Superman 2 Moon Scene Revisited

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An alternate version of the Superman 2 moon scene with an all-female cast.

Submitted: July 09, 2017

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Submitted: July 09, 2017



“Good morning, Houston!”

“Mornin’ Artemis! How are we doin’ up there, Sarah?”

Sarah Watson, the beautiful commander of the latest lunar mission dispatched by the Society for International Space Exploration, the latest union of Russian, American and British efforts, smiled as she looked out of the viewport at the vast expanse of grey dust before her. She could only pick out one of the three other women that made up the crew: her academy friend, Jess, who was making her way out towards a large rocky outcropping to get some samples. Sarah was wearing her white spacesuit, but kept her helmet off in the oxygen-filled cabin. The suit had three layers to it: an inner layer made up of a tough yet comfortable material with a system of small tubules running through it to control the temperature; a middle layer of insulation that was about a quarter of an inch thick; then an outer layer of extremely durable white fabric. The suit was made to withstand extreme temperatures, rough falls and was even resistant to slashing damage from a knife! A ten foot hose ran from a coupling on the left side of her suit to an inlet valve on the main console, providing her with air should the cabin depressurize. Her helmet was close at hand in case of that possible emergency as well. Sarah kept her compact air pack near the small airlock for when she would head outside with the others.

“Well guys, we have a bit of a busy schedule,” Sarah reported. “Alexys will be doing more for her endurance test on the new suit while Jess gets a few rock samples…”

“Yeah, more rocks,” came the sarcastic reply.

“Our resident cosmonaut, Natalya will be gathering soil samples,” Sarah added, ignoring the man on the other end of the comms channel. “We should have quite an array when we leave in the next couple of days, so that’ll keep the boys in the labs busy, huh? Surface conditions haven’t changed…”

“What, no wind?”

Sarah smiled and rolled her eyes. “Very funny, Ed. I’ll be heading out in a few minutes to help gather all of the samples and then w-”

As she peered out the window, Sarah saw what looked like a woman flying through the air, arms extended as though she were propelled in some fashion. She was wearing a skintight black rubber suit, similar to what fetishists wore back on Earth. But she had no helmet on! It was impossible! Sarah shook her head and looked again, but the image was gone.

“Sarah? Sarah, come on, are you still there or did you fall asleep?”

Sarah just shook her head again. “N-no, I’m fine, Ed. I just thought I saw…well, I thought I saw a girl!” Ed laughed. “Sarah, you’re surrounded by girls!”

“I mean…I must be daydreaming…never mind, Ed.” Sarah tucked a rogue strand of her blonde hair behind her ear. “I’ll check back in when we’re all finished here for the day.”

“Ok, Sarah. Take care! Houston out!”

* * *

Jess moved quickly along the lunar surface, her already long stride making great gains in the low gravity. Her suit had been made to fit her lovely figure so that it would provide the greatest amount of maneuverability possible but still provide the necessary protection from the harsh environment. Hence, it was only about two centimeters thick, far less cumbersome than previous suits used for EVA or on the lunar surface. There was a socket on either side of her suit’s stomach, with a short hose running to her compact air pack, supplying her with plenty of air and keeping her suit inflated to maintain a constant air pressure. Also running through these hoses were the tubes that fed her suit’s Water-Controlled Temperature System (WCTS) with the warm or cool water from the temperature control unit in her pack. Pinned high on the right side of her chest was the circular insignia for SISE, a blue field with small white stars and a sharp wedge of red pointing upwards, symbolic of a rocket in space.

In Jess’ left hand, she carried a broad case containing a sturdy hammer with numerous chisels, as well as several small containers for storing samples. Normally, the case itself would have weighed quite a bit and would have been fairly cumbersome, but in the low gravity, it was barely noticeable. Jess loved her job collecting the sample’s: it allowed her to roam around freely and explore the terrain, which was exactly why she volunteered for the mission.

Jess was a young woman, fresh from the Aeronautics Academy in Cape Canaveral, where she had excelled as a student in the classroom and in training exercises. She was beautiful, too, with thick brown hair tucked carefully under her comms cap and full lips that often revealed a brilliant white smile. Her suit, while fairly loose and thick, fit snuggly across her chest and backside, enhancing her curves.

