An Article of Misfortune

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An article about assessing murderers, using a 'current' ongoing investigation. (Not a real murder)

Submitted: July 06, 2017

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Submitted: July 06, 2017



An Article Of Misfortune:


Mr Albert King; A lover? A fighter? Or a sadistic cannibal?

Dr Ottolenghi has made a prodigious discovery about helping with the identification of crimes, more importantly criminals. He has, by use of analysing criminal skeletons discovered that they have; one arm and one leg longer than the other, they also possess more wrinkles in the centre of both checks and forehead region then the average, innocent person. This was first put to the test on Monday the 13th of March 1863.

Investigators are applying this new advanced methodology to the investigation of a recently vandalised Charlotte King, a slender middle-aged, previously pregnant woman. She was brutally stabbed six times in the forehead and left frontal lobe, alongside fifteen stab wounds in the lower chest and abdomen. The fatal wound punctured with ease the Superior Vena Cava and the Inferior Vena Cava both resulting in a lack of blood flow to the heart and a massive bleed out. On further inspection of the body it was discovered that both of her hands and feet were missing, an investigation to their location is still ongoing. However the autopsy report provides reliable evidence that her hands and feet were maliciously sawn off, from the intense blood splatter it was doubtlessly done when she was still alive. The already decomposing mess that our investigation team found highly suggests that the severed limbs were more than likely eaten, as indicated by the slightly indented teeth marks on unidentified bones found in the victims trash can. As well as warms bits of (yet to be determined) human flesh and moist spots of blood stained to the bones, these were also found stained to kitchen pots and tiles surrounding the ‘Smooth-top gas range’, promoted for its compact cooking surface. The two-tone colour and oven heat regulators were washed in a gloomy blood red, which is feared will never come out.

The killer left a volatile, villainess and vindictively disturbing explanatory note; exclaiming that Charlotte King was sleeping with a countless amount of men (which is unconfirmed at this point) and that the poor innocent unborn infant would not ever want such a “whore” for a mother and that this soulless reason was the pitiful excuse for the “cleansing” of her many mistakes, which inevitable resulted in her injudicious death which was saddening for all who knew her. Her neighbour Mrs Heneghan said this: “She was a lovely young woman, excited to have a child and was a joy to all who knew her.”

The unborn, innocent and fragile, six week old infant unfortunately perished on this faith less night, on later investigation it was recognized that Charlotte King would have called the infant George. A number of non-fatal stab wounds had scraped the surface of the baby’s protective amniotic sac naturally causing distress, except one that successfully punctured the placental and sliced straight through the babies umbilical cord like it was air; which according to the detailed and explicit autopsy report, essential suffocated the pure unborn infant. It is an adversity for all.

The main traitorous suspect and the only person in the house at the estimated time of death is Charlotte’s husband, Albert King. Who apparently heard no noise even though she had ripped her vocal cords from screaming apparently he was sleeping, yet it woke up the neighbours so this claim is being considered unimportant at this time. Surprisingly he did not smell the cooking of flesh downstairs or the vile stench of blood that had stained almost every square inch of the kitchen including multiple areas of the ceiling, the motion behind getting it up there is still being determined. Neither did he notice any of this when he supposedly went out for his ‘walk’, he was also not the one to contact the police, it was neighbours who were concerned about the extremely loud screams, after contacting the police they stood outside and waited for their arrival which took only 14 minutes (a police best). They did not set foot inside the property, and have been ruled out as suspects. A number of policemen at the scene had to vacate the property almost instantly to vomit outside so to not disrupt the unpleasant turmoil that they were faced with. The clean-up of the property is underway and is suspected to take several weeks before it is suitable to live in again.

Mr Albert King is currently in a smelly and moist jail cell awaiting his trial where he will be convicted of one count of Infanticide, one count of Manslaughter and two counts of Miscellaneous Killing. Which could have him a place in prison for a maximum of 20 years, or he could be hung drawn and quartered. It’s up to the grand jury now. The trial will be held on Friday the 17th of March 1863, we as a community should all attended and fight for the justice of Mrs Charlotte King and her unborn child little George King!




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