Mistreated a Guardian Angel

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Short stories with a powerful lesson!

Submitted: July 06, 2017

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Submitted: July 06, 2017



"Mistreated A Guardian Angel" -
-The Story of Angela Madison-

Angela Madison was a 26 year old single mother from New Orleans, Louisiana. She never finished high school, she was to busy chasing her child's father around. She lived with her 7 year old son, in a one bedroom apartment complex in crime stricken neighborhood.  She worked at a family owned restaurant on the west side of town. Life was never great for Angela, in fact life was horrible for Angela! Here's her story.
"Wake up baby boy, time for school". She said to her son. "I'll have breakfast ready in a minute" she said. "We don't have much, so don't come in here with that complaining about what you're eating", she added! "Don't take too long to eat either, we have to go to the drug store and get  mama’s medicine before I take you to school" ...Angela's mother had been battling breast cancer for several months, but with her family being so financially challenged, they could never get her the best treatments! This caused depression for Angela, with no high school diploma, she often struggled with finding a good paying job. "Come on Jr, let’s go" she yelled to her son. She headed to the drug store. "Good morning Ma'am" the drug store clerk said as Angela walked up to the counter! "Good morning, I'm here to pick up a prescription for Tina Madison" Angela said as she reached for her wallet. With no insurance, Angela had to pay for the prescription with her own money. "That will be $167.54" said the clerk. " Excuse me!!" said Angela. "Yes, $167.54" the clerk repeated! "Do you have insurance ma'am?  If so, I'll just need your card" the clerk added. "No I don't, and I can't pay 170.00 dollars for that, I still have a water bill and groceries to buy" Angela said with an attitude. "I'll pay for it" a random man said while reading magazines. "Excuse me sir, I don't need your charity, don't be making me look stupid and poor in here" Angela said as she walked up to the man. "I'm sorry ma'am, I was just trying to help" said the man. "Well I don't need it, come on Jr, let’s go before I cut up on these people" she said as she grabbed her son’s arm and walked out the store. Angela was very independent and prideful, she didn't like help from anybody. This, as you see, often worked against Angela. As Angela was walking back to her car, she noticed something leaking from under the car, she ignored it and proceeded to enter the car and attempted to start it, the car didn't start. She begin to pray and cry, "Father God, I can't take no more, please help me, I need you more than I ever have, Father!".... "Need any help Ma'am?" the random man from the pharmacy asked as he ran up to the car. "You just don't get it do you? Who are you? Why are you trying to help me and you don't even know me?" said Angela as she shouted out of the window. "Ma'am I just want to help, I feel like it's my Godly duties to help people" the man responded. "Well I don't need it" said Angela. "Well it's cold, can I just take your son the school? “Hey little man!” the man asked as he tugged on the boy’s coat. "Nah we'll walk, bye". Angela walked away from the man, as she was walking she dropped a business card from her family's restaurant. The man picked up the card and put it in his pocket. 

*That afternoon* 
Angela was heading to work, her phone rings, it’s her mother calling. "Baby, did you remember to get my medicine, I don't feel well! "Mama you know they trying to charge me 170.00 for that medicine, I still got my bills to pay. "Ok baby, I'll see if your uncle can get it" her Mom said with a deep sigh. Now very saddened, Angela feels like she has no choice "I'll just take it out the register at work" Angela thought to herself, "nobody will know, I'm the only one on the register anyway. A few hours into her shift, Angela had the perfect opportunity to take the money, business was slow and all the other workers were busy with their duties. Angela put in the code to unlock the register, it opens and Angela lifts the pan up to see the $100.00 bills, she peeped around to see if her coworkers were looking! Angela attempted to grab the money, "What are you doing…are you stealing?" The random man from the pharmacy asked as he walked up to the register. "Damn man, how  did you just appear like that? I was just looking around and I didn't see you, and no, I was not stealing!" said Angela. "Well if you wasn't stealing, what are you looking around for?" the man asked. "Whatever! Are you following me, cus if you are I'm calling the police!" Angela said as she picked up her cell phone. "Wait, wait no I'm not following you" the man said as he put his hand over Angela's phone. "Something is just telling me you are hurting, you're depressed and you've lost your way, I can help you" said the man. "How many times I have to tell you, I don't need your help, now stay the hell away from me before I..., never mind just leave me alone please!" Said Angela .."Okay, I'll be going ma'am but here… take my number, give me a call if you ever need anything," the man said as he wrote his number down in a napkin. "Man, you just don't quit do you? What are you stupid, dumb or deaf, cus I know I done told you to leave me alone!" Angela said as she folded her arms and turned her back to the man. "I'll just leave my number there on the counter, good bye" said the man as he walked out the restaurant smiling.

*Later that night* 
Angela shift is now over and she goes to pick her son up from her mother’s house. "Hey mother, how are you feeling? I'm sorry, I'll have your medicine tomorrow, I'm going by this loan place and get the money" Angela said as she packed up Jr's school work. "Uncle Rodney didn't have anything?" Angela asked. "Nah baby, he didn't have nothing" her mom replied. This made Angela tear up, but she didn't want her son to see her tears so she turned her back to him. "Mommy, mommy are you ok?" Her son asked. "Yes baby, mommy is fine" Angela said as she hugged her son. "Well if you not, granny always say, "don't worry God has already worked everything out, I heard her say that on the phone to uncle Rodney". Her son said to her as he wiped away her tears. Angela and her son headed home for the evening. As Angela walked up to her apartment, she noticed she had an eviction notice on her door! Angela couldn't take anymore, she screamed and cried loudly, she couldn't hide this pain from her son, she dropped to her knees and begin to pray. "Why me father?? What have I done?? What do I need to do?? I pray to you every night, I'm broke, Father, the tears won't stop, Father help me pleeease!!!" she screamed on her doorstep.. "Mommy don't cry, it hurts me when you cry, I cry at school and before I go to sleep because you are so sad" her son  said as he rubbed his mom’s back. "Baby I'm fine, ‘ go eat and get ready for bed" Angela said as she stood up and unlocked the door. 

