The Fragility Of Life

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A poem about leaving this mortal world, and my interpretation of death.

Submitted: July 07, 2017

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Submitted: July 07, 2017



The fragility of life is incredible 
People take it for granted and waste away their time 
It only takes something horrible and life taking to put things into perspective 
I used to be this way
Then I began to feel weird, it started with the headaches 
Slowly I began to realise something was not right 
I had scans and tests done 
Then I sat in the doctor's office, an empty look on his face
He looked me in my eyes and said "You have a brain tumour"
He said it with such bluntness, but with a small hint of attempted empathy 
My soul left my body at that precise moment 
It was like I was watching myself sitting in the chair
Numerous words were floating through the air
Those two words made it through the soup of air 
Now I lay on my deathbed, wasting away into nothingness 
As each day passes I lose myself, a prisoner to my own disease, eaten away by illness 
It eats away at my cells like a hungry beast 
People come to visit, just to say they saw me before my death 
It seems when one stands on the cliff above the valley of death, they are greeted by hatred and rage and pushed off the edge by these evil beings 
As I fall towards into the blackened depth, I look up to the edge 
And I see all my friends and family long forgotten, some smiling, some laughing 
Their faces blur as I descend away into the blackness 
Deep and far away from this mortal world 
I usher out my final breath and smile as the pain eases away
And I fall into death's gracious hand
As he spares me from the suffering
In the distance I hear a beeping ringing through the air, as my heart finally stops and the monitor sounds, signalling my departure 
The top of the cliff no longer visible
For my journey is complete 
And I close my eyes to rest, thankful for death's final coming

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