How Could I Forget

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Submitted: July 07, 2017

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Submitted: July 07, 2017



My night with you was beyond anything that I could ever verbally explain.

The perfect smirk and that sweet, dark twinkle in your eyes guaranteeing that every moment was worth it.

That refreshing moment where I would feel your soft heartbeat through my body shivering me with the chilling thoughts of my own heart's desires.

The silky curve of your hands sliding over mines, the scent of your clean skin clinging to my body, your natural strength strong enough to make me feel the feeling that you felt at that exact moment.

At that exact moment everything changed.

Changed into everything I could ever want or possibly imagine.

Possibly imagine yourself in a perfect utopia full of life's fulfilled promises and planned improvements from your own dreams and wishes.

Wishes to the stars above to not leave you, but to cling onto your arm which was so personally sculpted.

Plenty of yelps and screams sensing the humor I adore and acclaim.

A different kind of different?

Nothing but a savvy way of just saying you are everything any one woman could ever want.

The authority and power in your voice with just a touch of sweet sincerity all rushing through me turning me on to the nature of realistic reality.

The soft grip of your hand cupping my face bringing in the closure I so rightfully deserved.

The pleasant touch of your lips against mines giving me every reason to yearn for more and more time.

More and more moments.

More and more dominant demands.

 More and more of you wanting more for me with you. 

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