Jess had been looking at the ground just a few feet in front of her when she noticed some type of movement ahead and she looked up. The lovely astronaut stopped abruptly, gasping in surprise as a woman - the same woman Sarah had seen - strode towards her. She was tall and lithe, with an amazing figure and a gorgeous face to match, with dark, intense eyes, alabaster skin and supple lips that were painted black. Her short black hair was parted from right to left. She wore a skintight rubber suit, unzipped down the front to expose her cleavage to about mid-chest. Thigh-high black boots finished her ensemble, and that was the most surprising aspect: she had no helmet, no space suit! She was surviving on this barren rock with no air supply! And she seemed unaffected by the low gravity, moving as though she were on Earth. Jess froze in place as the woman walked up until she was within arms reach, her hands resting on her hips.


Jess was confused by the woman’s presence, but also fascinated but this alluring creature. “Wha-”

“What kind of a creature are you?” Her voice was strong and harsh, but haughty as well, almost English.

“Just a woman,” Jess managed to say.

The woman’s head cocked slightly to the side, a bemused grin spreading across her face. “A woman?”

Her eyes twinkled eerily as she looked the beautiful astronaut over, finally settling on the insignia pinned to her chest. Her eyes flashed as she reached towards Jess, aiming for the insignia. Jess reeled back, exhaling sharply as the woman reached for her, uncertain of her intentions. The beautiful astronaut turned and took a long-legged hop away, moving as quickly as she could toward Artemis. The other woman simply extended her arms and leaned forward, flying gracefully through the air as if she were swimming. She passed directly over the lone astronaut, her sharp ears picking up on Jess’ labored and panicked breathing. She smiled to herself.

The woman swung round and landed delicately in front of Jess’ line of retreat, halting her in her tracks. The astronaut stopped abruptly, throwing up her hands in surprise. But the other woman’s hand reached out again before Jess could turn, her fingers closing around the emblem…and the fabric around it!

“Wait - my suit!” Jess said quickly. “You’ll-”

With unbelievable strength, the woman pulled sharply, tearing not only the insignia from Jess’ chest, but also leaving a gaping fissure in the suit where the emblem had been! She had even torn through the reinforcing metal fibers within her suit, as well as her suit’s WCTS. The rupture ran through all three layers of Jess’ suit, exposing the white body glove she wore under it to the elements.

“Gah-ah-uuuuuuuh!” Jess gasped loudly, her eyes widening in panic.

The astronaut’s hands shot to the rupture in a futile effort to cover the massive tear. The sudden exposure to the vacuum caused the air in her suit to expand, making her suit swell up like a balloon! Jess collapsed onto her back, looking pleadingly up at the woman for aid, but she was too focused on her new insignia to pay any attention to her victim. As the pressure mounted, pushing against Jess’ chest, and her air supply dwindled, the astronaut’s breathing became more and more ragged and desperate. Every labored breath grew more panicked as the fear of death gripped the young woman.

“Gah…my suit!” she gasped. “Someone…I…ugh…I can’t…ugh…oh God!”

The woman looked down at the struggling astronaut, smiling broadly, her eyes focused on the air pouring from the suit. The imagery and sounds excited her: Jess writhing on the ground, her life-giving oxygen escaping into the nothing around her, her beautiful face a mask of fear as her open mouth struggled to gulp in air. But there wasn’t time to watch things finish the more pleasurable way. In a graceful motion, the woman took a step forward and kicked out into Jess’ swollen suit, sending her flying through the air!

“Agh…NOOOOOOO!” she cried.

Jess’ arms and legs flailed wildly as she flew further and further away, her struggling form too far from the lunar surface for the moon’s weak gravity to pull her back in. The woman simply stood with her hands on her hips, watching as Jess soared off into the distance, her desperate cries for help and frantic breathing still audible for several moments as her suit continued to swell and air poured from the gaping rupture.

“Gah…huhn! Someone…ugh…please help…my suit…unh…unh…I’m…please…I… gah…I can’t…unh…gah…I can’t…breeeeeeeeathe…”

* * *

Natalya knelt down, carefully pouring loose soil from her sturdy shovel into a polished metal cylinder. She was wearing a silvery suit made up of strong metallic fibers, along with matching gloves, boots and a helmet. A long umbilical, coated with flexible golden foil, ran from a socket on the right side of her stomach, near her lowest rib, to the air dispenser units on the back of her open-topped rover vehicle (OTRV), supplying her with plenty of oxygen as she worked. Pinned high on the right side of her chest was the insignia of the Soviet Space Exploration Program (SSEP), similar in size, shape and details to the SISE badge, but with a wide red band around the edge and a large red star in the center.

