To my father

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Fathers matter too

Submitted: July 08, 2017

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Submitted: July 08, 2017



You’re the reason I existed

Even if you weren’t the one to bear

Whomsoever persisted

That you’re not always there?


Always left in the shadow

Defined by society’s norm

Whomsoever is so shallow

And cannot see:

It was you who saved the storm


A human tied to an organ

All your life specified by it

Yet you produced a human

A feat so many left undecided.


A load is on your shoulder

With all turning a blind eye

But you get bigger as they get smaller

Martyr’s motto: die or try


You take on the odds

Others are least likely to

Your power streamed from God

You conquer evils no one ever knew.


Yet you are left to bear the burden

While others join the party

You’re the occasional seat in the garden

You get a plate and a drink for your body


You may not be every father

There are others who know the difference

You’re mine and no like no other

I know, every father, went the distance.

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