*The next morning*
Life is not getting any better for Angela. Her son is sick now and she knows she can't afford to miss work. She knows she can't send him to her mom’s for an entire day because of her mom’s sickness. "Jr, you going to have to go to work with me today" she said to her son as she got him dressed. Angela then headed to work, she noticed all of her coworkers were sitting in the dining area with their heads down. "What's going on y'all?" Angela asked as she sat Jr down. "Man, we got to close, health inspector came in and found too many violations" said one of her coworkers. "What, man you lying? We clean in here, my daddy built this from the ground up and he probably turning in his grave now, y'all." said Angela as she stood up. "Ain't no choice Angela" her coworker yelled as he walked out the door. After everyone left, Angela sat in the restaurant for an hour, just her and her son. "Hello miss lady" the man from the pharmacy said as he leaned in the door. "Sheesh no business today? Y'all usually booming in here, lines around the corner" he said as he walked up to Angela. "Well, ain't gone be no more lines, we closed for good" Angela said with an attitude. "Whoa…. what happened, I thought y'all was cool?" The man asked, ", we ain't" said Angela. "We closed so you need to leave, sir" Angela demanded. "Just talk with me for 5 minutes" said the man. "Tell me what's wrong" he added.......... "First what is your name?" Angela asked. "My name is James, James Davis." he said. ", I don't know you enough to be putting you in my business like that." said Angela. "Why are you so mean to me?" James said to Angela. "I don't know you dude, why should  I be nice to you?" said Angela. "Look I got to go, got to find me a job and go by a loan place, come on Jr." Angela said as she grabbed her things. "Loan place, for what"? James said as he stood up. "To buy my mamas medi...*angela phone rings* "hello mama" Angela said."Baby, baby some nice man brought me my medicine today, said he knew you and he got my address off the medication bag, baby ain't God good???" Angela's mom said as she sang on the other line. "James, I know you didn't do that without telling me,"? Angela said walking up to James. "What if I tell you God did it Angela". Angela sat back down, she began to cry, they were tears of joy. But she didn't want James to know she was happy with what he did. "Still have my number, call me sometimes Angela" James said as he walked out the restaurant. Angela didn't respond.

*The next morning* 
Angela is laying in bed, thinking about her eviction. She now only have 6 days left before she have to move out, with no job and no money. She knows she doesn’t have much of a choice other than to move in with her mom. Angela is now at the lowest point of her life, the world is against her, life is against her! She wants to give up. Angela now contemplates suicide, she doesn’t  want to fight with life anymore. She calls her sons father to pick him up for a few days. An hour goes by and Jr is picked up by his dad... She's then finds an old bottle of pills in the bathroom. "God I prayed to you, I begged you to help me, you ignored my prayers, I give up, I don't know what else to do" Angela said as tears rolled down her eyes. Angela opened the bottle and poured 26 pills in her hand. "Bye Jr. “I always loved you baby, I’m sorry I have to leave you" she said softly. As Angela attempted to pour the pills into her mouth, *her phone rings*, she dropped her hand and answered her phone. "Hello Angela, this is your apartment manager, just wanted to tell you that your rent has been paid for the next 6 months, some man named James paid it for you, he left an envelope here at the office for you, said he didn't know which apartment you lived in, so he just left it here. Angela broke down into tears, she cried uncontrollably as she frantically ran out the house to the main office. "Hey Dorothy, give Ms. Madison that envelope over there." said the apartment manager. Angela opens the envelope to a letter that reads. "Hello Angela. I got the name of your apartment complex from your mother the day I took her the medication, I also paid for her to have the best treatments in Louisiana. When I came to your apartment complex your manager told me you had a few days left before you got kicked out. Well I couldn't have that, my wife and I have been blessed so we just want to share our blessings. You reminded me so much of her before God placed me in her life. So I paid for your housing for the next 6 months. I also left you $7,000.00 and a job application to my electronic store, right across the street from your families old restaurant. Oh how could I forget, remember that old car you had that quit on you that day at the pharmacy? Well I said how could A beautiful young woman drive this old thing around? Soooo when you get a chance, go by your mom’s house and test drive your brand new 2016 Toyota Camry. Got the red one, I noticed you always wore red, seemed to be your favorite color, lol, I paid the notes for a year, full coverage insurance is also paid up for a year. You treated me bad, but now I think you will treat me better, you might want to think of me as your Guardian Angel and you might be right. Have a good night Angela, be blessed my friend. 

Angela went on the get the job at James's electronics store. She also got her GED in the meantime. After a year, her mother’s cancer was in remission and her son was on the honor roll at school. Angela eventually married a god sent man, and together they had 2 more kids and moved to Shreveport, Louisiana when her husband’s job transferred him to Bossier. 

Oh yea Angela's husband is a surgeon and makes $140,000 a year!!!!  
Moral of the Story: You never know when God will send your angel. Treat everybody good! It just may be a random person that brings you out of a storm. You never really know when you may be entertaining Angels Unaware!

Short  Story by Kevin Kirkpatrick Jr.

© Copyright 2018 KevinK28. All rights reserved.

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