Sharon Needles And The Drag Queen Redemption

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kat wants to be a normal drag queen but some of it comes with other concequeces

Submitted: July 07, 2017

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Submitted: July 07, 2017



Ever since I could remember, I do remember very very well. Who I remember you ask? I remember meeting Kat. Kat was a new student who was hiding who she was. I was her best friend as I could remember. I was the friend who hated what she always saw. I came from the dumbfounded school before I transferred to Hyworth High School. I met many people at my private school known as Jandor. Jandor was the worst school ever. Why? The reason why is there was teacher. This teacher was a man who was always pushing The Bible. The Bible obsessed teacher always would say that “If any homosexual is in my class I swear by The Lord Himself, i will send you to Jesus Camp.” He would threaten everyone who looked like a homosexual. He kept thinking that any man or woman who was well groomed or anything. He started to make me to read The Bible and his class was very well as LA. LA was the worst class in Jandor. I couldn’t take what the man was and I requested a transfer with my parents. My request was granted and I decided to go to Hyworth. Hyworth looked like a desert building. The bricks were dark brown and had tan lines on the top and the bottom. We lived in the great state of Colorado. Yet in the state of things I could see why I chose Hyworth. 


My name is Sam. I was Kat’s best friend who always was there for me until these events happened. I saw how fun Kat was but the time I met her was a very crazy one. So after Election Day, Kat stormed in and was raging about how bad this Election was against Rob Palmer and Donala Wingbat. Donala Wingbat was a republican who insulted everyone who ran against her. She was racist and homophobic. Kat was mad about that because Donala was not as good of a politician who made sense to do what she did. Kat was torn up about it. She was saying how bad it was for The LGBTQ+ Community was going to be. I was thinking that this person wasn’t a good person. The Wingbat supporters would say “She’s better” or other vaguely crappy stuff that wasn’t true. Kat attempted to kill them by saying that America voted for a peice of crap. Now I’m replacing what she really said because some of it was really bad. A friend and I had to stop her on numerous occasions because she really meant it. I can’t help but remember how good Kat was in that situation. It brought us to be very good friends. Kat who was a guy at first was named Stephen. But for her sake I’m calling her Kat. Kat suggested that we meaning him and I be a fake couple. The plan was to diverge the attention from Republicans. So we decided to do it. I was willing and able to do it. Apart from the fact that I was able to tell me friends about my new “Relationship.” They were ecstatic about it and yet some days weren't the best considering what my mom said about boys. My mom said that someday that I’ll be attracted by boys someday. But I never was. I am a lesbian. I never had a girlfriend at this point and Kat was finished dating Darren Dryscoll. Darren was a sexual freak who had his eyes focused on Kat like a prostitute. But Kat left him and pursued a day and life in the luxury of Heyworth. I wanted to be there for Kat after her breakup from Darren and yet Darren was disliked by many people. People saw him as a sore loser who just was a introvert. Kat was happy but there seemed to be tension stirring with Kat and Darren as Darren claimed that not only was kat being mean but was also making threats. I never occured to me. Kat would never make a threat like that. Either it’s true or Darren wanted to start Drama. But either way it never tapped into us. Darren and Kat never talked again after that. They kept their distance. 


I started to see why Kat was very opinionated when it came to political standpoints. She hated anything that had the word “anti”. I never occurred to me that all that Kat would do was to be hateful towards Republicans. I could never see why all that Kat did was downgrade people who supported our president. Very hateful. 

Kat had been my friend for the next few months and we would constantly be texting each other. There was another friend of Kat's named Jane. Jane was the bff of Kat. But as I got to know Jane she never would see that I even existed. That's the way it was with me. I tried to get out there but I couldn't get the guts I be able to cope with the loss of friendships I previously had. Losing friends was a part of who I was. My best friend Philip left me. He was just plain evil. I won't go into full detail about it.  I told Kat what it was and she was upset about it. She would turn red and she'd have bloodshot red eyes and would want to beat them up. As I had to calm Kat down she would go nuts. Raging and wanting hurt someone. Kat had a dark secret and that would change her view on her views on Jane.



