Truly Human

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This essay is about knowing what you love. It gives detail in to what it is like to love someone unconditionally. It also questions what readers love. I poured my heart and soul into this piece of work, so enjoy! Hopefully.

Submitted: July 07, 2017

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Submitted: July 07, 2017



Everyone has something or someone that they love, what do you cherish? In my eyes, every single person on this planet is destined to be with another person. No matter what age this person may come into your life, no matter if you’re thirteen or seventy-three; you’ll know you love them; it just all of a sudden clicks. And that feeling can never be taken away. As only a thirteen year old girl, people may think, “Oh, she’s too young to understand what love is,” or, “She’s too immature to grasp the concept of only desiring one human being,” but I’m not. I, for one, know exactly what love is: it is when another person’s heartbeat becomes your own, it’s when you pray that they are always happy, even if it may not be with you, and it is when your entire world consists of them. This is my story, my truth.

I once felt for him as I do now, but I feel for him stronger, and that feeling continues to grow each and every day. He is my light; he’s who I can always count on. With him it’s like whatever hurts him, hurts me too, whatever fills with joy, fills me too. At night before I go to bed, I think about all the jokes we’ve told, all the tears I’ve shed with you, and every ‘I love you’ that was spoken like a prayer. He is my heart. He makes me pure.

Every waking hour of my life, I wish that his is always good and kind like he deserves. To me, someone as incredible as he is deserves to be eternally happy. I often think to myself, if one day in the future I passed on, I wouldn’t want him to grieve over me. I would want him to carry on and fulfill the beautiful life he was given. I would want him to have all his dreams come true and all his worries wash away. I wish for him to have everything he ever wanted. Every part of him is precious to me.

Lastly, my world only consists of him. There isn’t a moment I don’t think about him. Whenever I think of my future, I know he’ll be in it; and I know he’ll make it something hope to always give you everything you could ever want, and to always be your baby girl. You are my forever, and no course of events will ever be able to change that. So, always remember, the way you love someone  is the way you know what makes you truly human, because that person will always be in your heart, forever and always.

Love isn’t always when a boy throws pebbles at a girl’s bedroom window, awaiting her with a single red rose, sometimes it’s just the way two people look at each other, or maybe it’s how her hand fits perfectly inside his. For all of us, love is different, but in the end, it’s the best feeling anyone can ever feel. Who do you love?




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