Seraphim: The Armageddon files. Chapter one. Demon Hunters.

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Turning her gaze back to the demon, her eyes blasted out a golden light burning through the demon’s black orbs into its maggot infested mind, ripping through it like a forest fire.

Submitted: July 09, 2017

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Submitted: July 09, 2017




 The Armageddon files.


Seraphim: An angelic being with six wings. They stand amongst the highest  order of celestial beings, and  act as the medium of communication between heaven and earth.


Chapter 0ne: Demon Hunters.

A police siren echoed down the empty rain drenched streets and rubbish strewn alleyways. The sky was a murky grey mass of swirling storm clouds; a chill permeated the air on a small breeze. The waft of decomposing food wafted from a wheelie bin that had been kicked over, its black bags ripped open by stray dogs or hungry inquisitive cats.

A shambling figure in scruffy looking clothes, with his face hidden beneath a hoodie ducked into an alleyway, taking a quick glance behind him as he went, checking if the dark slouching figure that had been following him was still there. Quickening his pace he ducked behind a bin. Wiping the back of his hand over his rain soaked face; he scratched at his stubble covered chin and let out a small cough.

The dark figure stopped at the entrance to the alleyway, looking to its left and right as if it was making sure no one was about. The street was empty, only a lone figure on the far side of the street had braved the weather and was marching along head down and umbrella pointing forward.

Satisfied that no one was taking any notice, the figure straightened up and stepped into the alley. Lifting its head, its eyes glowed like red led lights from beneath the peak of its baseball hat. It took in a deep breath sniffing like a bloodhound before striding over to where the down and out was crouched. Its thirst was great it had not fed in a while, and the sweet delicate smell of fresh blood emanated from this one, making its stomach tighten and growl to be filled with thick warm sanguine liquid.

The crouching figure looked into the dark face of the demon staring back down at him, its tongue lolling from its mouth, thick and grey and dripping with slimy saliva.

Grabbing him by the scruff of the neck the demon pulled the tramp up to his tip toes and grinned greedily into his large unblinking green eyes.

Gripping the demon’s wrists to steady him-self, the tramp let out a groan as the demon’s eyes ran over the blood stained handkerchiefs tied around his wrists.

‘Ah, did you know that suicide, or in your case, failed suicide is a sin?’ the demon growled, its voice sounding as if it came from the bottom of an empty well. ‘Making it even more the sweeter to taste,’ the demon’s voice swept over him in a mockery of a laugh.

‘Fear not, for your call of death has been answered, in me!’ the demon grinned a slavering wolfish grin full of malice and evil intent.

‘Now would be a really good time!’ the tramp shouted, his voice becoming strained.

Crossing its brows in confusion the demon growled, its pale grey lips peeling back to reveal a mouth full of sharp rending teeth.

A silhouette, a shadow, dropped from the roof behind the demon, landing on tip toes without a sound on large white feathered wings twin scimitars gripped firmly in her hands ready to strike.

With a crepitis sound of grinding bones, the demon’s head turned around like an owl to look behind it.

In the eyes of a human the seraphim would have been a vision of ultimate beauty, tall lithe, her bronzed body finely honed and etched with cosmic tattoos which pulsed with divine power.

 Her hair was short cropped, spiky and bone white, her features were striking and finely chiselled. Her eyes were as bright as sapphires with the pupils blazing burnt orange with divine fire behind them. She wore a white leather breast plate which hugged her curves like a second skin with the outline of a golden flaming sword running between her breasts. Her midriff was bare, exposing her toned abdominals glistening wet with rain droplets. A short silver fish scale skirt hung from her slender hips. Her legs were protected by silver greaves engraved with an intricate golden blazing sun. Her boots were white lacquered leather with golden tipped toes and golden spurs.  She looked like something out of a fantasy role playing game. To the demon, however she was the epitomy of everything that was foul and hideous. Letting out a feral growl, the demon casually tossed the tramp aside and spun around spitting out a glob of thick acidic mucus.

Dodging the spit attack, the seraphim flapped her wings together sending a blast of air that swept the demon off its feet and crashing into the wall behind it. Spinning around, the demon quickly began to scuttle up the wall like some huge grotesque cockroach trying to escape its angelic adversary.

Set into the hilt of the seraphim’s swords were two blue crystals glowing with eldritch light. Holding the swords up, the seraphim touched the crystals together; there was a flash of electric blue light as a bolt of lightning streaked from them hitting the demon as it scurried up the wall. With a painful cry, the demon dropped to the ground with a thud.

