Man Who Loved A Ghost

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A man visits an old isolated mansion out of curiosity and falls in love with a ghostly woman

Submitted: July 07, 2017

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Submitted: July 07, 2017



It was 12 in the morning; five heavily drunken men climbed the wall of a forgotten mansion. One by one they jumped into the ground. One of them said “Look there is…… no ghost here…. to receive us. Everyone……. act like a scared pussy……. for nothing.” Another one replied, “Don’t be silly, I hear…… there is a beautiful maiden………. living inside the house all alone.” “Then let’s get inside and see for our self, how beautiful she is.” shouted one of them. One man collapsed due to heavy intoxication. “Hey! Look this one already…… fainted give me a hand, let him rest inside the mansion.” suggested another man. Two of them dragged the body of the fallen man. One man took a bottle of whiskey and aimed at the window. It broke the glass and smashed into pieces. They reached the door of the mansion and kicked the door open.

Once the men were inside the mansion it was little dark and dusty, filled with thick cobweb everywhere. Lots of rotten leaves lie scattered everywhere. A huge Chandelier hung in the middle of the hall. One of them said “I am going to get to the bottom of this story. I know how to get her to us. Let’s start breaking everything inside the house.” So they took some wooden sticks lying around and cracked a bust of a woman to pieces, then threw an old flower pot into the floor, ripped an old portrait with a knife. They were creating a lot of ruckuses. One of them gulped a bottle of whiskey and said: “Let’s burn the building.” Suddenly the candles in the Chandelier started burning brightly. The guy, who fainted, woke up and said “Hey, who put the lights on?”

Everyone got amazed to see the lights burning suddenly and illuminating the entire hall. Then the large entrance door shut with a loud bang. The perfectly settled dry leaves suddenly flew into the air. One of them scared to death said: “I am getting a bad feeling about this.” In the stairway stood a woman whose skin was chalk white with fiery red eyes and wore a white gown. She looked no more than twenty years of age. One of the drunkards said, “Ah, It’s just a little girl, let me cuddle her.” He climbed the stair and went close to her. When he was just one step closer to her suddenly he was not able to move any further as if something was holding his legs strongly. Then he tripped backward and rolled on the steps and fell with a thud on the floor.

They screamed hysterically “let’s get out of here.” The Chandelier light went out again filling the room with total darkness. Some pieces from the roof fell on them. They reached the entrance door but it was bolted from outside. In their desperation to get out one of them lifted an old chair and threw outside the window and climbed out of the broken window. They were filled with bruises and cuts all over their body, miserably climbed the wall and ran far away from the mansion like mad men. The ghostly woman picked up a black cat lying on the floor and gently stroked it and disappeared into the darkness.

Next day a young man sitting comfortably in the horse cart asked the coachman politely “I am afraid I will be late if we don’t reach within thirty minutes. I have an urgent appointment with Doctor Miller.” “Don’t worry sir; we will reach your destination within forty-five minutes.” Then he looked at the horse and made them run faster. They first reached a thickly wooded area and then lots of houses appeared. Finally, the coachman stopped in front of Doctor Miller cabin. The young man gave the coachman some money for his service and wore his hat and knocked at the door. Soon the door was opened by an elderly maid who enquired “Please tell me your name and purpose, sir. The doctor doesn’t wish to be disturbed during his study.” The young man replied back “Oh, just tell him it his old friend Jim Caviezel from Sweden.” The maid looking at him with her strained eyes “Just give me a minute sir. I will inform the doctor about your presence.”

Soon Doctor Miller appeared and embraced Jim “What a pleasant surprise. It has been a long time since we last met.” Then he turned towards his maid and said “Please bring us some hot tea, our visitor need some warmness. I am sure he had a very cold ride to get here.” Jim started “I just happen to be here to have some documents to be filled in regards to the inheritance left by my uncle. I thought it would be wonderful to pay a visit to my dear friend and an old college mate.” Doctor Miller looked at him “How long you have to stay here?” Jim answered, “Perhaps a couple of weeks.” Miller with raised eyebrow, “Dear friend consider this your home and stay as long as you wish.” Jim hesitated a little and replied thankfully “I don’t wish to be any sort of trouble to you.” Miller laughed “what nonsense nothing will make me happier than seeing you around old boy. My maid will show you your chamber and get freshen up.”