While Kat was San Jose, California, Jane was telling her that she was flying 16 feet off the ground because she got a boyfriend. For some reason it ticked Kat off and she blowed a full blown rage. I wasn’t there but Kat texted me saying that Jane knew something that Kat didn’t want to be revealed. Jane knew that Kat had beef with two freshmen girls. Kat had plans to deal with them. Yet at the time the two girls freaked out and they reported Kat to the Police and that fueled her anger towards them and she vowed vengeance. The vengeance was to find a way to get them to pay. All Kat wanted was for them to leave her brother alone. He knew Jane had that and she was worried that she would tell someone and ruin her life. However the next day, Kat said that she and Jane might be done. But it turned out that Jane knew nothing and that Kat was raging for nothing.


She and Jane made up at one point and she was able to express how bad it was and she was able to see how her behavior was affecting their relationship. Jane had a boyfriend as I’ve said already. Jane had just a few days of dating with her guy who Kat despised. She and him whose name I couldn’t remember, texted Jane and said he wasn’t ready for a relationship. It got Kat so mad that she was planning on having a little chat. But it would turn bloody as she told me. It turned out that Kat didn’t approach him. I saw how crazy that she was and I saw how crazy it was in Kat’s mind. But not only was her mind crazy came from her favorite drag queen who inspired her to do more. Sharon Needles. I remember that one of her songs “Call Me on the Ouija Board” was recommended and I saw why Kat liked it so much. 

For the next few months, Kat was obsessed with Sharon Needles. Her songs were like the Bible in song. In Kat’s mind, there was no religion and that came at a price. Her photographer, Dana, was a christian but she never minded how crazy Kat was. Kat and I met more often and she and I started a friendship that wouldn’t be broken. It was like an indestructible friendship. She told me that she loves me. I was happy that she told me that because I remember that nobody ever told me that they loved me. Not only was it nice it was like Heaven and (I hope Kat doesn't see this) fell on me because of how nice she was. While that I was handling friends and life I would occasionally see Kat and we would hug because we were in that much of an intimate friendship. I don’t regret even meeting Kat but she would help me but it made me mad when one event happened to her.

In her ASL class, someone she considered a friend made fun of her chest labeling it like “bouncy balls.” Now as a now discovering drag queen Kat had like a woman's chest and it never bothered her when the event blew over. She called herself a queen. Soon enough that same day but at night, Kat admitted that she’s a drag queen. Jane and Dana who were Kat’s 2 best friends supported and made sure nobody would harm Kat. Kat wasn’t seen as typical drag queen. Not only was it soon enough as Winter Dance. Hyworth came up with a new rule that was outrageous. Hyworth hated the fact that there was a rumor that a drag queen would be coming to a pep rally. Kat saw that as a twist of crap. I knew that if the Assistant Principal would see it they would keep her in the office and convert her into a heterosexaul. Not only was it outrageous it made me mad. I knew that Sharon Needles would save her. That seemed to be the only music Kat would listen to for days at a time. There was nothing Kat would do but listen to the queen who says “When in Doubt Freak Them Out.” That’s how good of a person Kat thought of Sharon Needles. Kat wanted to see her side of drag. Yet nobody seemed to notice. Not even Lindon. Lindon was a so called spy for Hyworth. She was a goth sort of person. She had black hair and black eyeliner showing off on herself. She has a knack for all bible verses and says that God is her father. Her mind is twisted by the pastors and priests who work at Hyworth. The person we feared was Lindon. Lindon was not the person I’d want to meet. She was the head of the school patrol and it made more sense as we managed to plan for our meeting. Kat was astonished and I could see how much it meant to her.

