swords, and clubs.

We entered the building. The office lady said, “I’m sorry, but children-”

“Can it.” snapped Jacob. “Where is Commander Alard?”

“He’s in the office.” she said, scowling.

I told Lucy and Jacob, “Jacob, can you stay here with Lucy?”

“Yes.” he said, nodding.

The Matal and I went upstairs to the top floor of the building. Commander Alard looked busy.He was scribbling on a paper so fast I thought he was about to rip the paper. When he saw us, he bowed and said, “Majesties. How may I be of service to you?”

“Er, well, we need some help.” I said.

Discreetly, we told him about Lucy, but basic facts, just she was related to me and she was a hostage and had no magic. We didn’t plunge into full detail.

The commander nodded. “I see. What do you want me to tell the men?”

“Nothing.” I said. “Only that if they see a child, any child, they will ignore them.”

“Of course.” he said. “So, for the girl, will she always be with one of you?”

“She’ll be with me or with another person I deem worthy.” I said. “We don’t know if she even has magic. She might.”

“Shall we have her tested?” said the commander.

“No.” said The Matal quickly. “We’ll just watch her and see.”

“Yes, majesties.” he said. “Well, anything else?”

“No.” said The Matal. “I think that’s all.”

Commander Alard bowed. “Very well then.”

We went back downstairs. Lucy was sitting down while Jacob, alert as ever, was watching everyone who passed through.

“Thanks.” I said. “Listen, we’ve got it settled. I’ll tell you more when we get back.”

“Okay.” said Lucy, jumping up.

We walked back to where we were staying. Lucy flopped onto the couch. “Ok,” she said. “So?”

“Nobody knows except the base Commander, who only thinks you’re a relative and ex-hostage. That’s it. Nothing else.”

“Good.” she said. “I don’t need people goggling at me.”

“They’ll get used to it.” I said. “There’s magic kids here too. They were raised thinking The Dark One was good, but then they were our hostages. However, I ordered it not to be and let them free. You can probably meet them.”

“I might.” said Lucy, who closed her eyes. I left her be.

John was in the office. No matter what, he kept thinking of new ideas for war- catapults that refilled themselves, poisons that could go into knifes so each cut contained a bit of poison, and other war machines. He always also talked to Jacob about how they could be used in war. The two have a gift for killing, I guess.

Alina also was busy getting my wardrobe updated. She loved doing it. She knew how I liked my clothes, what colors brought out my eyes or matched my hair, etc. When not doing that, she cooked. Apparently she was really good at it.

Ella was always at the infirmary, helping out the healers there. When she wasn’t needed, she hung out with Alina.

The Matal and I planned our traveling with Jacob. We also helped command forces with the Commander. When I could, though, I went on walks with my sister, or played games with her. My free time was devoted to her.

For the next few days, we didn’t have much to do. Our forces have no clue where he went until one fateful evening.

We were all in the living room. Lucy went to bed early needing rest, and John was in the office as usual. So the rest of us just sat around and talked. The next day would be what the majics called a ‘fallen funeral’. It was where if there was a battle they would get as many bodies and identifications as possible then have one large funeral with all of the bodies, therefore the families can meet each other and mourn together.

We were talking about it. I demanded I wore black.

“Why?” said Alina. “That’ll just remind Lucy about.. Him. And you were forced to wear it too. Why in the world would you want to use it now?”

“To show I was grieving too, not only for Natalie but for the rest of the blood spilled for battle.” I argued.

“It just shows off The Dark One, reminding them how cold-blooded he is.” said Alina.

“Why don’t we add some gold into it?” asked The Matal. “Half gold, half black. It’ll be symbolic.”

“I’ll settle for it.” I said.

When Alina finally agreed, she said, “Ok. I can make it tonight. It doesn’t-”

That was the last thing I heard. Because right then, I blacked out.


I look around. I am on a beach, with men surrounding me. I hear a high, cold laugh.

I turn. The Dark One, looking as dark and evil as ever, smiled. “Young ones scream so easily.”

“What have you done?” I snarled, but inside a knot in my chest was growing tighter and tighter.

“Oh, do you really want to know?” he asked.

“Yes.” My head wanted me to say no, but whatever this time had to be truly disturbing.

“Come and see.”

He led me into the woods. In a clearing were fifty young children, all bound together, with thirty soldiers watching them, hands raised and poised at the ready.

He stopped. Then, cooly as ever, said, “Kill them.”

Without hesitation, the fireals burned them alive.

I screamed. I went to my knees. I clutched myself as fifty dead bodies fell in a burnt heap.

“Make sure the bodies burn completely. No bones left.” said The Dark One.

Then, gently, almost warmly, he brought me up, and led me deeper into the woods. A bit later, the woods suddenly stopped, revealing a school on fire.

