A little Cat Story

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The Nani Adventures Never Ending Story

Submitted: July 07, 2017

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Submitted: July 07, 2017



For starters, I am a DOG person all the way.  However, one day my audience while seating on the toilet became from an audience of one to two hairy creatures.  

This is the story of an abandoned kitten, dirty and filled with fleas and worms.  When I got him he looked like a rat or more so like a little skinny fealty squirrel.  I felt his bones through his dirty fur.   I took him to the vet to get him a good clean-up and treatment.  Now the “IT” returned home as “Leo”.  

I was puzzled!  How can I handle in my chaotic life another responsibility?  Then I thought, what are the chances of this creature of finding a home among all the gazillion unwanted animals out there?  He was one of the unwanted ones after all.

When he got home, and when emerging from the bag, he looked around and looked at me with astonishment.  He all of the sudden, leaned on me and let himself go, limp... I thought he was dead for a second and I didn’t know how to hold him, then he lifted his head and I could swear he was saying “Thank you”.  He went towards Stitch the one who once ruled the house and who seem to have the face of “What in the Hell is this!?” … in matter of hours those two became inseparable.

Who ever said cats are not trainable?  Leo eats with his brother Stitch and no fuzz over the food other than Stitch likes to eat Leo’s leftovers.  Leo is learning quickly to “Sit” “Wait” and “Eat” on command.  Stitch doesn’t seem to mind him, other than when Leo gets the wild Tasmanian devil’s claws wrapped around his butt… then Stitch puts Leo in-check. 

He may not have fancy toys, the best little box or top notch sand.  He may cling to my legs with his horribly sharp nails and leave marks, he may run wild and in circles on my bed while I am trying to sleep … then again I asked myself “Why me?” …  Perhaps Leo just knew … Perhaps he chose me.

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