“I hope Lindon won’t see me as a queen” she said.
“She probably won’t. Lindon won’t notice and neither will the other patrols.” I responded. Kat looked like agony. She was scared.
“I won’t let Lindon haul me off to the Conversion Therapist.” 
“The Conversion Therapist never seemed to notice. Not for a while. I have seen him. He always pressured me into thinking about God and his good doing.” 
“Why would Hyworth do this?”
“I wish I knew.” 
The whole thing was too crazy for me to bear as I managed to vow to protect Kat. If Kat was to be converted, I’d convert Hyworth to the authorities. That’s what I wanted to do but the school is like Scientology. They brainwash you. I wanted to protect her but I was worried that something bad would happen. I wanted to see all that. 
“We’ll make it through the thick and thins. That’s why i see you as a best friend not as just a friend. I have seen poor and great friendships.” she said. A smile cam to my face and I rose up and hugged Kat. She put her arms around me and told me that she’ll always be here. I’m never going to lose her. I was happy that I was never going to lose her. I knew I would never lose her trust. She came to me when she and Jane had a falling out. I wasn’t worried and still Jane and Dana were there with her. I looked at her and I saw a twinkle in her blue eyes. I then hugged her more. Kat may have been a boy but was a girl on the inside. I knew how good it was to have friends like that. I knew that it was rare to find friends like that. I knew that Jane and Kat were the best of friends. I was jealous of course but still I knew that she wouldn’t leave me. I know. I went home and I was hoping to chat with Kat but I remember how Jane was envious of boys. She seemed to be hit on each and everyday. Jane would never talk to me. Neither would Dana. Dana was a person who couldn’t be seen. I then would stalk their facebooks because I wanted to see if they had a problem and since they were like the teenage outsider like I was. I then saw my phone buzzed and it was Kat. i picked it up and I talked. 
“Hey Girly.” 
“Hey, Dana seems to be up to something.” she said. I tried to figure out what.
“She seemed to be interested in my friend Godard. Godard as you know can’t be in relationships because of his probation but he’s very persistent in thinking about why she would prefer to be with him or anyone else.” she said. I was confused as I knew who Godard was. He wasn’t as good as people saw. Godard was a juvenile. He drank and did drugs and him being the total idiot he was, got caught in the worst possible way. His friend sold him out and the friend was arrested as well. I knew that Kat had to save Dana from something as bad as that. Considering Godard’s history he never seemed to be the best person of interest. The police managed to have a ball as he ran but was put on probation and he broke it twice without anyone noticing. Kat knew but she was threatened if she told anyone.
“Why would she be interested in Godard?” I asked.
“ Wish i knew.”  I then hung up and then went to sleep.

The next day, I then see Dana and Godard talking only to see what may be of her. I was scared that Godard would turn into a mass murderer and kill her. I wanted to save Dana. I can’t seem to get her attention but I just focused on Kat for the most part. Kat seemed to be the person who was obsessed with Sharon Needles more than school. She never even liked school. 

I managed to get my classes done and be able to try to find Kat. kat was nowhere to be found. I saw Jane and she said that Kat wanted to take a break.