As she worked, unaware of Jess’ fate, she felt a tugging on her lifeline. Carefully taking it in her right hand, she pulled it back into place, not bothering to look back for the cause. Again, she felt something pull at the long air hose, but this time, she was carried backwards through the air!

“Ah!” she gasped. “Unh!”

She hit the ground lightly and then bounced another foot or two back towards the rover, completely shocked and confused by what was transpiring. Her lovely hazel eyes darted back and forth for the source of the abrupt and dangerous interruption. Suddenly, a figure walked into her field of vision; looking down on her was a beautiful woman! She was tall and lithe, with a stunningly beautiful face and shockingly white hair that was about eight inches long and parted sharply to the right, covering a portion of her lovely face. Her almost crystalline blue eye that was visible was fixed intensely on the cosmonaut, her black-painted lips set in an indifferent pout. Like the woman who had killed Jess, she wore no space suit, just a skintight black suit and knee-high boots. She had a high collar on her suit that was zipped all the way up to her throat.

“Who are you? Where are you from?” Natalya asked in Russian, completely stunned by this woman’s presence.

Slowly, she leaned down and grabbed a clump of Natalya’s suit. The Russian’s eyes widened as she was easily hoisted off of the ground and to her feet. She just stared wide-eyed at the beautiful woman, unable to find the words to express her confusion, surprise and anxiety.

The other woman looked Natalya over more thoroughly, maintaining her solid grip. Natalya was beautiful with her hazel eyes and classic features. Her skin was immaculate, save for the small beauty mark on her left cheek, just above her full lips. Her long auburn hair was tucked neatly beneath her comms cap. Her perfect teeth were visible in her now-open mouth, parted slightly by the shock she was experiencing. The woman could make out the voluptuous curves of the cosmonaut’s toned, athletic body through her silvery suit. She was a credit to her race in almost every respect, but the woman she had just encountered had no regard for any race.

“These are strange garments.” she muttered.

“I-I have to wear this suit to survive here.” Natalya stammered. “There is no air.”

“No air? Then why are you here? Where have you come from?”

Natalya pointed toward the blue and green orb in the distance. “I’m a cosmonaut. We-”

“Cosmonaut? Strange name for a creature. What is this rope for?” the woman demanded, her free hand touching the long umbilical.

Natalya grew even more nervous. “I need it to breathe. It-it gives me air from the tanks on that rover.”

The woman looked at the long lifeline, her brow furrowing slightly. “What a fragile sort of life form it is.”

Abruptly, the woman twisted her hand, turning Natalya upside down. She casually kicked out, pushing Natalya out and upwards.

“Ah…no!” Natalya gasped, gripping her lifeline tightly in her right hand. Natalya drifted up from the moon’s gray surface, twisting slightly as she did. The further she traveled, the weaker the lunar gravity, making her soar even further. She gripped her lifeline tightly, hoping that once it went taught, she would be able to reel herself back in. Meanwhile, the woman gripped the lifeline firmly in one hand as she glanced up at the struggling cosmonaut. With one strong tug, the lifeline was ripped free not only from her hands but its coupling as well in a burst of air.

“Uuuuh!” she inhaled sharply.

Her hands clamped down over the open socket in a desperate attempt to prevent any further air loss as she watched her trailing air hose slowly drift back down towards the ground! Natalya frantically struggled and shouted for help as she drifted further and further away from the surface, air pouring from the empty coupling and between the fingers of her gloved hands…

“No…my air…gah…I…ugh…I…can’t…gah…”

Suddenly, the woman floated up toward her, smiling slightly to herself as she neared the beautiful Russian. She stopped inches away from Natalya, and rested a hand on the side of her helmet, pulling her close.

“Please…help me,” she gasped. “I need…ugh…my lifeline…”

But the woman just continued to smile broadly, staring intently into Natalya’s eyes. She looked the cosmonaut over thoroughly, taking in every aspect of her struggling form. Her hands were clamped firmly over the empty socket, keeping in most of her air. The woman’s left hand dropped down to just above the cosmonaut’s breast, causing her to exhale lightly in anxiety.

