My Liberal

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A short essay on how the basic feelings of love and hatred have affected the democratic party and how it may continue to affect in the future.

Submitted: July 06, 2017

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Submitted: July 06, 2017



My Liberal

Drew Patton

I am a Liberal, born and bred. I cheered when Barack Obama was voted in just as I dismayed when Donald Trump took his Inaugural Oath. I name myself a member of a community that champions for those who are oppressed. I sing for the African Americans, and the homosexuals along with the rest of the LGBTQ, and the Muslims. My cause is one of love, and it is with love that I lead my life. I am a Liberal, and the Liberal cause is the cause of love, or that’s what we have been forced to believe.

The Democratic Party has long held itself to be the party of acceptance and love. I write now my firm belief that this is a false notion. Of course, we Liberals will always love the oppressed and fight for their needs and defend them when we must, yet our hallowed party has fallen to a place where we refuse to love anyone who we do not perceive as oppressed. I recently proposed a query to my father, a true Liberal, on whether or not he would love those who voted for Donald Trump. His answer echoed the fallacy of all modern Liberals: no. The reason that this is a fallacy is that if we are to proclaim ourselves to be the party of love and acceptance, by the very definition of those words, we may not pick and choose whom we love and accept. We may argue, disagree, yell at, and avoid at all costs those whose beliefs make our skin crawl, but we may not hate them.

The words of our leaders on both sides of the aisle have turned us to hate one another and deny each other. Hatred has nearly collapsed our major parties and has turned our country on itself. As a Liberal, if I were to call the Conservatives to action, I would almost certainly be met with skepticism and insults, perhaps even from our highest office. However, I may call on the Liberals of our nation; if you wish to continue to be the party of love, then open your arms to love those you hate. When the evils of this world insult us and hurt us terribly, have the strength to steady your hand and only respond with love. In this way, we may not only retake the government, we may spread forth a new generation built on the most valuable lessons of life, and we may finally be ready to be rid of the cruelties of this world.

It is not without danger that we choose to love. Those that know only hate will hate us ever more ferociously, but again, I call on you, the party of acceptance, to hug not only the oppressed, but the oppressor. This may seem a strange concept, but I assure you, if we continuously expose hatred to love, there will be no more hatred. We the people may stand together again under one flag, and demand from those in the highest positions that the world we want is not one built on divisions, but instead one built on the strongest unity humanity may know. Through this, our world will be saved.







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