deeds or destiny

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comparision of deeds and destiny in our life i.e. which of them affects our lives more......

Submitted: July 19, 2017

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LONG Long ago, there lived an acetic in a town, Ekchakra.He had a big hermitage made therewhere many of his disciples had their education.The two of the disciples of acetic were - Ajay and Vijay.

One day these two disciples had a great discussion on certain  point.Ajay was of the view that one's fate was above everything.One could not get aything unless he was destined to. Vijay wasof the view that there was nothing like fate or destiny.He said -''the primacy of making efforts and one's deeds could not be ignored.'' Both clinged to their logics firmly.But,after all their discussions and arguments in favour of their logics ,when they failed to reach any definite conclusion,they approached to their teacher ,the acetic ,and explained their topic of debate.

Hearing this Aacharya Gyaneshwar,the acetic, lost in deep thoughts. He said,''I shall be able to give suitable reply for the questions tomorrow.But both of you have to be remained shut in a room for 24-hours from tomorrow morning.You will get nothing to eat during this period.''

Both the disciples nodded in agreement.Next day they were shut in a room and weren't given anything to eat.The day passed and it began to getting dark.Ajay and Vijay began to feel terribly hungry.

Vijay said,''Ajay! I am feeling terribly hungry lets search in this dark room and see if we could find anything to eat.At least we must make some efforts.''

To this,Ajay,said,''my friend,Vijay!No one gets more than what we are destined to.We won't get anything to eat here.''

Still Ajay kpt on groping in the room . and atlast he managed to get hold of mug kept in niche.The mug contained roasted grams to eat .he started munching them ''Could i have got it if I made efforts?''

'''Friend I still insist that fate above everything.''said Ajay. His argument irritated Vijay . He said ,''All right! if you are so admant to put fate above deeds , I shall give you small pieces of stones which were mixed with roasted grams.Now tell yourself that you are destined to get these stones,''saying this he sorted through roasted grams a few small pieces of stones and gave them to Ajay .

Next day early in the morning Aacharya  Gyaneshwar got both the disciples out of the room and enquired their experiences.

First Vijay spoke.He said that,''Last night when i began to feel terribly hungry,I decided to make efforts to get somethingto assuage my hunger.Ibegan groping about in darkness and ultimately managed to get a mug containing roasted grams , I assuaged my hunger wih the. There were some were some small pieces stones also in it which I gave to this fatalist,''

Ajay said,''Aacharya!I still insist that fate above everything.Perhaps I was destined to get small pieces of stones only.''

Aacharya asked,''where are those small pices of stones?''Ajay took the stone out of his pocket and gave them to Aacharya Gyaneshwar.But they were not pieces of stones;but they were pieces of Diamonds.

Aacharya Gyaneshwar began saying ,''dear disciples! That mug roasted grams and pieces of diamond .Vijay made efforts and got both roasted grams and diamonds to be stones and gvae it them to Ajay.and Ajay kept them as he was destined to get diamonds,''

Then both disciples asked Aacharya,''in that case which is great?deeds or destiny?''

''Dear disciples!'' said Aacharya,''both have equal status,because DEEDSand DESTINY move together,Both are complementary to one another.''

Ajay and Vijay were satisfied to the reply of Aacharya Gyaneshwar ,they never argued on this point again.

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