“This symbol…” Her finger began tracing the edge of the insignia on her chest. “Lovely. Ursa would like it.”

Natalya’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Ursa? I don’t understand. Who is…unh!”

She gasped as the woman’s hand closed around the insignia, worried she would cause a rupture. The beautiful Russian’s right hand went to her breast in an effort to stop the woman, but it was no use. With just a light tug, the insignia came free, leaving a small tear in the silvery material of her suit.

“Gah! No!” Natalya inhaled sharply as a small stream of air began to spray from the rip.

While the rupture was small, prolonged air loss would deplete her extensive supply on the rover, and possibly expand the tear itself! It was impossible to Natalya that the woman had even been strong enough to pull the insignia free, let alone rip her suit so easily! She tried to clamp her hand around the tear, but there was no way to keep the air from leaking out. She had a kit on the rover with patches to cover small punctures and the like, but there was no way to reach it.

While she struggled with the tear, the other woman just watched Natalya struggle, floating just inches from her writhing form. Her smile was even broader now, exposing her truly sadistic nature. To her, the human was no more than a plaything, and she had had her fun. It was time to move on and find another. She floated back down to the rover and moved to the back where Natalya’s large air tanks were located. In a flash, she disconnected the long lifeline and tossed it aside, then hopped onto the driver’s seat, glancing up at her victim one last time before she sped off.

“No!” Natalya cried. “Please! Come back! I…ugh…oh no…”

The lovely Russian was breathing raggedly now. The loss of her long air hose had been problem enough, but now, with the tear as well, she was losing air at an alarming rate! Her chest heaved and her legs were kicking slightly in panic. The small streams of air spraying from the rupture and empty coupling were growing thinner by the second until the dissipated completely.

Natalya’s eyes grew wide with horror as she realized that there was no more air leaking from her suit! Her hands moved from the open coupling to her throat as she began to choke, her lungs burning for more oxygen. But there was no more air in her silvery suit. The cold void of space crept in, tearing away Natalya’s last breath. Eyes wide in fear and panic, Natalya made one final gasping, ragged effort to breathe.


Natalya’s eyes rolled up slightly and her eyelids drooped as she slipped into unconsciousness. Her limbs went limp and spread wide as she drifted further from the surface of the moon. Her skin paled as the blood flow decreased and her body shut down. Her stomach spasmed, causing her limbs to follow suit, a final flicker of life as the last wisps of air drifted from the empty socket. It was the last time her body would ever move again. Her body became still in death, her silvery suit glittering in the sun’s rays as she floated further out into space.

Alexys Robinson looked out across the broad, dusty plain and smiled lusciously as she took in the scene. The barren landscape was at once serene and also awe inspiring, but also extremely perilous, making her feel small and helpless. But it was an amazing experience, and she felt her job was not only fairly easy, but also great fun. A new suit design had been introduced, using elasticity instead of gas pressure to maintain constant pressure on her lithe body. The suit itself was white with red bands on the biceps and thighs. A short hose ran from her compact air pack to the back of her helmet. A large circular insignia was pinned high on the right side of her chest, depicting the British Space Exploration Ministry’s symbol.

But Alexys’ reverie was interrupted when she saw something glittering overhead. She couldn’t quite make it out, so she raised her digital camera and zoomed in to get a better look. She was horrified when she saw Natalya’s struggling form soaring into the distance. Her delicate jaw fell open slowly as she gasped in shock.

“N-Natalya!” she screamed. “Oh my God!”

Alexys was about to turn and run off toward the lander, but she saw a woman flying up toward Natalya’s lifeless body. She continued to watch through the camera as the woman callously removed the insignia from her suit and floated back towards the ground. There was nothing she could do as her beautiful friend and colleague struggled in her last, airless moments. She saw the woman getting onto the rover and was frightened as she watched her driving in her direction! Alexys was almost frozen in place as the shock-white haired beauty moved closer, but she soon found the strength to retreat in panic.

“Sarah! Sarah!” she cried over her comm link. “Natalya’s dead! Sarah, are you there? Oh God, start the lander; we have to get the Hell out of here!”

“What’s going on, Alexys? What are you talking about?”

