To my children

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I pray you all live to read this and I live to see you grow into all I knew you'd be.
Love, Ms. Jasmine

Submitted: July 08, 2017

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Submitted: July 08, 2017



To my Children

By Jasmine Howard


Though you may not understand now, I pray you find peace, comfort, and reassurance in my word later, you remind me of a past joy I once had, A reflection of what it is I truly have left to hope for.

You are a peek hole into great and foretold victories, the future I have been blessed to cultivate from scratch. Your smile carries a decaying dream; that the world could be better, with a deceased innocence; that it can be made better.

Your laughter is the ghost of memories in which I too was a princess that lived in a grand palace of toys, a warrior who charged the field with victory as a promise each time, in a land of wishful thinking and thoughts full of shooting stars.

If you wish to be a rebel, be one with a cause and purpose, pursue an understanding of God, it begins with him, everything you will ever need comes after your acceptance of him into your life. I speak not as a pastor nor a messenger, but a witness of his love and beauty, after all, it was him that brought us together in our youth.

I foresee your walking, breathing testimonies. Do you want to fight? Then, Battle for the dying goodness that has closed its eyes to our world and help birth kindness back into the hearts of people through our lord's unwavering word.

Be brave enough to love without fear and fear enough to remain humble in mind, be the light in a dark place and pave roads where none have dared to journey.

Be an advocate to those denied the same privileges of being able to freely voice themselves, to those whose prayers are taken from them with the cost of their own lives.

Listen and learn, for a teacher must first be taught.

Do you want to be a soldier? I know the perfect army, one that has never tasted anything short of victory, one in which your growth lies in the development of your faith, restored to your soul and strengthened by the recruitment of others in his name.

Let your prayers be your guide, bear the full armor of God by which no man's weapons can prosper, may your faith stand the test of time.

Understand that knowledge is what you know, intelligence is what you do with it and wisdom and knowing how and when to use all you know in everything that you do.

In my eyes, you were always more than children, but empires, preparing to be built with its newborn under my wing.


Dedicated to the children


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