Death Lurks On Highway Thirteen

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: The Horror House
In this prequel to Highway 13, four friends are attacked by a psycho trucker, each become his victim in a gruesome rampage but one of them manages to escape. However, the trucker comes back driving dead and the survivor is still in the harms way. Will she live?

Submitted: July 09, 2017

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Submitted: July 09, 2017



24th March, 2016. Night.

After hanging out in a bar David, 16, athlete, is driving his orange Corolla AE86 with his friends on highway thirteen. Harley, 15, brunette girl-next-door, in front passenger seat stares outside into the empty raven sky. A pair of young adults, Larry and Martha, are kissing erotic in the backseat. David glimpses Harley’s blank face and says-

David: Babe, I said I am sorry. What would it take to make you smile.

Harley: Just drive perv!

David: Damn, you can be upset how much you want but you can’t call me that. We been together  for a long time and we don’t even kiss.

She doesn’t respond to him. A waving hand on the side of the road gets her attention. The hand is burned, its skin is broken and bloody. As they drive closer the whole body is visible. The body like the hand is burned, clothes on the person are torn and parched. There isn’t any hair on the head and it dropped its jaw showing its black teeth, widening its pale gaze as she looks back at it. Martha waves her beer and says-

Martha: Hey a hitchhiker! lets kill him and take his money hehehe!

Larry: What the hell.

Harley: Jesus he looks like roadkill.

David: Where? What are you both talking about?

Harley: Don’t you see the hitchhiker on the side?

David: Nothing.

Harley is confused. Only she and Martha saw the hitchhiker. When the car doesn’t stop the hitchhiker makes a grumbling sound. In the rear view mirror Harley sees him standing on the highway under the moonlight. He turns around and starts walking in their direction. She drifts away and looks at David's face thinking what he said earlier and says-

Harley: Why it has to be always that?! If I am ready you will know.

David: How? Be glad I love you, no one can stand your bitch attitude.

Harley: Did you just call me-

Larry: Shut the f#ck up both of you!

David turns around furiously, ignoring the road and says-

David: If you want peace to f#ck her then I be glad to kick you out!

Martha laughs madly like what he said was the funniest thing and drinks more.

Larry (angry): Imma kick your little motherf#cking-

Harley screams when suddenly something appears in car’s headlights. David throws himself back on the seat and steps on the brakes. The tires screech and stop inches away from imminent accident.

David: What is this doing here?

Harley gets out of the car to check out the abandoned truck in front of them. The truck’s red paint is dull in the night. Its interior and fog lights were on like a Christmas tree. She climbs up and looks through the driver side window.

David: Get back there could be bandits around.

David looks around carefully and notices that the truck isn’t attached to a trailer.

Martha: What’s happening guys? Don’t stop I am losing my high.

Harley: There’s a lot of blood inside.

David: Damit! get in lets get out of here.

Martha sticks her head out the window and yells looking into the woods in left.

Martha: Hey stranger, what do you think of an orgy!

Larry pulls her back in, she drops the beer on the road. David and Harley staring at the dark cascading view of trees to see who Martha was yelling at but they find nothing.

David (lies): Who is there? I have a gun! Get out or I’ll shoot!

Larry puts his jeans on and stands outside the car giving a broad and tall silhouette against halo of lights coming from a barn far in the diary.

Larry: Let's get up outta here!

A sledgehammer hurls behind him and knocks his head down in a thunder, his body crashes through the pane into the car and his legs dangle loose. Martha screams. David and Harley rush to him only to find him dead. The hammer head sunk in his skull, it crushed his eyeball and the blood splattered on Martha's top, the glass shattered on her naked lap with Larry's lifeless body.

David: Harley get in! Em push him out we gotta get the hell outta here! Em?!

David tries to pull the body from the window without Martha's help. Harley locks herself in and shivers in shock. The lights on the truck animate, a man quickly gets in the truck and shuts the door with his bloody hands. His face not visible to her.

Harley: David?

David opening the car's door unhinges Larry's body, dropping it with yuck and picks up the sledgehammer for himself. Martha fixing her wet eyes on Larry is crying loudly. The killer horns the truck which trembles hearts of his victims sending fear in them. David gets in the car and pulls away in reverse.

Martha: F#ck you! F#ck you! F#ck you!