“What do you mean?”
“Look, Kat has more deals to make with the devil. The Conversion therapist is on to her.” Jane said. I took a step back. I had to gather my thoughts as if I lost my memories.
“How does that work?” I asked.
“Someone had to tip the administration office.” Jane said. 
“I wish I knew who would have said it.” Jane took a step forward and hugged me. I was taken back by that. I saw the vision of my friend Kat being converted and I was just dreaming. I worried that it would happen. The following night I dreamed that I saw Kat. Kat was in like a suit and I tried to get the idea. 
No answer
Still no answer.
“KAT!” Kat looked back and asked why was I here.
“I’m here to save you from the Conversion therapist.”
“I am sorry, he beat you to it. I can’t be able to let you see this.” she said and pulled out a pistol. Kat raised it up and said “Nothing in this world is a failure. Hyworth has these under wraps. Soon we’ll be able to make homosexuality extinct. No more gay anything.” she said.
“Hyworth is wrong. You, You can’t.” I started to stammer.
“Hyworth made the best decision in the whole world.” She then cocked the gun and pointed it at me. I was backing up and then it was too late. Kat pulled the trigger and I woke up. I had to call Kat.
“Hello” Kat said.
“Kat it’s me. I had a nightmare that you killed me.” 
“You know I won’t do that. I won’t even start to think about doing that.” she said. She said that she’ll come over. 10 minutes later she showed up and she hugged me. 
“I’ll stay with you, Sam.” she said sitting on the pillows and I laid right next to her and put my head on her lap. I felt Kat touch my head and made sure I was ok. I couldn’t shake that dream. The thought of it came in my mind and I couldn’t be able to tell Kat that I may be scared of what the outcomes might be. 
“You’re the best girlfriend I can ask for.” Kat said. I smiled and told her the same. Kat and I were never involved romantically or sexually. I’m a lesbian but i don’t date drag queens. I didn't fall asleep for the rest of the night. I was very disappointed that I'm scared to tell Kat. The next morning Kat was still by my side. She had no problem staying with me. The next day was Saturday and I wanted to stay in bed because I was up all night. Because of the nightmare I couldn't shake it out of my mind. So Kat and I got up and we went to a nearby diner. Kat looked like as if she wanted to leave. But I wouldn't let her because of my fear. I knew that that conversion Therapist would possibly hunt her down and I vowed to protect my best friend. I was scared and I was not into what Hyworth had in mind. As we ate I looked back and I saw Jane with some guy. I couldn't see his face but Jane seemed to be into the guy so much so that she forgot everything around her. I saw them step into the diner where the guy looked tan with black hair and brown eyes. I didn't want to engage in Jane’s love life so I watched them carefully. The guy seemed like he was too into Jane. Kat didn't seem to notice. It was bad enough that Jane had thought that she couldn't be able to trust Jane after what happens back in San Jose. But Jane tried to regain her trust and that's what she did. I could see how good of a person Jane was. Jane loved Kat because Kat would come to me to say that Jane would tell her “love yea 2.”  The guy seemed to interested and I wanted to separate him from her. But all of a sudden i could see him get mad and he picked up a chair and yelled “I don’t want to be just friends I want to be in a relationship with you and you and I kissed.” Jane looked embarrassed and she responded with “I’m not into a relationship now Philip.”
Philip walked up to her and just walked up to a chair and took it and walked up to Jane.
“You fucker, You are a slut who would fuck a drag queen.” he yelled. Kat looked up as soon as that was said. Kat got up to confront Philip. I tugged on her coat.
“Please don’t go up there.” I said.
“She’s getting bullied by that prick. Jane’s my friend and I need to do something.” 
“Please don’t go.” I said again the Kat went up there and confronted Philip. 
“Who are you to tell me what to do her clown.” Philip shouted. As soon as Philip got into Kat’s face Jane grabbed a pan from the kitchen and swung it at Philip and it hit him directly in the face. He fell back and crashed into a few chairs and people as the carried food and dishes. Jane looked back at Kat with this look of worry on her face. I got up to help.
“Jane are you ok?” I asked.
“Yeah I’m just fine. I want to go home but I want you guys to stay with me?” she asked. Both Kat and I agreed to stay with her. As we got to Jane’s home, she told us that her mom isn’t here. I was hoping to see someone who may have been hiding but there was a brother but he was too into his so called game. I don’t understand video games that much. 
“I want to shower.” Jane said.
“Ok” Kat said as she sat on the couch and literally fell asleep. 
“Sam would you come with me?” I agreed and I followed her up to her mom’s room that had the only shower in the house. I didn’t know why she wanted me with her.
“So...” Jane said.
“I see that you’re always hanging out with Kat. It must be fun?” 
“I suppose it is in a way. She and I slept together last night.” I said.
“You know Kat only likes guys. Besides he dated me.” Jane said. It shocked me to hear that. I was taken off guard over that.
“How could Kat date you?” 
“She and I had band class together and she saw me as a beautiful person and she asked me out on a date and I said yes. We dated for like 3 months but then I found out that she cheated on me.” Jane explained.
“How could she do that?” 
“I don’t know but we didn’t talk for a year. Then we started to talk again and we’re very good friends.” I was shocked to hear that. But Jane took a step towards me and she pulled me in closer.
“I know that you’re a lesbian. But I’m hiding my love for girls. I’d like to know” she said. But then all of a sudden she kissed me. I was taken back then Jane pulled my shirt off. I pulled her shirt off and we pressed our breasts together. We both were wearing bras. I felt the fabric of the bra. I then kissed her more long and hard. Jane walked over to the shower and turned the water on. Jane walked over and took my jeans off. Showing my underwear and my legs. I did the same to her and she was wearing all purple. I was wearing all red. We still kissed and then  we moved over to the shower and pulled off our bikinis and bras. Exposing our nudity to one another. It was kind of euphoric. I was happy and Jane pushed me into the shower and she followed. We kissed as the hot water poured down on our bare naked skin. All I could think about was ‘are we taking this to the bed after this?’ I wanted to know but I was entranced in the kiss that I was too brainwashed to do this. It must’ve been a good 6 minutes before we walked out and dried each other out. I then saw Jane get dressed and I did the same. We both shared one more kiss before we went out to find Kat.
“Does this mean we’re dating now?” I asked.
“Yes Sam, it does.” Jane responded. We went downstairs where Kat was last time but she was gone. 
“Kat” I called out.
No answer
“Kat” Jane called ot.
Still No Answer. Now it got us worried. Did Kat see what happened? If she did, was it enough to make her leave? We didn’t know. I was worried more than anything. What if Philip got Kat and is holding her hostage?
Jane suggested that we call her. She could've just went somewhere and left a note but n note was left. I grabbed my phone and I called Kat and there was no answer. Jane tried but there was no answer. 
“Now I’m so worried. I don’t know where she could be.” Jane said. I hugged her just to calm her down. 
“I’m sure she’s ok.” I said. Jane nodded and she suggested that we should go look for her. I agreed and Jane drove to the mall that we both lived by. We called for Kat’s name but no answer still from her. I ran to all the women’s stores but still no Kat. We ran and called her but no answer. Finally we did get a call from Dana.
“Dana we can’t talk right now.” Jane said.
“Me and Sam.” 
“Ok well I know where Kat is.” Dana said.
“Where?” I said.
“She’s in Philip’s house.” 
“Philip’s” both Jane and I said. I was shocked. Dana explained that Gabe, Philip’s brother, told her and was holding her hostage. We needed to get Dana here and plan what to do to get Kat back. 

