Randy Randy

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A shanty.
**Explicit content** There is some vulgar language. The subject matter is more suited to adult readers.

Sex and booze is all this man wants. He's a randy Randy! What can he say!

Submitted: July 06, 2017

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Submitted: July 06, 2017



Tickle the feathers under my chin

Grope the boys

Give me a grin

When I go down like a summer dog

You’ll be squealing like a hog!


We’ll ride all night

And sleep all day!

’Nother bottle of rum

And I’ll be ready to play

Hike up your dress and loosen your girdle

I’ll make your head swirl!


Call on your sister!

Bring your friend!

My charlie’s a snake with no end

Whenever, whoever, wherever we go

My seeds are ready to sow!


Catch your breath and jump back in

A’nother four pence and a jar of gin

Swoosh your mouth and give me a grin

It’s the cleanest it’s ever been!


You spurt like a wave when my mast

Crashes against your comely ass

Taut as a rope

When I give it a slap

And I make the Maiden gasp!


A’nother day and I’ll finally wear

You can hike up the mound of your golden hair

I laid you good!  I laid you bare!

You can catch the evening air!


‘Cause I’ve made you a woman

I’ve made you rich

And you’ve left me with a rabid itch

But I see you have your teeth grit

It’s the venom from my snake’s spit!


I will bark and you will groan

We’ll scrub real hard and I’ll impart

You’ll never feel this from a’nother bard

Watching you bathe, you’re get’ing me hard

What can I say!

I’m a randy Randy with no heart!

© Copyright 2018 Jeff Bezaire. All rights reserved.

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