Mists of Grey.

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A poem about our society.

Submitted: July 07, 2017

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Submitted: July 07, 2017



Mists of grey.


A world of individuals, Contemptuous of the collective,

A shroud of misty clouds, that  encircle every soul.

Bowed low beneath insecurity’s cloak, trapped  within the mind,

Lost in a world of imagery, that points out every flaw.


Blinded by the mirror, and not liking what we see,

A frantic desire to prove different, to stand out and to shine.

We live under society’s labels, an epidemic we can’t escape,

A  pathological need to impress, a fear of falling short.


A  sky that’s growing darker, as  our worry digs in deep,

A rising tide of trauma, a wound that may not heal.

Self esteem becoming hard to find, as the body image storm  goes on,

Our worries  like mists of grey, a  fading light on the horizon.


© Copyright 2018 Murron Cain. All rights reserved.

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