The Pitbulls of Morning Avenue

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a quick look at the Pitbulls on Morning Avenue

Submitted: July 08, 2017

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Submitted: July 08, 2017



"Darling is up early" says the cage cleaner. Yes, Darling is a nice girl. She is safe & has never bit anyone. The Pitbulls here, come from the veterinary clinics & are sold as adoption dogs. You have a red nose, a Pit mix and a Boxer mix also. Several puppies and an old German Shepherd that keeps his eye on everyone, kind of the protector of the bunch.

NOTES: Fresh meat and one day old hot dogs are thrown to the dogs. Salivating, they waste no time, in taking in the scraps of meat. The kennel is located on the bus line, in a Midwestern city. Onlookers walk to the cage area, and let the Pit Bulls kiss their fingers through the fence.

A retired veteran from WWII, wheels his wheelchair to the fence, and loves to talk to the girls. "Hi Darling and "Baby" says the old man. He remembers the days, when Pit Bulls were on military poster boards all over the cities, in war advertisements. "Young & strong dogs" he says about the Pits at Morning Avenue Kennels.

Children are also intrigued by the dogs, and stand near the bus stop. Some parents hold their children near themselves for "protection" but nobody has ever been injured. The children look towards the dogs, as the mothers tell the kids, "Don't look into their eyes."

But it is a good day & the dogs are sweet and gentle. Nobody makes a sound as several of the girls, fall fast asleep & snore through the fence. A squirrel ran by, and none of the dogs could care less.

Two more hotdog feedings, and the dogs are tired now.

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