Stepping forward the seraphim impaled the demon through the left shoulder with one scimitar lifting him to his feet then stabbed him in the right thigh with the other blade.

‘Now, demon, tell me where your master is hiding?’

‘Go fuck yourself!’ the demon growled through gritted teeth.

With a resolute sigh, the seraphim pushed the blades further into the wounds until they hit the wall behind, then twisted them mercilessly back and forth causing a gout of sticky blood pour from the wounds.

 With his eyes flashing blood red, the demon moaned lasciviously, ‘fuck, you really know how to turn a demon on, I’ve got a real boner for you, bitch.’

‘Let’s see if some heavenly fire can loosen your foul tongue?’ smiled the seraphim.

As if the scimitars could read their wielder’s thoughts they began to glow red hot, the falling rain hissing as it touched the blades.

The demon’s eyes rolled in his head as he let out a blood curdling scream of exquisite pain as the divine fire seared his flesh making it bubble and blister.

‘Damn it, Shani!’ protested the tramp stepping forward, that demon has possessed an innocent body, you are going to kill him!’

‘Ready to talk yet?’ smiled the seraphim ignoring the tramp’s protestations.

‘No amount of pain you can give me will compare to that which my master will inflict upon me should I tell you.’ The demon whimpered.

‘Shani?’ said the tramp stepping forward, this is pointless, the demon will not talk.’

Shani Tarath looked up at Peter, her eyes sparkling like polished golden coins, ‘then I shall have to rip it from his mind.

Turning her gaze back to the demon, her eyes blasted out a golden light burning through the demon’s black orbs into its maggot infested mind, ripping through it like a forest fire.

The demon convulsed as blood oozed from its nose, ears and eyes, its tongue stood ridged from its mouth, then suddenly its body went limp. Closing her eyes, Shani pulled the blades from the body letting it slump to the ground.

Checking for a pulse, Peter shook his head, he’s dead, damn it, did you have to kill him?’

‘You forget, Peter, that a demon can only possess a soul that has already been touched by darkness. That-man had already committed a multitude of sins during his short lifetime to even attract the likes of what lurked inside of him. His sacrifice was necessary, Peter. The fate of mankind depended on it.’ stepping back from the body, shani brought the crystals together letting them erupt in crackling blue lightning which engulfed the body vaporising it, leaving no a trace of it behind.

‘Well, I hope you found what you were looking for?’ Peter said rubbing his hands over his rain swept face.

‘I learned enough to know that we are going to need help!’ Shani replied simply as she sheathed her blades.

‘Well, are you going to enlighten me?’ Peter asked raising his eyebrows in expectation.

‘First we need to retrieve an artefact!’

‘I don’t like the sound of that.’ Peter replied ominously.

‘Oh, you are such a worry wart, I don’t know why, it’s not like you can die, you are already dead!’

‘Thanks’ for reminding me, my lady! I’m still not used to it yet, and all this divine business.’ Peter said shaking his head. Remembering the first time when he encountered the Seraphim. He was a lecturer in ancient history, a professor of arcane languages. His thirst for the truth had led him down an unscrupulous path dealing in the nefarious world of black market racketeering, collecting stolen ancient artefacts. When he had unwittingly purchased an unusual bronze pot, he could never have guessed that it would lead to the discovery of divine celestial beings, demons from other dimensions, the escape of the world destroyer, Abaddon and the revelation of life after death. Shaking his head, Peter continued with his train of thought.

‘Anyway, you promised that I would get the answers to all of my questions when I passed over, err- hum and I’m still waiting?’

‘Perhaps you haven’t asked the right questions yet?’ Shani half smiled.

‘And what’s’ that supposed to mean?’ Peter protested.

‘Well, impatient one, if you have to ask that, then you definitely haven’t asked the right ones.’

Feeling another mind bending theological discussion coming on from his divine partner, Peter decided not to push it any further.

‘Back to business, then’ Peter conceded. ‘Our next goal is?’

‘We have to retrieve the staff of Moses.’ Shani replied smiling wryly.

‘Oh, right is that all?’ Peter replied tersely.

Shani shook her head, ‘time to go,’ then smiling mischievously added, ‘and try not to be sick, the last time it took an age to clean my wings!’

Peter shrugged his shoulders apologetically, ‘Sorry, my bad!’

Raising her scimitars above her head, The Seraphim opened a portal and stepped through it.

‘I hate this bit!’ Peter moaned as he took a deep breath and stepped through the swirling vortex and disappeared.



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