Alexander’s Red Snow

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This is a story that I wrote about two years ago for a class assignment. We were given a prompt and this is what I came up with. (I do not hold the views of the main character)

Submitted: July 08, 2017

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Submitted: July 08, 2017



My name is Alexander and I am five years old. The doctors here in this soft white room are telling me to write the reason why I did ‘that thing ’ starting with my name, age, and things going on to lead up to it. They also said I should write it so the ‘other’  kids don’t hear about so I wouldn’t be ‘embarrassed.’ Although I don’t see why I would be because she got what was coming to her.

They said that when I’m done they will call my father to come and pick me up since my stepmother Rose is (What was that word that they used? Oh, right)  ‘deceased’, but, they also said that they would do it if my intentions were right which of course they are.

My daddy is on a business trip in China. I asked him if I could go with him (with it being Christmas break and all) but daddy said, “No, I can’t take you on this one. Besides your Stepmother Rose will be looking after me while I am gone.” He also said that he would be back, but, it’s been two weeks since I’ve seen him. So, I didn’t think that he was coming back.

Rose would tell me to clean my room while daddys’ been gone. She thinks that it is because I’m being, (What’s that word again. Oh, right) obedient. She was wrong about that. I just didn’t want her to put her filthy black Jewish hands on them. Then I would either have to boil off the filth or burn them. Anyone with that cooler skin tone would have to be covered in dirt, I mean it’s the same color as it. So, yeah it was hard to bury her dirt covered body pieces in the snow.
The last day of Summer break. My mother, Mommy (NOT ROSE) read me one last bedtime story and then with tears running down her face told me how much she loved me. So she passed away in her sleep. The doctors say that they couldn’t tell if it was her heart cancer that killed her or if it was an overdose on her medicine. My best friend and girlfriend Anniebell’s mom said that she thinks that Mommy’s heart couldn’t take it any more because Daddy cheated on her with Rose.

So I have come to the conclusion that that black dog Rose was the one that assassinated my mother.

So she moves in and into my mother’s room too while I have to stay in the attic with the pet bat that we have. Though Daddy keeps on saying that it’s NOT our pet. But it must be, because it’s in our house and Kitty the Kitten (or KK for short) won’t death it.

If anyone was allowed to be in my mother’s room it would be me. So I put KK in the storage room and put him on a leash then tied it up making it so he was stuck in a corner. So I hid behind my father's big tool box and screamed.

So Rose came running in the room all frantic like and KK was meowing nonstop. Silly KK I told him that no matter how it sounded I was going to be alright. Oh well it was good that he was because Rose bent down and found him. “How did you get there Kitty the Kitten?”

I slowly approached her with an ax in the air and let it fall. Blood splashed everywhere and then I heard a hiss come from KK and I knew that I succeeded.


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