Harley: Whats happening?! Why does he wants to kill us?!

David turns the car around, the truck is gaining on them.

David: He? Did you see him?

Harley: I don't know!

Martha: He killed Larry! Lets kill him!

David: Shut up!

The killer pulls to their right and rams the car pushing them in the diary farm, breaking through the fence the car flips upside down. The killer stops and waits for them to get out of the crashed car. David hurt his head, he drags himself out and tries to help Harley, who is unconscious, while Martha gets out with the sledgehammer from rear windshield. She yells-

Martha: I am gonna kill you you motherf#cker!

The killer steps on the gas pedal and heads toward them. David gets Harley out and carries her away telling Martha to run. Martha, still high on booze, stands her ground. The truck runs over her pinning her against the car's body, crushing her like a nut. The impact wakes Harley up in David’s arms as he runs deeper in the farm, his blood dribble on her ivory cheek. Her vision still blurry and nauseous, she looks at the white two-story shotgun house beside the barn. The hitchhiker appears in front of them, waving at her. David can't see the ghost and walks through him. She feels the hitchhiker’s dread on her face, she clearly hears him grunt "STOP!"

The truck cuts right and disappears in the dark. David helps her to stand up and then knocks on the door. An old woman opens the door with a shotgun sturdy in her hands.

The Old Woman: Jesus kids what shit you put yourself in.

David(fainting and tired): Please help a killer in a truck is after us.

The Old Woman: I don't see him.

David: He's gone. Let us in.

The Old Woman: Put her on the couch, maybe the first aid box is in the kitchen.

The old woman puts the gun down and lets them in. She helps him to put Harley on a couch then goes into kitchen to get first-aid. David calls 911 on his phone and tells to the police about the killer trucker. He holds her hand.

David: Wake up. Please wake up.

The woman comes from kitchen with glass of water and splashes the water on Harley's face, knocking conscious in her.

The Old Woman(to David): The first aid is upstairs and my knees ache like haywire. Name's Tara by the way.

David: I am David, she's Harley. I will get the first aid. . .Where is it?

Tara: There's only one room in left.

David goes upstairs. Tara sits on the couch beside Harley.

Tara: What happened?

Harley: He-he killed Larry. . .if my mom and dad find out I lied to them I am screwed. Why-

A man opens the front door and comes in, holding a sledgehammer, leaving his muddy shoes outside. Harley sees his bloody hands and looks back at Tara with suspicion.

Harley: David! No no no please don't kill me!

The Man: Whoa hey! Ma, who is this Scooby Doo?

Tara: A madman killed this poor kid’s friend.

Harley gets up and snatches the shotgun, she aims at the man and asks-

Harley(angry): Why?!

The man slowly walks to her.

The Man: Calm down okay this is not the solution.

Harley: What's the blood on your hands?

The Man: No! Our cow gave birth to a calf I was in the barn helping it.

Harley: With a sledge?!

Tara holds the barrel up and push her back on the couch. She points the gun at her.

Tara: Calm down. Period.

Harley looks around in fear. David comes down with first aid, holding a cotton on his head. Harley yells-

Harley: David, he is the killer!

Tara: God have mercy!

She aims at David and pulls the trigger, the bullet lodge in his right shoulder and he crashes on the floor. Harley screams at the top of her lungs. The man locks the door and takes the gun from his mother.

The Killer: Ma, you are not supposed give an easy death.

He flips the gun, holds it like a baseball bat and keeps bludgeoning David's head. Harley watches his gruesome murder and is shocked and frozen. The killer points the bloody gun at her and tells her to go upstairs. She refuses. He pulls her by hair, drags her on the stairs and kicks her in the room in right, then locks it from outside.

She stands up immediately and removes the window curtains, except the window is sealed and covered with wooden planks. She tries to pull the knob hoping the door would give away. She hears footsteps on the stairs, scared she falls down in a corner, sitting with her face behind her palms. The door opens with a thud, the killer is standing in the room with a rope. She looks up, her eyes reddened and wet.

Harley: I will kill you!

She runs in an attempt to push him but he grabs her hands and punch her, she falls hitting her head on the bed's edge and is unconscious again. The killer shuts the door, lays her on the bed and removes her clothes. Kissing her innocent face and licking her neck he unbuttons his shirt.