“A-a woman killed Natalya. She’s coming for me next,” she shouted. “I don’t know where Jess is, but I’m worried about her, too. Please, Sarah, start the engine. I’ll be there in a minute.”

“I’m gonna get Jess on the comms,” Sarah replied. “I’ll get the engines started, just hurry.”

“I am,” Alexys said, panting. “Oh God, she’s right behind me.”

The beautiful Englishwoman had reached the ladder of the lander and lunged forward, desperately reaching for the nearest rung. Grabbing hold, she clawed her way toward the door, panting in exertion as she fumbled with the airlock door. But just as she had almost opened the hatch, she noticed movement directly to her right. Hovering just above the ground was a stunningly beautiful woman with long, flowing auburn hair and brilliant green eyes. She too wore a skintight rubber suit with a zipper down the front, along with high black boots. Her build was voluptuous, but with highly toned musculature. Alexys just froze in place.

The woman grabbed Alexys by the arm and extended it behind her, tossing the lovely astronaut through the air. She crashed to the ground just a few meters from the craft, bouncing another several meters before settling in one place with a low groan. She raised herself to her feet, unsteady and frightened. She looked around frantically for her assailant, when she was roughly spun around to find the woman right in front of her. Over the woman’s shoulder, she could see the woman with white hair driving in Natalya’s rover.

“Oh God,” she almost breathed.

The woman only crinkled her brow, cocking her head slightly to the side as she looked the astronaut over. Clearly, she was impressed by the lovely girl’s face and figure. Her hand moved to the woman’s shoulder and moved lower, tracing around the insignia pinned to her chest. Alexys quivered slightly, both anxious and slightly aroused at the same time. The woman was gorgeous, and the astronaut was too confused and intrigued to think much on the subject.

“What do you want from us?” she asked softly.

The woman made no reply, just continued to stare into the astronaut’s eyes and toy with the insignia. She began to pull the insignia off, stretching Alexys’ suit toward her slightly, when the lovely girl touched the woman’s hand.


The rover slowed to a halt nearby and the white-haired woman hopped out, strutting over to the other two women. She placed a hand on the redhead’s shoulder and glared coldly at Alexys.

“What have you found here, Kaidra?” she asked in a sultry tone, looking the astronaut over.

Again, no response from the other woman aside from a broad, beautiful smile.

“I’m afraid Kaidra doesn’t speak much,” the woman said flatly. “So, are you a cosmonaut, as well?”

Alex shook her head. “N-no. I’m an astronaut.”

“An astronaut? Such strange names…” she mused.

“I believe this is called a woman, General Zarise.” A third woman walked up to the group. “Astronaut is a profession, I think.”

“Mmm…Ursa, I think you’re right.” Zarise turned back to face Alex. “Is that correct, then, Miss Astronaut?”

“Y-yes,” she stammered. “W-who…what are you?”

“Interesting specimen, though, isn’t she?” Zarise continued. “Oh, Ursa, I have something for you.”

She tossed the insignia she had removed from Natalya’s suit to the other woman, who snatched it mid air and started turning it over in her hands. Carefully she pinned it to her breast, directly opposite the one she had ripped from Jess’ suit. As she looked back up, she realized how beautiful Alexys was, and her perverse stare went over every inch of the astronaut’s body.

“Mmm…I want her,” she said softly. “Let me have her, General, please…”

Zarise was still eyeing Alexys up and down, lust on her mind as well. “I don’t know, Ursa, you may have to share this one, I’m afraid.”

Alexys shifted uncomfortably, her brain muddled by the powerful pheromones around her, permeating even through her air-tight suit. Ursa moved closer to her so that they were almost touching, and she ran a hand down the front of the astronaut’s body. Alex was carried away by the moment, until she saw the insignia pinned onto Ursa’s breast and it snapped her out of her reverie. One of these women had killed Natalya, and Jess was almost certainly dead, too. She feared she would be next. But she had no way to fight these women off.

Alexys’ hands moved up to the insignia and she began to unfasten it from her suit.

“H-here…” she stammered as she fussed with the emblem. “You can have this…I-”

Ursa brushed Alexys’ hand aside to glance at the insignia, her fingers tracing its edges. Alexys stared at the other woman, her mouth parted in anxiety and fear. Slowly, her hand closed around the symbol and the suit around it. But before she could remove the insignia, Kaidra put her hand on Ursa’s arm, frowning slightly. Ursa gave her a quizzical look, and Kaidra pointed to herself then to the astronaut.

