October 31st: Reunited

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Submitted: July 09, 2017

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Submitted: July 09, 2017



October 31st/Halloween it was suddenly midnight; while Skully Jr was Sleeping, he woke up, because he heard someone coming in the house, he went to grab a baseball bat when he turned on the lights, it turned out to be his mum (Sally) and his dad (Skully Sr) he said Mum! Dad! Hello Son! Its been seven years that they haven’t seen each other, How will the Lakesville Residents react knowing that Sally and Skully Sr are in town. The next day on a sunny Afternoon Lakesville Celebrated a wedding in the honour of Jeremy and Elizabeth their Parents are so proud of them, now that their officially Husband and Wife; they wanted to rent their own place. Jeremy and Elizabeth saw a house on sale; the address was 27 Patterson Court it’s a double story house and they really liked it they made an offer with the real-estate agent and then they got settled into their new house. Gale, Lauren, Hank, and buzz were trespassing in Skully Jr’s House him or his parents weren’t there at the moment, when the idiots left the windows open, when Sally, Skully Sr and Skully Jr arrived home, they realized someone broke in they made their way inside, Skully Sr was standing behind Hank they all screamed Hank! Behind you! He sliced the axe and chopped Hank’s Head off as they panicked and Screamed, Buzz went to Punch Skully Sr, he grabbed buzz with one hand and chucks him to the other side of the room as he hits the wall and landed on the ground, Skully Jr and Sally were going after Gale and Lauren they escaped out of the house and yelled Help! Help! A Neighbour goes to them please help! What’s wrong? there’s three people in that house; they killed my boyfriend! and our other friend is in there, this man we never seen before chucked him to a wall he’s just lying there, wait here! Skully Sr, Skully Jr, and Sally all magically teleported, the Neighbour calls the police; and they were on their way. The ambulance got called as well, they put hank in the death bag and straight in the van, Deputy Ingalls and Detective Lewis interviewed Buzz, and said do you remember anything? this psycho killed our friend, I then went to punch him and he chucked me to the wall, thanks Buzz; I will do a report and we will try to catch this guy; ok cool. Mary was finally asleep, until she had a nightmare vision, that Sally and Skully Sr came back to Lakesville she woke up for ten seconds then went back to sleep. Mary went to the Lakesville police station to talk to Detective Lewis saying that her visions are true, Calm down Mary! What are you talking about? Skullly Faked his death he’s here in Lakesville with his wife Sally, they came to see Skully Jr, you have to catch them Detective; ok, I will see what I can find; go home, get some rest, any news I will let you know! Detective Lewis Printed out Pictures of Sally, Skully Sr and Skully Jr he handed the pictures to everyone in the police force, and asked them to keep an eye out if they see them anywhere, we need to get these motherfuckers; Sally, Skully Sr, and Skully Jr are at a safe house; thirty minutes past Lakesville; they decided to go there so they wouldn’t be caught by the cops.











Frank talks to his Niece Mary, and says what’s wrong love, you don’t look happy! I’m sorry to tell you this, Skully faked his death he’s still alive and is here in Lakesville, I had a vision about it last night; him and his wife (Sally) came to visit their son (Skully Jr) I’m sorry Uncle Frank! don’t apologise love, you did the right thing by telling me; so what should we do? I already told Detective Lewis, there still on the case; I hope soon enough; they’re out of our lives for good. Mary went to Jamie and Eric’s House Jeremy, Elizabeth, April, and Jasper were there as well, Mary wanted to spread the news about Skully to Jamie; saying hey guys I’m sorry to break the news, but its important, its not good; Jamie says Mum! What’s going on? Jamie! your uncle is alive he faked his death, he’s here with Sally. So! Aunty Sally is here, and Uncle Skully is here too, how do you know? I had a vision; they’re staying with your cousin Skully Jr; we need to tell Detective Lewis! I already told him! He’s still on the case; but don’t worry! he will catch them. Skully Sr and Sally were walking in the streets, heading to Cathy and Justin’s House; as they saw them approached their house, What Skully and Sally didn’t realize, the Cops set a security Camera on their house, the sirens were on; as they pulled up at the house, Deputy Ingalls and Detective Lewis Tackled Skully and Sally, Arrested them and got them in the car. They locked them up behind the bars, Skully Jr was standing outside the police station he threw a bomb at the building and it demolished the whole building, this is the chance for Skully and Sally to Escape and leave Town, Sally, Skully Sr, and Skully Jr teleported to the Airport Mum! Dad! You guys go, I’m going to stay in Lakesville; Alright! Goodbye Son! Bye! Skully Jr Makes his way back to Lakesville, and wants to kill more of his Family enemies. Mrs Thompson Mental illness is very sad, she was sitting in her room, pretending to talk to her husband even though she doesent understand that her husband is not even there, she had drowsy eyes and was looking out the window Skully Jr Teleported from outside into her room, standing behind her, Mrs Thompson then turned around and Skully Jr was standing in front of her; she couldn’t see; her eyes were a bit blurry, when she rubbed her eyes she saw Skully Jr and said in an anger voice; You! He Axed her in the face as she felled backwards, out the window, and her whole body got split in half. The Ambulance were on their way, they covered Mrs Thompson’s Body and puts her in the van, Mayor West made his speech Skully Jr is on the move, we need to protect our town! Skully Jr went to Jamie’s Best Friend ( Jenny’s House) while Caroline finished having a shower; she then looks in the mirror, fixing her hair! Skully Popped up behind her, and grabbed her by the hair, then Slit her throat; as she choked blood, and puts her to the ground; the thumping noise echoed the house; Jenny says Mum! She then went to the bathroom, and saw her mum got murdered Jenny then screamed and made three calls; to the Ambulance, then Detective Lewis, and after that she called her best friend Jamie, to come and be there for her. Jamie says to Jenny you can’t stay by yourself, you can come stay with me and Eric, Thanks Jamie! they made their way back to Jamie’s House and got Jenny Settled into her room; You all good! Yeah, Thanks Again Jamie! Your welcome! Jenny then closed her eyes; and went straight to sleep.








Because Sally and Skully Sr left town and Now Skully Jr is all by himself Will The cops put Skully Jr in his place or will the lakesville residents work together to destroy Skully Jr

The Story to be continued………………….

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