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A couple admires the sky on a distant planet. Part of the Enatai Compilation.

Submitted: July 09, 2017

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Submitted: July 09, 2017



Dante pushed the door open and ducked to get through the entrance to the cave. He had to crouch to walk through the narrow passageway. For the owner of this cave, the low ceiling was not an inconvenience, she could open the door and walk through the passage without brushing against the ceiling or walls. 
Fifteen steps and Dante was free of the passageway. He stepped into the room. It was a cave, cut into a rough square shaped room, with a fire pit in the center of the room. There were dusty rugs covering the rough floor and pillows stacked along the wall. The walls had carved nooks containing lit lanterns and dry sloped groves where water ran during storms. There were two doorways in addition to the entrance to the passage he came from. Both were covered with threadbare blankets.
Dante set his bag on the floor next to the closest stack of pillows before he pushed the ragged blanket from the doorway on the west side of the room. He had to crouch to fit through the door way. Unlike the first room, this one was occupied.
There were three people in the room, but Dante focused only on Giselle. Her red hair, streaked with orange and blonde, was in the process of being braided by the cave’s owner, Ariadne. When Giselle looked up a Dante, she smirked and waved at him.
“Were there clouds?” Ariadne asked.
“No, the sky is clear.” 
Ariadne cursed softly. “We need rain.”
Giselle took the braid from Ariadne and tied it with a rough cord so that most of her hair was loose. She climbed slowly to her feet and smiled. “I want to see the clear sky.”
Vincent clenched his jaw at her request. “It’s dangerous.”
She jerked her head to once side. “That’s why you’ll come with me.” 
“Dante is right, it’s dangerous. Especially for you two,” Ariadne said.
“We’ll be careful,” Dante said, without breaking eye contact from Giselle. “And we’ll stay close.” He took her hand in his. He didn’t release it as he back tracked through the cave and back outside. He led her up the cliff side and away from the village. The climb was easy for Dante, but Giselle was panting by the time they reached the summit. He walked away from the edge and Giselle broke away. She took a deep breath and looked up at the sky.
“It’s so open, so beautiful,” she sighed. She twisted to look at every part of the sky. “I hate that cave.”
“Ariadne’s hospitality is temporary.”
“That’s not what I mean,” she took a few steps forward. “Where is Earth’s star?” 
Dante took a deep breath and made a show of examining the sky. He pointed at a star, spun around and arched his hand to another star. “There.”
Giselle laughed and wrapped her arm around him in a half hug. He smiled and put his hand on her shoulder, loosely, though he desperately wanted to hug her tightly. To never let her go, ever again.
“That’s amazing,” she whispered. “How do you always know where the star systems are? We’ve only been here a few days.”
“Damian taught me.”
“Damian?” Giselle asked. She pulled away from him. “The same Damian who knows nothing of Astronomy or space travel, or anything really beyond the mechanics of firing his gun?”
“Yep,” Dante confirmed.
“What did he teach you?”
“That you were gullible, so all I had to do was point to a star and you would believe it was the one you were asking about.”
Giselle grinned. “And here I thought you were the only naive one in this relationship.”


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