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Hello, I just wanted to quickly announce that my published works are really gonna be really random at times, sorry about that but that's just how I am, also anything under miscellaneous will be informal, my other short stories and book reviews will be formal and will be written correctly. I'm planning on writing scary and adventure type content, but I will also venture into other genres. This will be the differences between the GoT TV series and the GoT books since season 7 is right around the corner, that's all thank you for reading.

Submitted: July 07, 2017

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Submitted: July 07, 2017



Hello, thinking of reading Game Of Thrones because you heard your friends saying it was a really good book? I f you're currently wondering "What's so different about the TV show and the books?" Well, theres a lot of differences between the books and the TV show. There are some minor ones like characters not being introduced and different characters saying things that other characters said in the TV series, but im going to be getting into the main plot differences that the TV show decided to take opposite of it's book counterpart. First off all one and maybe the biggest difference is that in the books Sansa Stark is still in the Eyrie with Peter "Littlefinger" Baelish, while in the show she gets married to the bastard Ramsay Snow, this just causes a major plot differences. At the end of 'A Dance with Dragons" Jon Snow is stabbed multiple times by his "brothers" of the Night's Watch, this also happens in the TV series but early in season 6 he gets revieved by Melisandre. This is also a huge difference between the books and the TV series, because Jon Snow without a doubt is one of the main protagonist in Game Of Thrones, and the last major difference between the books and the TV show is that we last see Dany going off to Westeros in a huge fleet of Dothraki, Unsullied, and Greyjoys, while in ''A Dance with Dragons" we last see her (more like read her but whatever) getting surrounded by the Dothraki (this also happens in the season 5 finale of the TV show series) and that is the last thing we know of Dany, similar to Jon Snow we don't know her fate as we do in the TV show. There are other differences like, Davos being sent off to get Rickon from and island just east of Winterfell (Rickon is dead in the TV show), Lady Catelyn Stark being revieved by the brotherhood and becoming a revengefull Lady Stoneheart seeking and huting out those who where involved in the Red Wedding (Lady Stoneheart is never introduced in the show), Aria stll training with the Faceless Men, Bran still training with the three-eyed raven, Tommen still being king, Varys killing Kevan Lannister, Varys working with another young Targaryen who is supposed to be Dany's Nephew Aegon Targaeryen, son of her brother Rhaegar and Elia Martell, who apparently died during the events of Robert's Rebellion. Anyway, these are all the major differences that I could think of between the Game Of Thrones TV show and books.

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