Exit Strategies.

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For Brian Dunn, who's captivating sociology lectures are the highlight of my week and have taught me more than I ever thought possible.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue.

Submitted: July 09, 2017

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Submitted: July 09, 2017



Exit Strategies.




The seven planets of the United Orion Federation spun slowly  in their diurnal arks, their occupants bathed half in sunlight and half in shadow.

The military satellites orbiting these planets surveyed each world day and night,  sending  constantly updating streams of data to the golden planet at  the federation’s centre that acted as the power house for the entire system of worlds.

 Thanks in no small part  to the  endlessly updating images from the space satellites, it was possible for the golden planet to keep a track of the goings on down on the surface of each world.

 The government on the surface of the golden planet could see for example that Altum, a world long since lost beneath the surface of its oceans, was continuing on in much the same way that it had done for the past three hundred or so years. The satellites sent back images of the blue planet, its world shrouded in interstellar mists, with its boarders open to anyone who wished to explore its culture.  The houses floated peacefully beneath the mirky blue water, their people swimming back and forth as they went about their daily lives, water creatures of every species imaginable keeping them company as the planet spun round slowly, turning to face away from the sun that warmed its shimmering surface every thirteen Altum hours.

 It was possible to keep a track of the daily activity on Poloduro also, a planet bathed in tropical sunlight all the year round. The ruling government of the golden planet could see the sunny beeches of Polloduro stretching out into the distance, the crystal blue seas lapping gently on the shore. All seemed in order on Poloduro as well. Those in charge knew that interstellar trade was well established and running as normal down on the sunny surface, and although the satellites could not visually display it, the golden planet’s political figures knew all-too well that tourism was more of a valuable economic commodity on this world  than on  the rest of the federation’s  occupied worlds. 

 Those living upon the surface of the federation’s ruling planet could also see the happenings down on the surface of Kahan. The satellites, though unable to capture images of the dwellers of this planet,  were able to capture detailed images of the surface, bustling with  activity in certain areas but  baron dry and deserted in others. The satellites  could send the ruling planet’s governmentpictures of the  deserts, the oceans, and the ever  decreasing patches of green that  marked the rapidly disappearing agricultural landscape – a geographical factor that had once ruled the  lives of those that dwelled upon its surface.

Beyond the visual aspect of course, the satellites could show no more. Their powerful  lenses were unable to display images of anything or anyone living upon its industrial surface. The government of the ruling  planet were  as a result unable to get a close look at the turmoil and political confusion that had been building throughout the continents of Kahan for the past forty Kahanian years.

But although their military  satellites could not shed any light on Kahan’s  political situation, their members of parliament could. It  was common knowledge that a branch of the federation existed on  every one of its worlds, even the two or three that did  not at that time operate under  an advanced political system. Upon every world, the building of the federation’s government looked the same – a tall fifty story building made entirely of white marble. The members of parliament that worked within these government buildings were obliged to send monthly reports on the situation of their respective worlds. On the world of Altum, the report had continued to be the same. “All present and correct,” but in a  greater amount  of words of course. The same was  also true of Poloduro. Everybody was relatively happy on that world also.

However, the ministers and prime ministers of  Kahan could not honestly send across  reports of  harmony.

 For months, the political hub of the golden planet had received reports containing some rather worrying information. The dwellers of Kahan were becoming weary of the federation that ruled its people. They were growing restless and beginning to talk of a time when the federation had held  no power over them, for such a time had indeed existed, long ago. Though none of the people now living on Kahan had any memories of living on an independent planet, history books were being read, and they were being read with eagerness and an dawning awareness. Indeed, the Kahanian people had named this state of political awareness “the Orion enlightenment.”  Kahan’s younger generations were beginning to establish pressure groups in order to  combat what they thought to be “the oppressors of Kahanian  independence,” and the planet’s military and politicians had been unable to quash these  small scale rebellions. The  Kahanian public were becoming aware of their declining economic situation and the government of the United Orion Federation were being held ultimately responsible. Political pamphlets were being written and  distributed to anybody with  a political will to join the rebellion, and there was talk of the wish for a referendum of sorts.

 Although the federation did operate within a system of democracy, they had for a long time been unwilling to offer the people of  Kahan a referendum. Kahan was one of the biggest industrial hubs of the federation, and its unshakeable support was  greatly needed. The United Orion Federation knew what a  referendum could mean for them. A referendum on Kahanian independence and an exit from the control of the federation was a worry for many reasons. The government knew that the economic base of Kahan was at stake and that the stakes were very high indeed. But pressure was slowly mounting. The Kahanians were putting more and more political  pressure upon those in power and the United Orion Federation was slowly waking up to the realisation that the political battle was not about to  end. The people of Kahan were not about to give up.

After a large rally conducted by The youth of Kahan -  a rally that had resulted in significant damage of government property, the federation’s government finally gave in. The demand for a referendum was granted. The wheels of the campaign began rolling. Those in support of the “better united” campaign were forced to pull out all of the political stops in order to hope to win the war against the “Kahanian independence” campaign. A  certain rather unsavary  substance was about to hit the political fan, and it would hit the political fan rather hard indeed.

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