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a prince is a male member of a royal family; a son of the king; a nonreigning male member of a royal family. akeem joffer, the heir to the throne of zamunda (a fictional african kingdom), lives a pampered lifestyle with every daily task performed by servants.

Submitted: July 08, 2017

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Submitted: July 08, 2017



A prince is a male member of a royal family; a son of the king; a nonreigning male member of a royal family. The bottom line is that he does not reign, and it's all that matters. When his father the king dies, he may have a shot at reigning.

Akeem Joffer, the heir to the throne of Zamunda (a fictional African kingdom), lives a pampered lifestyle with every daily task performed by servants. They're so privileged that they don't have to lift a finger from the moment they wake up until they sit down to eat breakfast. Akeem has become fed up with this and wishes to do more for himself. The final straw comes when his parents, King Jaffe and Queen Aeoleon, present him with an arranged bried-to-be named Imani Izzi, whom he has never met and who has been trained to obey Akeem's every command. She is introduced to the court by Oha, the royal servant.

"She's your Queen-to-be. A Queen-to-be forever."

When they meet in private, Akeem tells her.

"Listen, I know what I like, and I know you know what I like, because you were trained to know what I like, but I would like to know, what do you like?"

But Imani likes exactly what he likes. So, Akeem who wants a new dog asks her.

"Bark like a dog..."

And guess what: she does it, just like a real dog. So, Akeem doesn't need to bother to get one. But he wants more than a wife who behaves like a dog when asked to. He wants a wife who says no, who disobeys him.

Akeem has a best friend/personal aide, called Semmi. He asks him for advice, and is very surprised by Semmi's point of view.

Akeem: "So, you would share your bed, and your fortune, with a beautiful fool?"

Semmi: "That is the way it has always been with men of power. It is tradition."

Not convinced by Semmi's opinion, he asks his own father, King Jaffe.

Akeem: "But when I marry, I want the woman to love me for who I am, not because of what I am."

King Jaffe: "And who are you?"

Akeem: "I am a man who has never tied his own shoes."

King Jaffe: "Wrong. You are a PRINCE who has never tied his own shoes. I tied my own shoes once. It is an overrated experience."

Seeing that his son, the prince, doesn't look convinced, King Jaffe says to persuade him to follow his advice.

"So you see, my son, there is a very fine line between love and nausea."

Still not convinced, Akeem concocts a plan to travel to the United States to find an intelligent, independent-minded woman he can both love and respect, and who will love Akeem for who he is and not for his wealth and social status as a prince. This summer, Prince Akeem discovers America.

He finally finds the perfect woman, Lisa, who possesses all the qualities that the prince is looking for in a woman. On their first encounter, he manages to seduce her with his sense of humor.

"When you think of garbage, think of Akeem."

That was just the right thing to say to win her sympathy, a good start.

Akeem also tries to seduce Lisa's father, Cleo McDowell. With his friend/personal aid Semmi they get a job at McDowell restaurant. There, they meet a very ambitious colleague called Maurice who shows them how to climb the social ladder.

"Hi! You know, I started on clean-up just like you guys. But now? See, I'm washing lettuce. Soon I'll be on fries; then the grill. In a year or two, I'll make assistant manager, and that's when the big bucks start rolling in."

Working at McDowell restaurant on the minimum wage don't allow them to sustain themselves in the Queens, in New York City. They run quickly out of money, and have to ask the King, Akeem's father, for more money, just 1 million dollars for expenses.

King Jaffe doesn't send the money. Instead, he comes himself with his wife and servants to America to see by himself what's going on with his son. He eventually meets Lisa and his father, Cleo McDowell. He is rude to Lisa, and Cleo gets mad at him.

"I don't give a damn who you are. This is America, Jack. And I'ma break my foot off in your royal ass."

Only in America you are allowed to talk to a king like that. It's called the freedom to be rude.

Then, King Jaffe, his wife, the servants, Akeem, and Semmi go back home, in Africa, for Akeem's wedding. Akeem has a good surprise when he is about to kiss the bride, he finds Lisa instead of Imani. When they are alone he tells her.

"Bark like a dog..."

She refuses. She just says she is thinking of garbage. Then, Akeem just knows she is the one. She is "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World". He gives her as gifts, "Diamonds and Pearls". And to thanks him, she gives him a "Kiss".

"So, goodnight Akeem. Lisa has something to tell you tonight in bed: "Let's Go Crazy" "When Doves Cry" in the "Purple Rain".

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