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Just a nobody's opinion about life.

Submitted: July 08, 2017

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Submitted: July 08, 2017



What is love?

"I don't know"

What is Sex?

"Who cares"

People need each other to live on this planet, but does love really exist? Some people would probably say yes and others no, but let me tell you something.You probably already fell in love with someone maybe for their appearance or personality, but are you sure those feeling were true love, well actually.


But let me tell you what love truly is, love or the act of truly loving someone is not a question of race, ethnicity, gender, color, or social status.If you are in a couple or even married and reading this , I want to ask you a just one question .

But first, let's imagine that your partner suddenly get into an accident and lose for example their eyesight or is now cripple .

"Do you think you will be able to love that person as much as you did before , knowing they won t be the same anymore? "

Before you start jumping to conclusion and answer "YES!" stupidly , you shall know that you will have to bear the judging gaze of people on the street when ever you want to just go for a walk in a park , you could even have to sacrifice many things that you love to be able to live with that person.

"For example, if your partner after an accident start suffering from Cotard syndrome" (People affected by the syndrome Cotard refuse social contact and neglect their personal well-being.)

Or instead, are you gonna leave your partner and go look for someone that the society we live in call Normal, For people in a couple that answer

"No , i probably gonna break up with that person "

Well, CONGRATULATION full marks!! .I m happy to tell you that you never love your partner you just enjoyed the situation in which they put you into.I am really sad when i see those young but also middle age couple nowadays who base their relation on their sex drives without even realizing it , going out with each other just based on their looks , physical and material assets.

Now I want to talk to you


Yes, you MEN!! yes all of you Monkeys ( Well i m also a monkey to anyway) , we all need to acknowledge something......SEX IS NOT LOVE!!!.. you probably wonder what i mean by that, well is quite simple most of us men fall in love for women based on either their assets (Ass and Tits) or their culinary talent but not for who they truly are.(BY THE WAY I DON'T SAY EVERY MAN ON THIS PLANET IS LIKE THAT I JUST TRY TO TARGET A SPECIFIC GROUP )



Yes, you!who probably claim white women are the best OR you , yes you who probably claim you prefer Black women and will only date them or mic or even Asian , Well i am sorry to tell you this isn t love.

Love isn t about races or ethnicity but instead about what is inside , trust me you can be love someone you are not attracted to, now think about this.Do you prefer someone who is your depiction of the perfect man or woman , someone that your surrounding claim you look perfect together  but on the inside make you suffer , or would you prefer someone who isn t  your physical  depiction of perfection but makes you happy everyday?

At the end who am i to judge you or to even give you my opinion .I was not that long ago a Big Monkey worst a narcissistic Gorilla who thought was cool , because the world gave him a bit of attention, but i decided to look for something genuine even if society see me now as a lonely weirdo.I don t need to be the wealthiest man on this planet ,  don t need a hundred friends or armies of women chasing after me.All I need is something genuine


"Like real love ?"



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