The love of Sparta

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A kings love for his queen.

Submitted: July 06, 2017

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Submitted: July 06, 2017



My small hands hold your heavy helmet.

It makes me wonder how you’ve taken so many lives without regret.

My fingers trace the dents and scarred metal that prove your strength.

I smooth over the horse hair at the top that tapers down to a smaller length.

But then you stir in the fabric of our bed and I glance your way admiring the scars that lay against the flesh of your chest.

 “Why are you awake at such an hour? “I ask while laying a hand across my breast.

Your eyes smile at me before your lips do as you say, “I could ask you the same thing, my queen.”

I smile back and say, “Just daydreaming about all the battles you have seen.”

You stand out of bed and walk to me not stopping until you can pull me against you to tease.

I am reminded of just how large your frame is when you lift me with ease.

I can’t look away from your eyes so I hold the connection with my whole soul and heart.

I whisper, “Please always be swift and firm in battle so we are never apart.”

You lay me down and kiss my neck leading to my ear and say, “I always win and always will because I picture you in my head before I give my war roar. You are what fills my heart.”

I smooth my hands to your shoulders singing the song of our people.

I bite my lip and ask, “Can you love me the way you love sparta and the thrill of war?”

You grab the back of my neck and pull me close, “It is my love for you that allows me to be the king that I am. You, my queen, are the only thing that makes my heart soar.”

It is then that I melt into you never looking back.

I could stay like this for an eternity until there was nothing left but black.

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