“I suppose,” Ursa sighed. “I already had one, you can have this one.”

Kaidra beamed at this, her smile almost childlike as she turned to Alexys. The beautiful astronaut returned the smile. Abruptly, Kaidra removed the insignia, causing Alexys to clutch her breast to make sure no tears had been made in the suit. Kaidra turned her new prize over in her hands then pinned it to her own breast. She adjusted her orb-like breasts slightly, making sure it looked proper. Then her eyes met the astronaut’s anxious glance. They were piercing, lustful, filled with a primal desire that Alexys had seen before. But she was frightened by this woman’s otherworldly nature and she felt an overwhelming urge to run.

Slowly, the woman placed her hands onto Alexys’ shoulders and drew herself closer, a lustful grin splayed across her face. She slid one hand down the astronaut’s body until it settled on her breast. Alexys’ eyelids fluttered as the woman squeezed gently. She pressed her lips up against the sturdy faceplate of the astronaut’s helmet then leaned back slightly to take in the lovely astronaut’s face. Kaidra’s hand moved even lower, until it was between Alexys’ legs, gently moving up and down. The astronaut’s eyes rolled in pleasure and she gave a light moan.

“Alexys! What’s happening? I can’t get a hold of Jess! Get in here, quick!”

Alexys was brought from her reverie just as Ursa stepped behind her and grabbed a hold of the short hose running to her helmet, squeezing tightly.

“What is this for? All of their clothes have these hoses.”

“It allows them to breathe, Ursa,” Zarise explained.

Alexys’ hands shot to the back of her helmet as she tried to free the hose. “No! Let go! You’re cutting off my air!”

Ursa’s grip was so tight that she had pinched the hose shut! There was no air flowing through it anymore and poor Alexys began to feel the effects almost immediately. But Kaidra was still touching her breasts and in between her legs, trying to elicit a reaction. It was having a profound effect! Coupled with her air shortage, which made her body even more sensitive, it was almost too much for Alexys. She stopped struggling and embraced the sensations as they intensified.

“Oh God!” she gasped. “I can’t…this feels…so good…please…gah!”

Ursa pulled back slightly to get a glimpse of the struggling woman through her visor, smiling broadly at what she saw. Alexys’ eyes were wide in a combination of panic, lust and pleasure. Her mouth hung open, panting raggedly for what little air remained in her helmet. With every struggling inhalation, she put more carbon dioxide into her helmet. With Ursa pinching off the hose, her suit was unable to pull out the CO2 and replace it with fresh air, which would make it even more difficult for the astronaut to breathe and, eventually, poison her with her own breathing!

Alexys’ right hand moved to her throat as she began to choke, while her left moved to her breast, gently squeezing the perfect orb in her consuming lust. She lost sight of the risk involved in the game she was playing, forgetting about witnessing Natalya’s death by these women’s hands. It didn’t matter. All that mattered was how good this felt. The lack of oxygen and overpowering pheromones these women possessed were affecting her mind so greatly that she had no sense of self-preservation!

“Unh…yessss…mmmmm…” she moaned loudly. “I…I’m…almost…yeah…yes. Yes. Oh God…YES!!!”

Alexys’ back arched as the sensations overtook her. Her climax hit hard and fast, but it didn’t stop! Kaidra could see what was happening and continued to rub between Alexys’ legs as she came, prolonging the climax. It went on for several long, breathless seconds. The beautiful astronaut froze in place, her eyes shut, brow curved in ecstasy, her breath caught in her lungs as everything stopped and all she cared about was the overwhelming rapture she felt at that moment. When it finally passed, her body relaxed and she exhaled sharply. But there was no air left when she needed to breathe!

The astronaut had been so overcome that she hadn’t realized that she had used up all of her air! With Ursa still gripping the hose so tightly, there was no oxygen in her helmet left for her to breathe. Panic hit her abruptly, and she began to writhe around, even though Kaidra was still touching her. She desperately needed air, but she had been too carried away by her own lust.