I was so worried that I couldn’t live with myself if Kat was killed. Dana finally arrived.
“We need to find a way into the house.” Dana said.
“Gabe has to let us in” Jane said.
“He will I contacted him while I was on my way.” That was relief. So we drove to Philip’s house and Jane had guns just in case we had to be able to defend or avenge Kat. As Gabe let us in he told us Philip had Kat in the basement. Gabe had emo hair and he had all black on. We got our guns ready and we broke in shouting if we were police. We yelled 
“LET HER GO PHILIP!” But when we turned the light on, Philip was on the floor. Gabe checked his pulse and he was dead. 
“He’s dead.” Gabe said. It shocked us that Kat would be willing to kill her captor. We looked for clues if Kat was still here. Of course she wasn’t so we were worried that she might be looking for us. 
“No No. It doesn't make sense. Kat cant be willing to kill.” Jane said. We drove to Kat’s house but we found out that Hyworth managed to get their hands on her.
“Hyworth is dead.” I said. 
“We can’t just barge in there thinking that they’ll hand Kat over to us.Or...” Jane said but she paused the she said “Lindon.” It hit us Lindon and Philip must’ve been in contact so that must be why Kat killed Philip is because Lindon was there but she took her anyway. I wanted to figure out what Lindon wanted from Kat. Kat was the way to the light. At that point Kat would provide the equality between Gay and Hyworth. I don't know what Hyworth wants from Kat. It seems like they want to test their new system of conventions. 
“Conversation” Dana said. We arrived to Hyworth and there was no person to be seen. Like nobody was there. Now it scared us that Kat could be anywhere. Even miles from here. It’s hard enough to know that what ever happened to Kat could mean that she could be dead. Now that scared the living daylights out of Jane because she kept saying that she didn’t want to lose Kat. I didn’t want to lose Kat either so we had to figure out a way to save her or she’ll be converted into one of those Heterosexual freaks or religious freaks of Religion. So we had to act fast.
“We’re acting frantic because of Kat’s life. Kat can’t be dead” Jane said. I was worried for Jane and her love for Kat because Kat is the best person she knows. She loved her more than anything. I was more scared because I didn’t want her dead. Jane said that the only thing that would keep her happy is if she saw Kat alive. It would make me happy if we found her alive as well. We searched and searched. We finally found Lindon’s car in the mall parking lot and she wasn’t in there. 
“We’ll wait” Jane said. It was like a good 12 minutes when Lindon finally showed up. Jane said wait til she gave her countdown. I looked at her with a mad look I remember seeing in the car mirror. As Lindon unlocked her car, Jane gave me the signal and I ran an pointed my gun.
“Lindon, Not so fast.” I yelled. Lindon looked up and put her hands up and looked shocked. Dana showed up behind her and said “Now you’re going to tell us where Kat is.”
“Kat. Why do you think I’d want to convert her?” Lindon responded.
“Don’t play dumb you lier.” Jane said.
“Jane, I thought you were with Philip.” 
“Kat’s no where. I didn’t have anything to do with what Philip had planned. I had to release Kat but she screamed and she was nowhere.” Lindon explained. All three of us looked shocked.
“Philip had something planned?” Jane asked.
“He did. He told me and I had to save Kat or find her before he did.” 
“Kat knew?” I asked. Lindon sat down on the sidewalk. 
“She knew some part of it just not all of it. Kat didn’t want you guys to know. I warned her and before Philip took her, she texted me and said that she knew that Philip would do anything to win your heart Jane.” Lindon explained. Jane looked at me and said “Why did she try that?”
“I don’t know. But you know who has Kat?” I asked. Lindon looked at me and told us that Hyworth has her and said that they were holding her hostage at some construction site near Bell Flatirons. It made me shiver when I heard that she was being held hostage. We let Lindon go then we rushed to Bell Flatirons and it was right near us. I had my gun drawn and I ran as fast as I could. I wanted to find her alive and not dead because I lost one friend and I wasn’t going to lose another. Jane was fast on my tail but Lindon showed up. She held up gun.
“Lindon what are you doing?” Jane asked.
“Oh in due time kat will figure out what happened to you three. Considering how you 3 seem to say that Kat is a part of you. Now her three parts of you are going to be lost forever. Three bullets for one of each of you. Will she know or will she say you forgot about her?” Lindon held up her gun but I raised mine and shot at Lindon. She let out a grunt where she fell back and dropped her gun. 
“Never say that again about Kat. I love Kat more than anything in this world. You would take our relationship away. Now you are going to be taken away from Hyworth.” Jane said.
“Please don’t. I already have to go up to heaven. I don’t want to die at this stage. I haven’t even had a boyfriend.” 
“Well next time don’t threaten people like us. You would just try to hurt Kat again if you were alive.” Jane said as she pointed her gun and shot Lindon. I couldn’t believe what I did. I didn’t want to be able to be arrested for attempted murder but Jane was in hot water. Jane looked like she had killed a bear and she looked at me and said that she loves me. I told her I love her. Dana looked at us and was confused. Jane and I hugged. 
“Let’s get Kat.” Jane said. We ran to the community center of Bell Flatirons. There were a ton of guards. 
“Now how are we going to get in there. The Conversion Therapist must be in there.” Jane said. 
“We shoot.” Dana said.
“Or Not.” a voice said. There came Diana. Diana had black hair and brown eyes and she was Kat’s friend as well. 
“Oh God, really Diana.” jane said.
