mineya and the undead army

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I am mineya but everybody in my village called me neya.am the guardian of modgama and this is my story.

Submitted: July 08, 2017

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Submitted: July 08, 2017






I am mineya but everybody in my village calls me neya.am the guardian of modgama and this is my story.

I was born on the night our four clans were destroyed.my people lived inside a huge forest, it toke up about three percent of the world’s continents and it was floating in the middle of a  huge ocean called parada, it was protected by the guardians of the three strongest elements on earth. Fire, water, and air, no mortal could go out or cross over.

Our clans were divided into three, the rich that owned land and cattle lived in the clan lio.the middle class lived in the clan called penida and there was us, our clan did not have a name, my mother princess Miya led it and this is how I became the guardian of the three clans.

One night when my mother was still pregnant for me, as she lay down in the middle of the night, she heard loud screams coming from outside. without thinking twice she got up and rushed outside to see what was happening, as soon as she opened the door she saw flames everywhere the whole village was on fire, she could see dead bodies and people running in all direction. They did not know where they were going but they were running to somewhere. She finally looked up and noticed the shields had fallen. The guardians’ ley dead floating in mid air.no mortal could cross over, so who or what had broken in.

As she runs through the clan looking for her sister spedar who was also pregnant, she felt something cold touch her; it was almost as ice.she turned around and saw a beautiful woman. She was as cold as ice, her eyes were so green it looked like they had been painted and her teeth, long and sharp like that of a wild animal.

She held on to her hand savagely and held her neck with her other hand.as she tried to bite her neck, her head fell off. When her body fell she saw her sister holding an ax, she had holes all over her body .she lay down and asked her sister to save the child before it was too late, but before she could do so, her herself went into labor and I was born. She cut my umbilical cord with the ax her sister had used to kill the creature. Wrapped me in I clothe and lay down me down on the floor. She turned to her sister as she breathed her last air. Just before she began to weep for her sister she so something moving in the womb, as she got closer her stomach burst and their ley the baby crying.


The dead were buried and the clans became one.it was called modgama which meant reborn in my native language. The baby was spedar after the mother, which meant powerful. He had been born half-human half-immortal, but my mother hid this from the clan in fear of the child’s death.

Twelve years passed and life seemed to carry on without the guardians. spedar and I had been lying near the river when he accidentally pushed me into the water, I began to scream at first but when I realized spedar stood near the banks laughing I stopped and looked down, I was standing on water and the strangest thing happens that made me jump out of the water.  There were thousands of bodies floating in the ocean.

Spedar and I walked home but I was in so which shock to say a thing or maybe it was normal, many things did happen in our village.

As spedar grew older, he became more handsome and a very attractive young man, he had his own way of charming people, where he did not say a thing; children, girls, and even women admired him. He really seemed to have a natural charm on anything female, which was rather funny because as we sat down under a tree someday a pregnant cow seemed to pop up out of nowhere and began to chase him around the village .this carried on for about an hour until it finally gave birth.

 The best part of the village was night time, I would go watch spedar feed. We would wait for the whole clan to sleep before going out. As a child, spedar did not feed on blood, as he grew older his thirst for blood began to grow stronger. I would watch him suck every little drop of blood from the cow and then eat it, living nothing but bones.

Everything changed on the morning of my sixteenth birthday. I woke up and realized my mother had still been sleeping, which was rather strange because she believed sleeping was a waste of time, used for important things. I came out and went round the house but I could not see her, as I tried to catch a breath I saw one of the villages holding my mother in his arms but she made no movements. Spedar followed behind the man.as soon as he lay her down I knew she was gone I sat looking at my brother not knowing what to do. Soon after villagers began to fill our compound, I sat next to my mother’s body and cried in silence.

As the people begun to weep for their lost princess, our village began to get dark, we had never seen such darkness.  The waters of the ocean turned red with blood, from a distance we saw what looked like an army of dead people emerging from the water.  Our dead began to rise from the ground ready to protect our clan.my mother’s body began to rise, her hair completely turned blue. it kept going higher until the shield restored itself to its original state and then she vanished as if she never existed.

Our dead had surrounded the whole clan to protect us from what or who was coming when suddenly I had a vision. I was standing in the realm  of the guardians  and I saw my mother looking at me but she did not speak or move, they all pointed the fingers and a great power came from them to me and then they said it ,`  you are the guardian of the three clans, my clothes and hair had been transfigured.