“No survivors.” he murmured. “I made sure every one of them died.”

Instead of screaming, I turned to him and said, “What kind of a monster are you?”

“I,” he whispered softly. “Am just the beginning.”

Darkness once more.


I opened my eyes. I was in bed, The Matal just hardcore staring at me, Ella and Jacob by my other side.

“What happened?” said The Matal. “Are you okay?”

“I don’t know. You could say watching fifty kids getting burned alive make me okay or scarred for life?”

Ella gasped. Jacob said, “Hold on. What did you just say?”

The Matal just stared.

“We said that most majic schools are in Britain, right?” I said.

“Yeah.” said Jacob.

“He’s just attacked a school.” I said. “The hostages were burned alive.”

“Leave us.” said The Matal.

Without hesitation- and knowing what’s coming- they bowed and left.

The Matal and I hugged. I started crying. “

“It was awful. All of them. And he said that it was just the beginning. I think he’s going to cut off the schools from us or worse.” I sobbed into him.

“It’s okay.” he said. “We’ll be able to stop him. We have a little amount of troops there, but I’m sure we can manage.”

“I stopped for a moment, then said, “Is it true?”

He looked at me. “What?”

“That you’re his… brother?”

He sighed deeply. “Yes. We always had quarrels when we were young on who deserved the throne. When he couldn’t move me, he decided to go out himself. Made himself quite popular, if you ask me.” he admitted.

“Oh.” I said.

He didn’t say anything except, “Clean up. Lucy has been dying to see you, and I don’t want to scare her.”

“Let her in. She’s seen me worse.” I said.

He shrugged. “Okay.”

He left the room, and moments later Lucy bounded into the room.

“Are you okay?!” she asked.

“Shh!” I said, smiling. “Yes, I’m fine.”

“They told me you blacked out last night. Why?” she asked.

“Sometimes it happens.” I said. “I took a blow to the head one time. Then I randomly started to black out.”

“Can’t the healers fix it?” she asked.

“It’s dangerous.” I said gravely. “Sometimes they can make it worse. But enough of that. What time is it?”

“Three hours before the Fallen Funeral starts. Alina has been working all night with little sleep. She’s almost done.” said Lucy.

“Great.” I said. “Can you tell Alina I’m ready?”

She nodded and started to run downstairs. I went to my dresser and started to brush my hair as Alina came in.

“Well, you need some fixing up.” she said.

I looked at myself. I had small half-circles under my eyes. My skin looked… faded. My hair was a bit in a frenzy.

“We’ll clean you up.” said Alina.

She opened a box she brought in. I gasped. A golden forta. It had black hems, sewing, and the inside was black. The clothes underneath were black, too. The buttons were even black. And my element seal was turned black.

“I tried not to make it too…”

“Symbolic?” I tried.

“Yeah, a bit.” she said. “Now go change.”

I went behind the screen and changed into the beautiful forta. If only Natalie could see it.

When I emerged from the panel, Alina had my jewelry on one side, and makeup on the other side of the dresser.

“Let’s start with that hair.” she said, grabbing a gel out of her bag and a brush.

She applied the gel, and instantly the hair grew tame and thick. She then brushed it. One she had it brushed, she applied a bit of gold to the crown of my head, then brushed it back. As she brushed the golden and silver streaks through my hair, it grew. Then, she kept my hair down.

“I think you should look like yourself during the funeral.” she said. “All I’m truly doing is freshening you up. Besides, it actually will help long-term too.”

She applied some lotion on my face. After rubbing it in, my skin began to look a bit fuller and more moist. She then took a rose pedal and ground it up. She added a bit of water to it, and applied it to my cheeks, making them grow rosy and fresh.

She did a few more things to my face- nothing drastic like usual, just to make me look more appeasing. When it came to jewelry, I had obsidian earrings, my ring, and a golden necklace.

Lucy was on the bed the whole time, observing.

“Er, Stacy, can I come with you?” she asked.

“Er…” I thought. On one hand, I wanted her to be there for me. Needed. On the other hand, I couldn’t think of the stares and questions. Why no forta? Why so close to the queen?

“Ok.” I said. “But if anyone asks you my relations with me, just say I saved you and you wouldn’t part with me.”

“Why?” she asked.

“We don’t need rumors.” Alina said. “It’s better this way.”

“Okay.” she said.

When we were downstairs, I told The Matal Lucy was coming with. He shrugged, knowing he couldn’t argue with me.

“I need her.” I said, slipping my hand into his. “And you. You are my family.”

We all paraded out into the streets. Many soldiers were dressed in black suits. No fortas though. We looked around the square. Rows upon rows of coffins laid about, each with flowers and engravings. The largest one was Natalie’s.


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