“Relax Gandhi. I’ll distract them.” 
“Oh great how you going to do that?” i asked.
“My father’s in there.” Diana said. She then got the guards to take a break and when they left we ran into the place. 
“They’re holding Kat in the Playroom. It’s downstairs.” Diana said. All three of us ran down to see the conversion therapist. He had white hair and whiskers and he was skinny. We shot at the window where he looked back and put his hands up.
“Guards, Kill them.” said the therapist. We both ran away where the guards couldn’t get us. I then saw my mom who had red hair and red eyes as if she was possessed try to kill me. I did everything i could but I saw The Therapist come up and knock my mom out. 
“You’re mine now.” he said.
‘Screw you pal.” I said. I ran to a storage closet where The Therapist followed. I threw boxes and everything at him but he deflected them. I then found a metal rod and threw it at his stomach. He let out a grunt where he fell back and got back up. A fist threw up but then Diana came running up and jumped on The Therapist. 
“No don’t touch her you bastard.” Diana screamed. Then The therapist smashed Diana into the wall and tried to kill her that way.
“Get off of me niece.” he said. 
“Never Uncle Dex.” Diana said. I ran and pushed Dex away from Diana. He then grabbed my neck and started to choke me. Diana got a piece of pipe and hit Dex on his head. He fell back in agony where he spilled oil and he shot it and it caught on fire. 
“Oh hell No” Diana said. We both ran and Dex was left behind. I looked back and saw that the blaze caught him and he was burning. There was no saving him now. I went back in the room and saw that Kat wasn’t even in there. Jane came running and Philip was far behind. 
“Philip” i said.
“Don’t even try me right now.” He said. “Now Jane come with me.”
“No. Screw you pal I belong with this lovely lady here.” Jane said grabbing my arm.
“Sweetheart you’re not a lesbian. Now this so called lover is about to die” Philip said as he raised his gun at me. I closed my eyes to think I’m about to die but I then heard a gunshot but nothing hit me. I opened my eyes and Philip was clutching his belly. He tried to aim his gun but he ran away. Jane didn’t go after him. I thought he was going to die but he disappeared after that. I then told Jane that Kat was gone. Jane freaked out more than I did. This made me more anxious but then as soon as both of us got up the stairs I was punched off by Darren. 
“Sam” yelled Jane. I landed on a light that was hanging by the ceiling. Darren started to come after me with a knife. I saw a light that didn’t work so I grabbed it and threw it at Darren. He let out a grunt and started to swing at me.
“You’re dead now. You can’t be Kat’s lover. She’ll be a religion freak like us.” Darren said.
“No she won’t.” I said. I kept dodging the swings worried that I could die at any given moment. The intensity of Darren coming was so bad I forgot that I had a gun. I pulled it out and warned him not to get any closer. Of course he didn’t listen to me. He came charging and I jumped to a ledge that was near and I shot one of the metal supports. I saw that Darren lost his balance. I shot another one where the whole thing fell and it smashed into a window with Darren on it. Jane helped me up and said we have to find Kat. But Dana was somewhere and we didn’t know where she could be. All the smoke and fire was around us. Thinking that this could be the final destination. But I was worried more than anything else. I saw Dana crushed by a pool table. Jane and I ran to her rescue but she said that she can’t make it.
“No we’ll get you out.” said Jane. We went on both sides and we had to get her out.
“Leave me” Dana said over and over again. Soon Dana fell and we picked her up and ran as fast as we could but then Darren tackled me.
“Die Bitch.” he said. I kicked his face and he fell back. I tried to get out and he grabbed on and he wouldn’t let go. I called for help but he took me down and all of a sudden Black was in my eyes. I woke up to see water everywhere and Jane wasn’t in sight. I couldn’t see Jane or Dana. I then saw figures coming right for me. I closed my eyes to see that it was fire men. As I was being carried off I saw Darren all burned and mangled. I was bumping around wondering where Jane and Dana were. I was in the hospital where I could see nobody there. I then saw a person in all black. I could tell that it was Sharon Needles.
“Calm down” she said.
“Where am i” I asked.
“The hospital. Kat’s nowhere to be found.” she said.
“Look, Kat’s somewhere and she’ll find you. I mean she introduced you to me.” Sharon said.
“That’s true.” I said.
“I came to see if you were doing ok?” Sharon said. I stared at her in amazement because this was Kat’s hero.
“I’m doing fine” I responded.
“That’s good.”
 But i snapped back into reality where I saw some woman with blonde hair and blue lipgloss and eyeshadow. Once my eyes adjusted it was Kat.
“Kat” I said with amazement.
“I’m here.” she said. I hugged her and asked where she was. She said that Philip had her then Hyworth managed to get their hands on her. But when the explosion happened she managed save me. 
“But how did you get Darren to get off of me?”
“I shot him into the blaze to make sure he didn’t hurt you. I covered your body when the explosion went off.” Kat explained.
“Where’s Jane and Dana.” 
“Dana is next door and Jane is on her way.” That gave me a sigh of relief where Kat was actually in Drag. 
“You’re in drag.” i said.
“Yeah and Sharon’s music saved me. I saved all of us.” Kat said. 
Did it occur to you that, I would date Jane,”  I asked.
“I’m dating a queen named Zach so I guess it wouldn’t matter.” Kat expressed. Jane walked in and asked how I was doing. I told her I was fine and then Dana walked in. Everything seemed to be the best. But Philip was still out there. We didn’t know where he would be or he could be dead. We didn’t know. 