My hair was as blue as the ocean, it was long and felt strong almost as if it was living, my eyes became as green as the grass in the rainy season and my dress was a red as a burning fire.

As the creatures got near the shields began to rise once more, but before they could completely close, the others had managed to come into the village. They looked like the creatures my mother had talked about many times in her stories.

 They had pale skins which looked as cold as ice and teeth as sharp as wild animals. They moved as fast as lightning, before anybody could run or react, 100 of our villagers died. As I turned to look for spedar, I show one woman with blond hair, green eyes and motionless then something hit me and I remembered the woman my mother said had escaped that night. The woman’s sister my mother’s sister had killed was back for vengeance. She was the only woman among 1000 young men, very handsome, well built and dead.

Then it happen my eyes began to glow, a great power came over me and I was lifted up. The whole village was on fire but not one of the villagers was burning, the love I had for my village, reviled in flames. A strong wind surrounded the remaining creatures and span until there was nothing but bones, but somehow the woman had managed to escape, so began the battle with the undead army.as I had gone up I came down and began looking for spedar who I found standing in the middle of the village covered in blood. `She was looking for me’ he spoke, but something had changed in him. I touched his face to wipe the blood and realized it was human.

 A few months passed and things only got worse. My people were dying, and spedar’s thirst for blood was only getting stronger. How could I protect my people if the one thing that protected us was not strong enough to hold the undead creatures? I began to read on the ancient guardians who had been there before me in hopes of finding a way to save my people.  Spedar traveled to the realm of the guardians to learn how to use his gifts and control his thirst and I knew the woman who escaped would not stop until she had taken him.

I learned that these creatures would kill and turn a baby into their kind while in the womb and others by simply a bit. However, the ones born like them were the strongest.one would kill and finish an entire village in only a matter of seconds, but spedar possessed more. When she had bitten my mother’s sister spedar she did not realize she was royal blood, so all her powers and the strength of the army lived inside him.

While I was reading, I discovered that each one of the three guardians belonged to one of the old clans.in each clan, there were ten given these gifts at birth. They had the power to control water, fire, and wind. This was for the people to protect themselves if anything ever happened to the guardians. That was many years ago, but could it be that we had these people among us but they did not know of the gifts they possessed and so my journey began to the four corners of our clan in search of these people.

On the second moon I started off on my journey, things in my village were only getting worse, our cattle were dying each passing day, our plants and everything around us was dying, the water was no longer safe to drink, food was hard to find and the land was getting darker, the sun seemed to be changing its Corse. They were days when we would go without sunlight; those were the days many of our young died.

After many nights of traveling without food or water in the forest, I decided to take a break on the fourth night under a tree, when I realized at a distance was a burning fire. I put my bag down and decided to follow the flames until I came to a house made of flames, but nothing around the house seemed to be burning.  As I approached the door, I realized it was also made of flames.I knocked on the door many times but no one seemed to answer, as I was living, I heard the door open and I turned to see whom or what had opened the door. However, to my surprise, it was a young man about my age.  What amused me the most was that all his clothes were red and his eyes seemed to be burning with the flames?

However, what surprised me the most was the look on the Youngman’s face.  He seemed to be surprised that I knocked on the door and did not burn.  I stretched out my arms and showed him the marks of the guardian; he knelt down and bowed his head.  While he was still facing the ground I noticed there was an ancient mark on his head, it meant undying flames.  It was one of the strongest elements of the three.  I helped him up and he walked me to where I had left my bag.  He gave me water and food, and I began to tell him the stories of the creatures and how our clan was dying.

Enmoto was his name, he was chased always from his clan when he was only a child for having accidentally set fire to the village and killed his father who lay sick in his hut .`my clan believed I was great evil because no man could do such things but the gods’ he told me filled with sorrow. After I heard this, I read him the kapida.the book about how the gods came to be.

Many many years ago, there lived three creatures so powerful and great no mortal would dare oppose, they surround the three villages and protected them, but things were different then. Any male child born from the royal bloodline had to die, but everything changed when my great grandfather was born. During the same time, sons were born to the two clans. They hid the children deep into the caves of the three clans. After months had passed the creatures came to know, they began to age and were becoming weak. Then a war like no other broke .the first and most powerful god to have ever lived until today ghan that meant an eternal fire in its native language, it was a symbol marked around its head like a crown, which I had seen on enmoto.

