Otherworldly Politics and how to Avoid the Subject

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Just read it. I'm very lazy, and blurbs are dumb.

Submitted: July 06, 2017

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Submitted: July 06, 2017



Otherworldly Politics and How to Avoid the



By Ethan D. Pond





The T.A.R.D.I.S. hummed softly but noticeably. The Doctor, blonde was dressed in a lot of cream color clothes, and had a stick of celery in his pocket. Perpigiliam Brown, known as Peri, stared at the console. She was leaning on a wall without roundels, because they are uncomfortable. The pair stared at the column as it meandered up and down. Peri started to get impatient due to her not knowing where they were going. The Doctor hummed softly in tune with his ship, and then yawned.


All was going well, when the column stopped moving. The Doctor focused on that but not for long because the lights went out and the normal T.A.R.D.I.S. noise stopped. It was complete silence.


“Doctor, what’s going on? Do you even know?”, Peri worriedly shouted as the Doctor grabbed her and ran off into the ship.


“Okay, Peri. The T.A.R.D.I.S. will soon put on its emergency lights. When that happens, we’ll need to start trying to figure out what exactly caused this. Considering the column stopped, I think it has something to do with the eye of harmony”, the Doctor exclaimed quickly but understandably. They felt their way from room to room.


“The eye of what?”


“Harmony. Now, into this chamber. Watch those meters. If any of them go red when the power comes back on, tell me. I’ll be in the next room over. He left the room and felt his way to the next. Peri heard him trip and she giggled a bit.


The power came back on and Peri turned her head to the meters. They were all fine. The Doctor came back over and asked, “Is everything all right here?”


“Yes, I-I think so.”, Peri said stammering as usual. They then shrugged simultaneously and headed back to the console room.


When they got there, the scanner was on. It showed a planet that looked slimy and everything had a slightly squid-like appearance. The doors flung open and a Zygon, a tentacle, muscle creature, red in color and has the ability to shape change, entered the T.A.R.D.I.S.


“Hello, my name is Gretue. Your ship was shot down on accident and I came to apologize. It was a weapons test. Do you need help with repairs?”, Gretue asked while looking amazed at the T.A.R.D.I.S.’ dimensions.


“Well, no. We just had a black out, that’s all. I don’t know whether we can take off or not, but it would be nice to be shown around, wouldn’t it Peri?”, the Doctor asked.


“Sure, Doctor.” Peri was a bit in shock. This was her first alien looking alien. She didn’t know how to react.


Gretue smiled and laughed. “Good thing you have me then. I am a government official. So my next question is, where first?” The Zygons had a very hoarse voice that fluctuated frequently.


“Peri, where do you want to go?”, the Doctor questioned Peri.


“How about we see, um… How about ughh… OH! I know now. I want to see a government assembly on something. Anything really.”


“You shall have it my friend. In two hours you will see a debate of whether or not we start to colonize other planets and combine all our forces from across Zygradia. It seems very likely. The vote to have the conference was overwhelming.”


“Very nice, now, should I expect to see you take part?”, the Doctor inquired.


“No, I am just a military general. I must come to watch, but I am aloud to bring a few civilians.”, Gretue spoke heartily.


“Oh, so, when do we leave?”, the Doctor asked putting a smile on his face.


Generic trumpet music started to play as the Doctor, Peri, and Gretue stumbled up the stairs. Everything was very organic. The outside of the buildings contrasted with the red outside of the world. The buildings were black on the outside and made out of panels. The surface of the planet was bright red and pink, with animals that had suckers and made very many weird noises.


“I must warn you, Doctor. Your shape may seem very unappealing in the grand scale of things, just do not worry once we enter if people stare”, Gretue stated trying to make it seem as if he didn’t find him repulsive.


“No worries, now let’s get started”, the Doctor blandly stated as the trio walked into the building and was led into a room by a zygon with a wrist band, indicating slave class.


The chairs were like the outside of the buildings and so were most of the stands and tables. There were many zygons and other various species in the room, including a Telosian cybercontroler, and 2 thugs, currently seated. The inside of what seemed to be the capitol pulsated slightly. A warning of the 30 second start time went over the intercom as the final zygons took their places. All seemed to go well, until a face the Doctor recognized strode in. Broton, a zygon U.N.I.T. would kill on Earth in the future. Broton took the microphone and began a speech.


“People of the Telosic galaxy, I present to you, our conquest. 3 million military grade starships, each partnered with a Scarizan, ready to reach out among planets to conquer. You as cybermen will have more troops, people of abzorbelofia, you will have food, and zygons, we will have a new home, as this one, every zygon alive now will outlive it. We have the means to go through with plan A, so vote now. Yes, or no.”, Broton looked behind him as a massive screen appeared. The voting numbers popped up as the council voted. The cybercontroller looked over, noticed Peri, watched the Doctor vote “No” and assume it was him.


“Peri, I’m conflicted. I know this has to happen for my past with the zygons to happen, but this is wrong”, the Doctor whispered to Peri.


“Well, Doctor, I can’t say anything, I don’t have any experience with this”, Peri complained.


The Doctor disapproved of this because he was testing her. He started to ask more questions to see if she would have an opinion, “What do you think we should do to Broton?”


