the evil dolls

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it started on my 13th birthday which ironically happened to fall on friday the 13th

Submitted: July 08, 2017

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Submitted: July 08, 2017



it  all started on my 13th birthday, which ironically happened to fall on Friday the 13th .I had owned two plastic dolls one which was about the size of a small child and happened to be half my height, my brother could not stand the doll but it was the only friend I had at the time and a small plastic baby doll which would make a crying sound .

I  decided to name the big doll Riya and the baby was unnamed, it had come with a kitchen set, which was little cups, spoons and plates so it was basically some one the thing you would find in a kitchen.after a long day of parting and drinking ,soft drinks ofcourse beause that all i could be allowed to drink,I  found myself wakingup in the middle of the night to use the bath room. our passage way was pretty long and dark , the light had gone out the day before and my brother had forgotten to replace it. 

as I  got close to the bathroom I felt something or someone short walk past me, I turned around and saw Riya ....riya what are you doing in the passage way and how are you walking .those were my exact words.....
it stopped and turned its head ....Anna said in return I froze and could feel my body shaking .... she turned around and started walking towards me ....I started screaming but my voice could not come out ..I fell and started to crawl back wards .....crying and shaking, praying for my life started to crawl towards me with the face facing the back of the body.......I felt it breath on my neck and whispered come to  me Anna a doll and play with me for ever and ever!!!!!....finally this evil horrifying voice came out .

anna!!!! wake up!! and my eyes opened i had a feeling of  pulled from death .....Anna your having another nightmare my mom said ....I was still shaking and my heart still furiously pounding through my chest as though it was about to explode 
....................I had been dreaming but why did it feel so real........................

this was the first night of the doll nightmares, the following morning i told her about the nightmares I had the previous night asking to her get rid of the dolls but she said no, and went on to say  I had been watching too many cartoons and was just exaggerating the whole thing ........ the whole day had been shaky for me ...........
I tried to be free and go on with my day but the nightmare kept replaying in my head like a movie scene or a broken record which keep on repeating itself.

after 4 hours or so I was lonely ,what could i do the dolls were the only friends I had so ,I got to my room to get my dolls ....I opened the cupboard and picked it up Riya and started pulling it to the living room, it was strange for some reason it felt much heavier than usual, but I just figured it was because I was dragging it and not lifting it
I got to the living room and sat it down next to me, and started watching cartoons, when suddenly I felt chills run through my entire body, I felt like I was being watched ........when I was about to turn around to face the door my mom walked in,
here I got you a rosary since the old one broke ,hurry up we are going to visit your grandmother she said as I wrapped my new rosary around my arm and grabbed my doll. as soon as I got its arm it suddenly got so light ...all the heaviness disappeared ... 
I felt my heart skip a bit and dropped it and run to my mother .....who picked up the doll and left it on the kitchen table ,something was not right . I was only a child how could I convince my mother when I was so obsessed with cartoons and was always making up stories.


i was at my grandmother's house for about  an hour or so before starting started off for home ,it was late in the afternoon when we got home .
i stood behind my mother as she put the key in the door, when we suddenly heard a loud bank coming from inside it sounded like something falling from a really high place mother and i quickly rushed into the house  to see what had fallen ........................but we could not find anything mum walked past me and went to her room ...when i noticed something underneath the kitchen table was my doll .......i felt every strand of hair on my body erect so fast my body was literally shaking with fear ,as i felt my whole body go weak, when my mum appeared from her room.............

was that on the floor ,i was so surei had putit in the middle of the table my mother said over my uncontrollable racing heart ...she picked it and gave it to me .........i run to my room and threw it in oneof my big drawers and pushed a big chair against it....

its not real ,there no such things as ghost or spirits ,it's just my imagination i said trying to comfort myself .

i slept in my mother's room that night was 24 minutes past mindnight when i felt something heavy besides me ,i dared not open my eyes was only me and my mother on the bed but why did it suddenly feel like they where three people on the bed i tried to touch my mother i felt a small plastic hand touch me .............

  i screamed so loud my mother jumped out of the bed and rushed for the light ...i looked around the bed but there was nothing......whats wrong she asked failing to breath .....but i said nothing all i could do was start crying ...she got back on the bed and held me in her arms the whole night .....

something was not right and my dolls had something to do with it ,it was now clare to me what i had to do ,the dollshad to go it was the only way i could  be free 

but i part of me was still helplessly holding on to the only friends i had known .....

the thought of them killing me was not as painful as loosing the only friends i had ,i was torn between fear and heartbreak .....







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