The creatures rounded the whole village from the sky but did not find him, after this, the most extraordinary thing happened. The creature began to morph into a man and after he had become man walked to the caves following the scent of the child, when he arrived he found my great great grandfather who unexpectedly attacked him by passing a spear through his heart and when the god had fallen he realized he had been scratched. He walked home barely holding on to the ground and carrying the child as he was nearing the village his body set out in flames and that is how our guardians came to be.

Many like enmoto were executed after they discovered they possessed the power of the gods in fear that they might attempt to take over the village. He agreed to help me save our people and our journey continued in search of the other gods. After crossing many rivers, we discovered a small village surrounded by a wall made of water and there was a small river between so we could not cross over, what was amusing is how one huge ocean had divided into rivers.

As I stepped on the water, I stood for a moment to see how I could help enmoto cross, when I show shadows at a distance emerging from the river and behind them was the darkness that seemed to move with them as they moved. Looking further, I saw a young girl standing outside the wall of the village. As I moved a bit further, a bridge began to come up from the water and soon there was a bridge of earth under my feet. Without wasting time, I began to run towards the village when I saw the little girl putting her hand in water and the water began to freeze. The creatures seemed to be moving at a lightning speed by the time I reached two of them had reached the girl and about 11 more seemed to be heading to the gate of the village at the same pace.

Enmoto got onto the ice and created a shield from one end of to the other end of the river, the flames went up so high they seemed to be touching the heavens’ I  turned around to face the little girl when I  faced her I noticed hair was moving on its own. Almost as if it was living and had a mind of its own, the ends of it were as sharp of an army of living swords, which were always ready for battle. I watched her kill the three creatures in only a few minutes with no emotion or remorse. The gate was opened to us and when we walked in I was astonished to find a  whole village of these people.as if they had been waiting for them an army of men and women stood inside waiting for the creatures to attack, just as expected the walls were soon broken and the creatures walked in.

After a long battle, the creatures were defeated even though they knew more were still to come, the battle had gone on for many hours and it was now getting dark. Many of the villagers lost their lives but it seemed they were already ready to die for their people. The little girl toke us to her mother and father the chief of the village. They gave us a place to sleep and after we had told them our story, he asked us to take his only daughter Wada, who seemed very wise for her age and more powerful than the whole army in her village, did.

I was disappointed when we searched and reached but did not find the last person who possessed the elements of wind, as we were approaching the village a strong wind began to blow. It did so until there was nothing but dust, we could not see anything, suddenly we were able to see the color of the wind .it was very powerful and strong it almost lifted us if not for Wada who had surrounded us with a shield of water. After it had settled, I saw my brother spedar.

He had grown in the few weeks he had gone, which was rather strange because he appeared to t be much much older, one would assume he was twenty-one or more. I looked on and was terrified at what I saw next, everything was in darkness.as I entered the shield all I could see were dead bodies everywhere, bones of cattle and there was no sign of life anywhere.

The whole ocean was nothing but a pool of blood, the sky was so dark you could count every star, the whole clan had moved but to where?. Wada’s hair began to move and pointed to a direction without wasting much time we started running towards the direction, soon after we count on with them and began our journey to GOD knows where. After many nights, we found land and camped there, but even then, our people were still dying, others from hunger and others from dehydration.

As the princess, I decided that the only way to be safe and live was to return to the first clan and rebuild. There was much resistant at first but finally, the people decided it was the only way to save our clan before it was completely wiped out.as soon as I had finished the words our whole clan was surrounded by about as many as 100 creatures, smelling of death. I was still astonished at how such a little girl would kill with no fear and seemed to have no sign of weakness.

Wada had been born dead, in their village it had been a tradition to throw their dead in the water since it was a water clan.as soon as the put the baby on the water she cried, then an ancient guardian appeared before them and lifted the child up and all her powers were pulled into the young child. After this was, she became mortal, began to disintegrate into small pieces, and after she blown away by the wind.  After many hours of fighting the creatures, we managed to defeat them even though some of our people died in the process. I surrounded the people in a circle of flames and we rested for the night.

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