I started my new life with Jane as my girlfriend and as soon as my friend Kat walked by in drag it occurred that things have changed about Hyworth. It never stopped Kat and I knew that it never would. I saw the good side of this. Dana managed to leave Godard and Godard was arrested again. Jane and I are living a happy life as high school sweethearts and Kat is on her way to be anything. For a while she hasn’t seen the light after what she went through against redemption. I would say that I could’ve seen the worst or did the worst. I almost took someone's life. Jane took one or two. Kat saved my life and she’s on her way to becoming a drag performer. I saw her pack her things later on and I saw her see me and I walked over with Jane. 
“Well this is the end.” I said.
“Yeah. but I did manage to save your life.” Kat said.
“Yeah You did.” i said.
“I won’t see you again for a long time.” she said. 
“Well break a leg and start making Hyworth pay later on.” jane said as she hugged Kat. I walked over and I hugged Kat as well but as soon as I pulled away Kat gave me a kiss on the cheek. 
“I hope you remember that.” she said.
“I will.” I said. Then Kat drove off and I waved as her car turned the corner and I looked at Jane where she was smiling back. Now and then I reflect on what happened. Was it destiny? I don’t believe in that. I could see how good of a person she really was. I loved her and she loved me back. I saw how good she was and I admired that. I looked into the busy parking lot where there wasn’t a sound. Kat was the best friend I could ever ask for and I turned around. Dreading the moment that Kat was not there any longer. 

© Copyright 2019 Cherry S. Mercury. All rights reserved.

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