October 31st: Legacy

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Submitted: July 08, 2017

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Submitted: July 08, 2017



While Skully Jr was watching Mr and Mrs Thompson for five minutes, he uses his power to make a thunder storm, three loud noises! Boom! Boom! Boom! They scream and headed to their bedroom; Skully Jr decided not to kill Tonight, so he left their house, and decided to come back another time; when its worth it. The next day October 31st (Halloween) Today is the day of two special peoples birthday; Jeremy! And Elizabeth! they both turned thirteen; there not getting any younger, Jeremy and Elizabeth were on their way to school, (Lakesville High school) Elizabeth develops a crush on Jeremy, and went to ask him out; Jeremy said yeah sure, as he smiles and called her beautiful, thanks! she replies, when school was finished for the day; Jeremy and Elizabeth walked home together. Robert who is the Janitor at Lakesville High; was cleaning the hallway at night, he heard a thumping noise Hello! Who’s there! He looked in one of the classrooms, then says to himself I’m probably hearing things, Skully Jr Threw Robert at The classroom windows, as the glass smashed while Robert was flying in the air, and he’s body snapped; when he landed straight on the ground. The cops and Mayor Tyler West was on the way at Lakesville High, there was camera’s broadcasting and interviewing Detective Lewis And Mayor West, The students from Lakesville High was watching the news, they all thought that Robert Commited suicide; according to Detective Lewis and Mayor West its hard to say; they don’t know if he commited suicide, or he got murdered; they will have to check on the school security cameras. Martha’s Husband, Frank! came all the way to Lakesville to visit he’s niece Mary it was a good surprise for her she was so happy to see him, they had a conversation Frank said where’s Jamie! she’s married and got a fiancé I will give her a call, Mary Called Jamie on the phone telling her the surprise, Jamie and Eric were on their way to Mary’s House to see her Grandpa, when they arrived Heyyy Grandpa there’s my Beautiful Grand  Daughter, Grandpa this is my Fiancé Eric Nice to Meet you sir, pleasure! he replies in a happy voice, Mary shows her Uncle Frank he’s Bedroom, she says to him do you like the room, its wonderful! thank you love, Hey Mary! Yes! I’m sorry to hear about Jeff; Thanks! Frank was settling in his bedroom, he was feeling tired then went to bed. Eric and Jamie spent a while at Mary’s House because Frank surprised them by coming to Lakesville to see them, Jamie told Mary they were heading home, thanks for the visit love; have a goodnight guys; you too! As soon as Eric and Jamie arrived home, they decided to go to bed, because it was getting late and they have plenty of stuff to do tomorrow. Mr Thompson was sitting on a chair at the front, Skully Jr walks from across the road to his house and he approaches him, Mr Thompson said to him; Well, what do we have here, Skully Jr! Retard Number two Skully Jr took it offensive, and stabbed the knife in his face; then when he chucks up blood, Skully Jr stabbed him in the heart two times and left him lying dead on the front Lawn, Skully Jr then Teleported to a different location so he wouldn’t be seen.










As soon as Skully Jr disappeared, the neighbourhood looked out the windows and went outside one neighbour called Mrs Thompson! and she got there as fast as she could, when she saw her husband on the ground; she cried and she couldn’t breathe, Mr and Mrs Smith looked after her, and got her some water so she wouldn’t be dehydrated; The ambulance got a death bag and puts Mr Thompson in the van, Brother Chris and Sister Veronica receives the news and arranges the Funeral for Mr Thompson next week. Mrs Thompson is an old person; she’s eighty-six years old! and she’s a bit not right in the head, Mr and Mrs Smith, wanted her to be safe, so they took her to the Lakesville Aged Care so she can be safe and looked after, because she is old and can’t look after herself. The next day was Lakesville High Prom Night Hank, Gale, Lauren and Buzz went in the limo and arrived at the prom, every table had to vote for prom king and queen meanwhile everyone there had something to eat and drink after that they danced and was having a good time, the moment has come; the Prom king and queen is Hank and Gale! everyone applaud and cheered, Principle Wilson made a speech; congratulations to Hank and Gale! thank you to everyone for coming, have a good night; Hank, Gale, Lauren and Buzz went in the limo, and headed home, by the time they got home it was midnight; all the excitement and dancing made them tired; then they went straight to sleep. Deputy Ingalls and Detective Lewis dropped in to visit Mrs Thompson at the Lakesville aged care centre, they asked her if she witnessed the death and she said no, one of her neighbours called her and I rushed as fast as I could, they responded ok, Thanks for your time Mrs Thompson, Deputy Ingalls dropped Detective Lewis Home; then he went home as well, because there shift has finished for the night. Skully Jr wants to Target his cousin Jamie, for Killing his Dad, Skully Sr! he wished he can see his parents again. April, Jasper and their Daughter Elizabeth spent family time together, Elizabeth was messaging Jeremy while watching tv with her parents, she then went to her room, when she was getting changed, Skully Jr was watching her, she turns around and Gasps, Elizabeth quickly closes the curtains; Skully Jr Disappears in five seconds. The next morning Jeremy made his way to school and he saw Elizabeth, Whats wrong Elizabeth? you look scared! Some pervert was watching me He had a Skeleton mask on; its probably some punk pulling a prank, this town is safe; you will be ok, thanks Jeremy! After school Jeremy and Elizabeth went to the shops to get a Slurpee, they decided to hang out for a while, Jeremy was a nice gentleman to walk Elizabeth Home; Thanks for walking me home, Your welcome, as she smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek, she then went inside and straight to her room.












When all the students were home and Principle Wilson was still at the school packing up, he then turns the lights off and locks his office a thumping noise he heard, god damn kids! who ever you are, if your fucking around; you get a week detention; Skully Jr appeared in front of Principle Wilson, he Gasped, like he couldn’t breathe, and was going to have a heart attack, Skully Jr uses one hand to grab onto him, he got a pair of steel scissors; and stabs it through his throat; Skully took Principle Wilson too the top of the school building; and tied a rope to his neck, Skully Jr tied the rope from the roof, and leaves him hanging. Most of the Residents in Lakesville drove past the school and saw Mayor Tyler West and the cops, there was also camera’s doing a live video, pointing where Principle Wilson Got hanged; Can Skully Escape! Will they Catch him?

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