In the evening both took a stroll. The road was filled with tall trees on both sides, occasionally birds flew from its nest. The woods gave a strong smell of wet soil. Jim took a deep breath of air and felt fresh. Miller looked around “Well let’s go to my favorite inn down the road near the sea. I hope you will not excuse yourself to join me.” They soon dined in an inn listening to the traditional song of Norway sung by the folks. One of the folks took the hand of Jim and asked him to join their dance. Jim slightly feeling shy said, “I am not good at dancing.” A young woman laughingly said “No one is perfect. I will teach you to dance and you will never forget this dance.” Miller shouted “Bravo, bravo.” After the time was almost 11:30 both decided to head back to their rooms. They took a different route to reach soon.

“This place looks quite isolated,” remarked Jim. “Yes, it is,” answered Miller quietly. Soon they passed in front of the lonely mansion. “This building looks quite old and burnt up,” noted Jim. Then he looked at the windows of the building and saw a white face staring at him. He blinked for a moment then he opened his eyes again. The face just disappeared. Jim looked at Miller curiously and asked: “What’s so special about this building?” Miller looked at him “You mean the burnt one?” “Yes” answered Jim keeping his eyes on the window expecting a face to show up anytime. Miller sighed “Well, it’s a sad story a century ago; some rich people lived over there. They had a young maid to attend them. One day the family left the house to spend some vacation abroad. During their absence, a fire happened the maid was trapped inside she was yelling from the window to save her but it was too late. A thick smoke enveloped the entire building with fire jamming the entrance. By the time anyone can do anything for the poor girl it was too late for her.”

“What about the family?” questioned Jim “Oh, they left this badly damaged house for good.” Many people are scared to even enter the house. Everyone feels it is haunted by the spirit of the young woman. Many have sighted her presence in the house. Recently some hooligans tried to break into the house and they came back screaming as if their mind was possessed.” “Sounds very interesting to me.” chuckled Jim “Maybe I should pay a visit and see the ghost for myself for I have never seen one in my life.” Miller looked distracted and said, “Sure you can try your luck, now let’s head back home we are getting a bit late and I need to complete some studies.” Next day Jim went to meet a lawyer to settle some arrangements left in the will by his late uncle. Later he returned very late to Miller house and was quite exhausted. He and Miller had a warm dinner.

After that Jim went to his bedroom. He lied on his bed and kept thinking about the face he saw in the burnt mansion. Next day he decided to check the mansion for himself. He waited till midnight, carried his stick and headed straight to the burnt mansion. He stood in front of the locked gate and was disappointed since he can't get inside but to his surprise, the lock loosened itself and the huge Iron Gate opened with a creaking noise. He was little startled but he marched further inside and reached the main entrance. He took his stick and tapped at the door. Again the door opened on its own. Now feeling confident he entered the mansion. He saw the ghost of the young woman sitting on the steps with her head resting on her knees. He cautiously took few steps back and told himself she is just a human like us. He called her uneasily “Miss I wish to talk you.” The ghost didn’t make any response.

He waited for few minutes then he decided to leave the mansion. When he turned and started walking away, he heard her calling “Wait.” He became stiff and turned quietly without any expression on his face. The ghost looked at the ceiling and asked him “What brings you here?” Jim answered “Just a blind curiosity to see you. Then he heard a crashing sound somewhere. He looked up. The ghost spoke in a whispery tone and said: “Come again.” When Jim wanted to talk further, she vanished. Now looking at the empty deserted hall, he decided to return to his room. The next day he narrated his experience to his friend about his encounter with the ghost. Miller was little skeptical and said “I have been living here for the last ten years and never even saw the hands of the ghost. You must be very lucky.”

