The Last Tale of Galenhad

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The Last Tale of Galenhad is set in an alternate version of our universe. All of the histories of the world is the same except for events in Russia in 1991. Prior to the existence of the universe, there was a race of beings that lived as forms of conscience for millions of years until they took up physical form.

There were originally only four beings who became physical, Victor and Anulis being the heads of the group. All four beings created others and granted them the ability make more to allow for a culture to grow.

This system stayed in place for billions of years, however, as with all Utopia’s one was not happy. Victor, one of the originals, believed that the Galaniens had gone too far and believed that they way to true life is to return to conscience. He and his second, Voldrihyd, planned to create a bomb that would eradicate all of the people’s physical bodies.

Annuli’s did not agree with Victor; however, he was too late to stop the detonation of the bomb but he was able to alter its parameters. Instead of eradicating all physical life, it took the energy of the Galaniens and pushed it all outwards into the universe creating what we know today.

These events are called the Creation period and the universe exists in the Expanse period.

Because of the bombs re-imagining by Anulis, there are some people with magical abilities and each person’s magic is individual to each person.

Some people need technology to control their abilities, some need to use crystals whilst others need both and in rare cases, with only being recorded, need nothing at all.

It is the year 2016 and Mary Nightingale, the first person who wields magic with no external aid, has been training at the English facility for ten years with six friends who are all being raised to prepare for the return of Victor and his wish to eradicate physical life.

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Submitted: July 07, 2017

The introduction of the world that I am attempting to create. It is trying to blend Sci-Fi, fantasy and cyberpunk with a small hint of steampunk into one.

The prologue is simply i glimpse into a later section of the book upon Mary's return to Earth and the facilities are closing in on her, what are the facilities and why are they after her? Well,
I'll have to write the rest for you find out!
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