A Place to Go

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Submitted: July 06, 2017

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Submitted: July 06, 2017



A Place to Go

“Get up!”  The strong enveloping voice of Shadow Girl commanded Ryan.

Ryan recalls from the vista point the shimmering city below.

"No, I remember her strength, but no, I didn't have her back then."

Ryan recalls being back home, arguing with his mother.

"Fine, I'll take the pills, ... all the pills ..."  Ryan Said.

Ryan surfing the web sitting at the computer after taking all of the pills and settled comfortably next to a six pack of beer.

"No I remember her strength, but we weren't together yet."  Ryan recalls at the vista point.

"Get up!"  The stong enveloping voice of Shadow Girl commanded Ryan.

Ryan awakens in the hospital to a catheter being removed.

"I guess we all just need a place to go?"  Ryan says while taking a sip off of the flask at the vista point.

Ryan is in another mental hospital shuffling the halls looking stoned cold off of the medecines,  Shadow Girl lurking on the walls, peeking out of doorways and then disappearing back into the shadows with her beautiful red lips and sleek sexy Shadow Girl figure.

"Ryan, the doctor will see you now."  Says the Nurse.

In the Doctors office there was no sound to Ryan all he remembered was one word, schizophrenia, and it hit him with a screeching and whining sound.  Ryan to look back at the Doctor, startled to see Shadow Girl with her little red lips and a pen knife with the doctor at the throat.

"Ryan are you listening?"  Said the Doctor only to see Shadow Girl blend back into the shadows of the wall.

"Yeah."  Ryan says while dragging off of the short cigarette at the vista point.

"A place to go." 

Ryan takes a drag off of the five dollar plastic vodka flask and remembers the Shadow Girl while looking over the city.

"Yeah I mean I guess that she was always there ..."

Ryan remembers being young and swinging on the play set swing.  Shadow Girl slowly pushing him back and forth on the swing.

"Just never knew it?"  Ryan says.

Ryan on the ground young and holding his leg while a full figured Shadow Girl comforts him, screaming for his Mother.  His Mother is seen running from the swing set as if it were a field of war.  Comforting Ryan and placing him over her shoulder.  Shadow Girl only to stand and disappear into the light.

Ryan is recalling all of this from the vista point.

"Yeah I guess that there were good times."  He says with a laugh and a drag off of the flask and a puff of a new cigarette.

Ryan recalls his younger days working at the golf range.  Ryan is dragging in the green bud at the back of the range golf course.  The cart struck by a ball awakens Ryan.  He awakes and starts to drive again in his normal left to right pattern the cart so hot boxed it looks as if it has a small engine fire, Ryan his one hand driving the cart with his other arm around Shadow Girl, her head resting on his shoulder.

Ryan is cruising through the hospital in his fluffy pajamas, looking stoned cold from the medication's a coldish sweat on his forehead.  Ryan looks into one of the rooms to see a rather large man complaing to the Doctor.

"Yeah I am hearing voices ... still, when are we going to have lunch?" 

Ryan thinking to himself that he doesn't want to stay in the mental hospital forever.

"And there were bad times also."  Ryan says while puffing the cigarette at the vista.

"I just remember seeing the knife on the table and being scared.  I didn't say that I want to hurt myself."  Ryan explains to the doctor at the mental hospital.

Ryan back at the vista point, looks left and you can see a tear in his right eye fall down his cheek.

"Wake up!"  Ryan is awakened by Shadow Girl.  Ryan recalls camping with Light Girl dancing holding the bottle in his hand.

"Wake up!"  Ryan is awakened by Shadow Girl, he is in restraints strapped to the bed of another mental hospital.

A nurse looks through the little window on the door.

"I didn't say that I was gonna rob the bank!"  Ryan screams at the nurse.

"Let me out of here ..."  Ryan says.

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