“Broton seems like a patriotic fellow, why harm him?”, Peri said with an air of confusion on her face.


“Yes, but I know who he is. He’s a warlord, destined to make his way to Earth hundreds of years from now. We can prevent that Peri”, the Doctor said very blandly.


“We probably could, Doctor, but haven’t you done that in the past, if you know who Broton is that is?”


“How would you know that, Peri?”


“Well, Doctor, considering you thwarted the Master, and the Criadds, you seem like someone who doesn’t happen to give up when people need help.” Peri said this with the utmost respect.


Meanwhile in the weapons testing facility, Zygon scientists prepare to test their super weapon, secretly being equipped to the colony ships, known to all Zygon scientists as the refugee fleet. The planet was dying on the inside and it was spreading to the out. There were 2 zygons in the lab. One was deep red and was taller than most others, and the other was a short and could be considered dark pink. The tall one spoke in an American accent and had a medium pitched voice, and the short one had a German accent with a low pitched voice.


“I reckon this’ll be our last project,” the tall one said.


“No, I feel we will be on the same refugee ship. How are we supposed to split our inventions anyways? Like the wheel turbine?” the short one laughed slightly and turned to look at their pile of inventions.


“How ‘bout those couplings that explode when they hit a moving object. Which is a bad idea in retrospect.”


“Or, the engines that run on dead abzorbalof goop. No, clue why they didn’t sell.”


“How about them there cyberbirds. Pretty useless in the cyber army, but fun when we wanted to mess with Gretue.” They both laughed remembering good times as Gretue walked in with Peri, and the Doctor tailing him.


“Strean, Yugra, we need to equip that weapon to all the refugee ships, now. Strean, your height is helpful, so why don’t you go get the tools off the top shelves, Yugra escort these two guests…” Gretue was interrupted by the Doctor.


“Are those hydro-engines?”, the Doctor asked in a squeaky voice.


“Why, yes they are!! It took a while to figure out how to renew water for infinite fuel, and work in dynacon thrusters, but we managed to make it work”, Yugra said very happily to speak to another scientist other than his partner.


“Doctor, if you are a scientist why don’t you help. I’m still a little angry about Broton kicking me out of his military refugee ship, especially when he knows the ship he delegated me to wont be ready in time.”, Gretue said with a long face.


“Wait, not ready, what do you mean?”, the Doctor asked in a worried tone.


“Only half of the ships will be ready for colonization before the planet dies.”, Yugra acknowledged in a somber sort of way.


“Well, how many Zygons are being left to die?”


“1,000 innocent and 500 criminals. It’s not fair to those people who are going to die, and I’ll have no control over it.”, Strean said while carrying several toolboxes to the fleet docking bay.


The door shut, then a small rumble could be heard. Strean reentered and walked over to the window with the 4 others following him. The world was splitting open.


“How many ships are ready, Strean?”, the Doctor asked while devising a plan.


“About 1,000,000, each with a pilot on standby, Doctor. Let me order them to man their ships.”


“Good man. Order them to put the ships sideways into the cracks with the entrances facing the cliff sides so the civilians can jump in.”


“On it. Yugra, I’ll never forget you.”


“Strain, you better not. If you do, my ships crashing into yours.”, they hugged as they left for their ships. Gretue stayed behind.


“Gretue, if we live this, I have a way for you to get wherever you want to go”, the Doctor reassured Gretue. He turned and smiled. Peri and the Doctor noticed the cybermen attempt to board but completely missed the ship because of their lack of mobility. The cybermen, to be fair, were undeveloped. The cybership caught them and flew away before managing to convert Peri or kill the Doctor in revenge of the moonbase. This was a last resort for them as well. They would go and retreat into tombs on Telos.


The ships had taken all the zygons who didn’t fall to their deaths to the core and left. They were crowded, as reported, except for Broton’s, who seemed to have found a decent planet for terraforming. The planet is still breaking up and the Doctor made it to the T.A.R.D.I.S. with Peri and Gretue. It started to take off when they experienced a black out, again. Power came back on quicker this time. The Doctor left to go check the meters. Peri turned on the scanner to see that the planet had been blown up to save the others in the system by Strean’s and Yugra’s ships. They both jumped in opposite directions and the Doctor came back and yelled, “Meters are on red, we need to make a quick stop at Gallifrey.”


The T.A.R.D.I.S. appeared in Gallifrey’s capitol city.


“I need a cooldown”, the Doctor opened the doors and spoke to the high counsel. The meters dropped. The T.A.R.D.I.S. crew all stepped out and faced the high counsel, Gretue looking into Peri’s mind and picking her step-dads face to wear. They thanked the time-lords and Peri, and Gretue stepped back into the ship.


“Peri, I’m staying here. I’m not going to fit in anywhere but I feel if I leave now, I can save the Doctor some heart ache.”


“I don’t know much about time-lords, but if you feel like this place is for you, then go ahead.”


Gretue left the ship and snuck out of the city undetected. The Doctor stepped back into the T.A.R.D.I.S. and asked, “Where’s Gretue?”


“He’s staying here.”


“Hopefully he leaves the city. Gallifreyans were always kinder than time-lords. He’ll be accepted back there, not in there with those upperclassmen.” The Doctor complained as they took off. The ship was seen by Gretue in the red sands of Gallifrey.

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