A week later, Jim again paid a visit to the lonely mansion. He found the ghostly woman sitting on the steps, staring at the ceiling without blinking her eyes. She pointed her finger towards an old dusty piano and asked “Can you play some music. It had been a long time since I heard some music.” Jim replied with a smile, “Yes I am trained to play piano since I was a child.” He sat on a stool and played a piece called “Serenade” by Schubert. The ghost smiled and said, “How delightful to hear music after a long time.” She walked towards him while he continued to play music, looked at his artistic fingers with her fiery red eyes. He stopped the music to look at her tender face. The ghost spoke, “Please play some more.” Half an hour passed. He again tried to look at her but she was nowhere to be found. He took his hat and said: “I will be back again for you" and left. The ghost stood in a dark corner and smiled.

When he went back to his friend Miller house the maid said "Master Miller his out of town and will not return for a week due to some urgent matters to attend and he left in a hurry. "Jim himself had to leave for Sweden by next week. Again that night he went to the lonely mansion. The Ghost spoke to him “I would like to dance with you.” She showed her hand to him to hold it. He touched the hand and felt it was cold as ice. Then both began to dance with the piano playing music on its own. He soon became smitten by her and asked “Can we live together forever. I will take you to my home in Sweden it is very lovely. Please say yes.” The ghost looked sadly at the floor and replied: “I am forever destined to live in this mansion; my life is different from the living for I will never sleep.” “But I still love you,” cried Jim. The ghost kissed him with her cold lips and smiled “You are too young my lover. You still don’t understand the ways of our world”

She took him to the guest room in the upstairs. Jim sat on a chair and said: “Tell me something about you.” She narrated her story “I became an orphan at the age of four. My mother eloped with her lover and I never saw her again. My father was unable to pay back his debt so he took his own life by hanging from a tree. Some neighbor took care of me but they were very mean to me. I have to do all kind of work in the house while their children went to school and played with other children. Sometimes they will threaten me with their pet dog to install fear inside me.

When I was sixteen I ran away from their house and strayed on the street for a week. The former owner of this mansion found me unconscious near their gate. They took me in and nursed me back to health. Since then I worked as a maid for them. One day while walking on my way to the market I was confronted by a huge looking man with a broken teeth and a deep scar running from one corner of his face. He said rudely that a woman like me belongs to him and wanted me to be his wife. It soon became a routine for him to follow me. I informed to the owner about this, they became furious and threatened the man with a gun when he approached the gate of the mansion.

He was angry and filled with full of revenge inside him. He watched every move of the inhabitants of this mansion. One day when he came to know that I was alone in the mansion. He set fire to the building and ran away. I died in the fire since then I am staying here forever. Jim tried to feel her cheeks it was soft as a feather. He felt peaceful to be with her. Suddenly they heard some people breaking into the house. Jim asked, “What was that?” The hooligans returned with oil filled bottles and cloths attached to its mouth. They lit the cloth with fire and threw it over the stairs and all the corners of the mansion. Soon the fire spread everywhere.

Jim now got trapped since he cannot use the stairs to get out of the mansion. The ghostly woman took his hand and showed him a balcony on the backside of the mansion and said “Quick there is a tree very close to the building. Get hold of the branches and you can easily climb down from there. Jim looked at the woman and asked: “What about you?” She smiled and said, “I am already dead no harm will come to me.” He held her face in his hands and she kissed him one last time. Jim now safely away from the burning mansion ran to get some help from people but no one bothered about it since it was deserted for many years. The next day Jim went back to see the mansion, the fire badly damaged the building and it was in a very pitiful state, the roof completely collapsed with few walls still standing. He came back many times at night hoping to see her again but only in vain. He remembered her lovely face and placed a flower on the foot of the entrance. The old piano was still intact, with help of some men he shifted it to a cart and left back for his home with a heavy heart.




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