Last Night Together

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My first Story, Please gave for valuable suggestions .

Submitted: July 08, 2017

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Submitted: July 08, 2017



Rose let her fingertips trace the curve of her smooth, hips. Despite the warmth from Jack on that cold Night , her lips  were soft and getting softer as Jack sucked.

She moaned, turning her slight smile toward the fire. She ran her other hand through his hair, dragging her neat and trim manicure across his scalp and down the nape of his neck. He nipped harder in response, sending a ripple of electricity directly to her Brain, which were spread wide as Jack massaged her most sensitive parts. 

Her body relaxed at the same time it rose with every stroke from Jack’s confident hands. She turned her head and kissed him, full and deep, as his fingers slid back and forth over her slick clit. When they slid inside, just as full and deep as their kiss, her back arched to draw him in deeper. 

It was getting harder to breathe, as Jack quickened his stroke. Rose wanted to enjoy it, every last moment, remaining as relaxed as possible to savour the rise, to float on the edge of the cliff before diving off in a rush of pleasure. She stretched her arms above her head, letting out a little kitten moan. Reaching forward, she pulled JACK toward her for another lingering kiss. 

Her mouth open like her pussy, she wanted more of him inside her. His tongue exploring hers just like his fingers probed and stroked below. Her hips rocked in time with his movement, his fingers slick with her juices plunged deeper and deeper with each push. Warmth spread and Jack felt herself on the edge, knowing she was going over, but drawing every last second she could in this nether word between arousal and climax. It was her favourite part - if she was being honest - this moment before orgasm when the world fell away and she was in a state of unparalleled bliss.

Jack murmured in her ear as she cried out. She couldn’t make out what he said and it didn’t matter because she simply didn’t care. The waves of pleasure rolled through her, making her body limper and limper as she lay on the pillows scattered about the floor. As her rapid breathing eased, John’s lips whispered against the skin of her tummy, trailing kisses from her belly button to her lips. 

Still on her back, John slid his muscular frame on top of her, placing his chiselled forearms above her shoulders to allow himself to look down at her pale face. It was intimate, this face-to-faceless. He could see her half-lidded eyes look down for his cock, her slight smile as she took its weight in her hands, feeling its length and squeezing its girth, before guiding him gently to her slick, wet cunt. One smooth push and he was deep inside, her pussy gripping his member as he carefully drew it from her. 

Like Rose, he wanted to savour each push, withdrawing almost completely before sliding his cock back in. She dragged her fingernails down his back and up his ribcage, her touch light but alighting the nerves in his skin. The fire kept them warm, stopping the cold, moonlit night from entering their cozy den.

Rose felt his body stiffening; his breath on her neck coming faster and hotter. She wrapped her long legs around his waist, squeezing him. He reached down and grabbed her thigh, pulling her toward him as his thrusts became more passion and aggression. A lock of black hair fell out of place and dangled across his forehead. Something between a moan and a sigh, the grip of his fingers in her leg, told her he found the same spot he brought her to only a few minutes before. She brushed the hair from his eyes, kissing his lips, his ear, his neck as his orgasm ended and his body relaxed into hers.


As Rose stare Jack  ,

Jack ask “ Do u love Me ”

Rose replied “In heaven and earth everything i love you are the most precious gift ”

Jack “is it too late for this ...” (His eyes gazed up on her and show a mock face)

Rose bite his neck and he bite her cheeks and then get over her top push her hands both to back and lick her neck and then suck her lips again kiss her again and hold her still as her insert himself into her wet dreams and slowly a fight triggered into a active more aggressive sex with both wants to dominate over one other .

As the night goes by Rose is not sleeping jack notices and mummers into her ear “why you not asleep my dear” Rose doest replies but she wishes this night is not over for her and him .As she waited  sometime to gave him time for sleep .

As soon as she make sure he is not awake She get up beside him from their bed and go to bathroom. She was all nude .she get into the Bathroom  switch on the light  lock the door looked up into the mirror she notices his bite mark in her neck and her breasts . she gazed herself into the mirror for s bit long she bust into tears like she can’t face her or she is going to do something . She take her mobile from bag in the bathroom and go to whatsapp . She search for his number so she get Email and send him a message



As you know you are the most caring and dumbest person i ever seen and i love u so a lot. But when it comes to start a family or living together i don’t think you are that person i want to look up to. Because you are sweet and adorable but i don’t feel safe or future. You don’t seems to have a fire in you, you don’t ambitious about your future .  May be its me i want more and i am so sorry to say this please break things between us . i m not good for u . i love you but love is not enough for a future i see . i know i break ur heart and its not ok hate me all you want u will find someone better .so sorry for everything .

With Love,

She schedule to send the mail automatically in morning. Wears of her tears and go to bed fall asleep .As morning arise she get up shock and look into clock its nt time yet she called him but he seems still in deep sleep . She wears his t-shirt and go to kitchen open refrigerator get milk drink it straight out of Jar . Sit to chair next to her watching minute needle stuck 12 and automatically send the Email . Just about time she got a voice message from him

“Dear Rose , my world my love when you receive this i might long since what i say ,i really mean it that u my world. i now see now you don’t want to be my world ..U wish more and i am trying my best as i could to make you feel like i do as.. i m tiring to tell u i love u so much and my world consist of you and all i want in my life i have women I love place where we can stay a job to look after us its carzy and i know you are going to leave me and I can’t live without it I tried to talk me out of it but by the end of the day i hurt like death so i decided to be dead. And I don’t blame or question your love i know u also been very hard to be with someone like me also I know loving me is so hard. So don’t balme urself 4 my death my death my decision not do anything with u”


She stay like stone. We can see the date stamp on mail and by the time now its outdated and dated back 2015. She open her eyes she run towards the bedroom but only to collide with wall and fell down only to realise she is in a box and wearing a uniform we can see needle marks in her wrist as her eyes slowly closing she seems confused and pathetic.



************************************ THE END**************************************

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