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Analysis of historic facts related to Hellenic history.

Submitted: July 06, 2017

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Submitted: July 06, 2017



 The ancient Hellenes successfully dealt with the Persian invasion.The Persians after conquering Macedonia, met resistance in Thermopylai by Leonidas, King of Sparta, along with his 300 soldiers.Through the betrayal of Efialtes, Xerxes advanced towards Athens.Leonidas's valiant sacrifice,however, acted a wake-up bell and 10.000 Athenians and 1.000 Plateies engaged the Persians and won.But there is a detail that doesn't fit.

 At that age, there were no radio,no newspaper, no TV,no media.Sparta lies in Peloponissos.

So, how did Leonidas learn about the Persian invadors who were hundreds of kilometers away and not in the path of supposing Spartan scouts?The only place that the Persians had passed was Macedonia.Taking into account traders' or refugees' report, could it be that there was a relationship between Sparta and Macedonia that has not been recorded as it may be regarded as rumour?The Trojan war happened because beautiful Helen, wife of King of Sparta Menelaos, was stolen.Could it be, that a Spartan woman in Macedonia existed and related the message of Persian advancement?Because Hellenes are famous for fighting among themselves and Leonidas heroic stance IS unusual.

 Modern warfare happens from a distance.But in ancient Hellas, it was not considered honourable to fight with bows.The enemy had to be met out in the open and defeating him this way meant victory of honor over dishonor.It was called an "open battle".During the Peloponissian war between Sparta and Athens, negotiations begun during which a message was sent to Athens, to build a wall behind which to fight.The Athenians obviously wanted to avoid an open battle, but at that time their perceprion of war changed, in a morally decadent way.But Sparta won the war, because Spartans spoke little(laconic) and fought a lot.Contrary to the Athenians, inventors of democracy, who avoided action but talked a lot.If you equal that, to the Hellene saying that talking much means poverty, what you get is that when you do few things, you have the corresponding money.

 Alexander the Great hunted down the Persians and created his great empire.But Hellas was conquered by the Romans from the west.Altough Italy fought with Axis during the World Wars, Italy was never dismembered like Germany.I don't know if Pope or the Vatican, which is  an independent state and not a member of NATO or EU, intervened to the Catholic Allles.That's not my goal.But the European Economic Community ( EOC), afterwards European Union (EU) was founed in 1957 in Rome.Is that History in a different way? 


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