Tara in basement unloads the shotgun, cleans it. She goes to the kitchen and gets a bottle of scotch. Sitting on stairs outside the front door with the gun, she drinks and listens to a song in her mobile phone.

Twenty minutes later, Harley is awake on the bed, alone, naked and abused. She finds her clothes beside her, she holds them close covering her body and wincing. So many thoughts go through her mind, what if she tells someone and they don't believe her? What if her parents find out?

In the room, the floor under the bed makes creeking noise, then a rumbling and something heavy pulling itself out of the shadows, she somehow gathers courage to look down and finds the hitchhiker creeping to her, he quickly grabs her hand and the light from the bulb above suddenly becomes brighter and larger.

The light fades away to reveal a young man holding her hand instead of the hitchhiker's ghost. His voice echoes in the room-

The Young Man: My name is John Lennon. I wont hurt you.

Everything in the room is more bright and hazy, the killer enters the room holding a can of gasoline, he pours it on John and torches his body with a match stick. He screams as flames engulf him, Harley couldn't set her hand free but the fire doesn't reach her, it goes back, the match stick fly to the killers hand and the killer walks backward through the door as if someone pressed rewind button. But John's body is left burned. Harley is trying to take her hand back.

John: This is how I died but the monster didn't stop there.

Harley(not believing): What is happening?

John: Don't try hard. When you see the door is open just get out.

He leaves her hand and disappears. She is back in the room, a victim of the madman's amusement. She wears her clothes and the door opens itself. She crouches low and walks to the stairs, Tara is drinking and listening to song. Noises of a drill comes from the other room, it's door opens and John is standing inside. The floor is flooded in blood and the drilling sounds get more wild.

John(grumbling voice): You kill him or run away.

Harley stands up, she enters the room and sees the killer is drilling a hole in David's scalp, the body is sitting on a chair under the tube-light and the killer behind it is facing her but unknownly and lost in his madness. She covers her mouth tightly with her hands not allowing her voice to escape. Behind the door there's a sledgehammer.

She goes to the door and picks up the sledgehammer. She screams and raises her arms, the heavy tool in her grip almost pulling her back, she plunges at him eagerly and hits his head with every bit of power in her. The killer is trashed down and the drill cut into his chest. Him and David fall down and Harley is on her knees, angry and depressed at the same time.

She goes downstairs, Tara didn't hear anything, she is singing the song madly. Harley goes in the kitchen and escapes from the backdoor to the yard. She vaults over the fence and running through the woods she reaches the Sinner Motel. She lies to the receptionist that she's an adult, hiking alone and her bag got stolen in the town.

The Receptionist: We cannot let you stay unless you show us some ID, ma'am.

Harley: I told you my bag got stolen and my ID was in it. I only got some cash on me.

The Receptionist: I will give the keys but then I am calling the police.

Harley: I already did, they said I should stay somewhere they could reach me on phone. Closest is your motel.

The Receptionist: Why didn't you stay where you called the cops eh? And don't tell me you lost your mobile phone as well as your bag.

Harley: I put my phone inside my bag before going in the restaurant. I need some rest, I am sick, I cannot sleep in a restaurant.

The Receptionist: I will give you a room but I am still calling the cops to confirm.

Harley: Okay!

The receptionist takes her sign on a register and gives her keys to room 102, Harley pays her deposit. A worker shows her where the room is.

The Worker: Here you go lady and hope you sleep like a baby. Do you want me run to the clinic and get some medicine? I heard you are sick, the clinic is not far.

Harley: Just don't bother me.

He rubs his finger, gesturing her to give tip, she refuses and locks the door from inside.

The Worker (leering and walking away): Bitch.

She calls her mom on her mobile phone but the bell keeps ringing and annoyed she smashes it on the wall. Soon she falls asleep only an hour later sounds of beating and a girl screaming next door disturb her. Scared that the killer is after her she runs away.

Outside the motel, she hears a shrill cry coming from the woods and stops running on the road. A truck horns speeding towards her. She turns around and recognizes the red truck which was chasing her and her friends. Before she could move it runs her over, killing her immediately. The truck then disappears into the dark night, which becomes awful silent and cold like a wild chase finally ending with the wolf breaking the lamb's neck struggling in its jaws.

The End

© Copyright 2020 Akshay Raj Chovhan. All rights reserved.

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