For the Record

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Submitted: July 07, 2017

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Submitted: July 07, 2017




   For the record, I am the way I am for a reason,

I’m not the curvy, awkward girl everyone takes as a joke,

I might change my hair, but I’m still the same girl inside during all four seasons,

But ask yourself, am I really a joke?


For the record, it’s him and her that hide under a mask,

But I can see who they really are; they’re cowards-afraid of not being loved,

They abuse and hurt others; they thought I’d never ask,

But I am, why are you so afraid?


For the record, he broke my heart my heart without hesitation,

She got in my head and told me I’d never have a real people that love me,

They decided to create my reputation,

But I’m not the sad, naive joke they said I was; and I never will be.


For the record, I’m no longer afraid,

I’m beautiful, because I am no longer taking the blame,

I’m strong, because I am no longer a part of their crusade,

I’m me, because I’m not them.






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