The Carnivorous Plant

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It's about a student who dangerously experiments with carnivorous plants which will ruin his life

Submitted: July 08, 2017

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Submitted: July 08, 2017



Heart broken Henry Adam narrates his tale

My name is Henry Adam, I am alone in this world with no one to show me any kind of love. I hear my own heartbeat resonating everywhere. I am an orphan without anyone even to think about me. Days fly without a meaning. I am a young man depressed about my future. I fear of dying alone. Time is ticking in my ears. I left my home for there is no hope living with my family. My father was a widower who didn’t have much to give me. I never saw my mother since I was born. I never saw the light of love in anyone’s eye. I traveled a lot to find an answer for my sorrows. I am neither in heaven nor in the earth for I am a stranger in both the world. Life has nothing to owe me. I suffer in total silence. Now I have a story to tell you before I die, a tale that will linger in your heart forever.

Henry experiments with carnivorous plants

I used to be a happy man. Everyone in the town used to greet me with a warm welcome. I was a student studying about plants. I took a special interest in knowing carnivorous plants. How they preyed upon little insects and devoured life out of them. There used to be giant carnivorous plants which can trap animals and suck their blood for nourishment. I worked hard to bring those plants again. I observed a variety of plants and fed them with rats. I heard their deathly squeals. I enjoyed their suffering like a maniac. I was delighted to see them torn into pieces. My friends didn’t like this practice I was involved. They named me as a person without pity. I didn’t mind much about their words. I paid total dedication to my subject.

Henry falls in love with beautiful Lisa

One day I realized certain vitamins can make plants grow ten times bigger. I harvested such plants in my room. They will snap at my finger with the slightest touch of mine. I cared for them like my own children. They continue to grow bigger in size that I found myself unsafe to sleep in my room. They can devour the flesh of people who get too close to them. I tried to get rid of them by burning with fire. They made wailing noise like little children. I felt sad to destroy my creation but I must before it is too late. During this time I fell in love with a girl student called Lisa. She showed me how wonderful life can be. Days didn’t pass without her smile. I started losing interest in my subject. Love drugged me from thinking further.

Cat enters the garden filled with carnivorous plants

I got married to her. She was a rich woman, her father despised me for I was from a humble background but love didn’t stop us from living together. She took me to her ancestor house isolated from the town and it had a neat garden. The house belonged to her ancestors. For some time we lived happily. Everything seemed to be perfect but my life became dull again. I carved back to my days of studying carnivorous plants. During my wife’s absence, I started cultivating the carnivorous plants in her garden. Once her pet cat accidentally wandered off in her garden immediately the plants covered the cat with vines all over its body and ripped it to pieces.

Lisa worries about her pet cat

My wife regularly used to keep a plate of milk on the doorsteps for the cat. A week had passed and she asked me whether I have seen the cat. I replied her “I have no idea about it maybe he strayed somewhere in the street.” My wife insisted on searching for the cat in the garden. I became frightened to hear this. I told her that I saw the cat chasing a carriage. This worked and she stopped worrying about her cat. I wanted to conduct my experiment further on plants. I have to move with a stick to ward off those terrifying plants. I slowly wanted to see plants ability to consume a live human.

Lisa's father arrives to see her living condition with Henry

I wished to see my father in law being crushed by those carnivorous plants. Once in two weeks, he will visit us to see his daughter’s condition with me. One day my wife went out with her friends. My father in law came to see us. He had a walking stick in his hand. Knowing that his daughter is not at home he began to taunt me with his words. I flew into a rage and pushed him into the garden. Great wines snapped his fragile neck. Then I saw the horror he was reduced to bones. Soon I have to hide his remains before my wife discover what happened to him. I quickly dug a grave for him behind the house.

Henry digs up a grave behind the house

I was completely covered with dirt when my wife returned home. He asked me the reason for appearing muddy. I told her I slipped and fell when I was sprinkling water in the garden. She didn’t believe me and asked whether her father turned up to see her. I said I don’t know for I myself was not in the house. She again didn’t believe me and grew suspicious of my activities. She saw her father’s walking stick inside her house. She started crying and asked whether I hurt her father. I was in shock to answer her further. She demanded that she will go to the magistrate to tell about my activities.

Lisa enters the garden looking for her father

I told her the truth. She ran to the garden to see for herself. I tried to stop her but she was too quick for me. She stood in the middle of the garden and looked everywhere for her father. I was sweating nervously to see her ripped to pieces anytime but the plants behaved calmly. I breathed a sigh of relief. Before I could laugh a plant vine took hold of her leg. She cried for me to save her but it was too late before I arrived with a plant cutter I saw her lifeless body lying on the soil. I was heartbroken to lose my love. I was angered by the plant act since I treated them like my own children.

The carnivorous plants starts covering the house

Soon the plant started growing in the house. It’s no use staying here anymore. Now you know my reason to be sad. I didn’t want to live in this world anymore. I calmly went inside the garden and offered myself to be consumed by the carnivorous plant but the wretched plants refused to feed on me for they recognized me as their master. Now I cannot bring the lost lives back. I left the town in silence and never to return back.








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