Ursa’s beautiful face came into view for just a moment, smiling wickedly at the sights and sounds of the astronaut’s struggles. Alexys’ mouth hung open as it had before, but now there was no pleasure in her features, just panic, fear and desperation. Ursa sighed in excitement, wanting nothing more than to watch her prey’s breath give out. She felt as though she had cheated herself earlier by not watching Jess die in the same fashion. She could even still be alive and would have posed so much fun, but there was no telling how far she had traveled by now. So Ursa focused on her newest astronaut.

Her mouth hung partially open, her eyelids heavy with desire, just waiting to hear the astronaut’s final gasping pleas. Alexys was fighting for another breath, finding just enough air for a handful of shallow inhalations, but not enough to keep her alive. Ursa slightly loosened her grip, just enough to give her another gulp of air. Kaidra continued with her endeavors, fondling the lovely woman’s breasts, and then sliding a hand in between her legs again. This time she pushed herself up against the spacesuit-clad girl, her face mirroring Alexys’ earlier lust. The Englishwoman couldn’t help but be taken in by this. And Ursa joined in this time, placing her free hand on Alexys’ breast and squeezing gently. She glanced sideways at Kaidra, who smiled back, her mouth gaping as she began to moan.

Kaidra let out one final loud cry, shuddering against Alexys’ firm body as she climaxed. Ursa only smiled, panting heavily in pleasure. Alexys was overcome by her lack of oxygen as well as by the incredible feeling of the two women touching her everywhere that she climaxed for a second time, this time even more strongly than before. Her back arched again and she stood up on only the tips of her toes. Her eyes were locked shut and her dark eyebrows were curved slightly upward in an expression of joy and complete sexual fulfillment.

Ursa looked down into her steamy visor, still smiling. “My turn, now.”

Alexys’ eyes slowly began to open, her breath still labored to the extreme. She half smiled, giving her consent that she would help, when Ursa pulled the hose free from both her helmet and her air pack! The astronaut’s eyes went wide in terror and her hands scrambled for the opening in the back of her helmet, but to no avail. In just a few short seconds, every last molecule of air had been sucked out of her helmet and replaced by the near-vacuum of the lunar surface. Her mouth opened and closed as she tried to breathe. There was nothing left, and her climax had used up all of the remaining oxygen in her lungs.

She just stared blankly at Ursa, who was moaning now herself, relishing in Alexys’ peril. The woman allowed Alexys to fall backwards onto the ground and then immediately hopped on top of her, grinding her pelvis against the suffocating astronaut. She wanted to see the light fade from her eyes, to feel her last movements before death took her. Alexys could only watch as the woman’s eyes pierced into her own, her lustful smile growing every time she shifted back and forth.


Alexys’ back arched for just a moment, then she shuddered and lay still. Her head rolled to the side, her eyes still wide and her mouth still open, still trying to suck in one last breath. But it would never come. Ursa’s body quivered as her own climax finally hit home. The beautiful astronaut had proved to be extremely entertaining and she had rarely felt so satisfied. She would remember this day for a long time. Ursa let out a long sigh as she stood up, rubbing her moist hands across her rubber-clad body.

“Did you enjoy that Kaidra,” Zarise asked.

The other woman smiled broadly. “Mmm.”


The raven haired beauty smiled. “Of course, General. Thank you.”

“I told you that this would be fun. I believe there’s just one left.”

All three women turned from their last victim to look at their next target: the lander.

* * *

Sarah was just sitting at the terminal when Alexys first called her over the comm link.

“Sarah! Sarah! Natalya’s dead! Sarah, are you there? Oh God, start the lander; we have to get the Hell out of here!”

“What’s going on, Alexys? What are you talking about?”

“A-a woman killed Natalya. She’s coming for me next. I don’t know where Jess is, but I’m worried about her, too. Please, Sarah, start the engine. I’ll be there in a minute.”

“I’m gonna get Jess on the comms. I’ll get the engines started, just hurry.”

“I am,” Alexys‘ voice was strained and Sarah could tell she was running. “Oh God, she’s right behind me.”

“Who is?” Sarah asked. “Alexys? Alexys!”

Sarah looked up from her screens to look out of the viewport; she couldn’t see any of the others out there and she was nervous about Jess. She flicked a switch, opening a channel directly to Jess’ helmet.

“Jess,” she half shouted. “Jess, are you there?”

There was only static. A red light flashed on the screen, indicating that the receiving comm link was out of range.

“That doesn’t make any sense. How can she be out of range? Come on, Allie, where the Hell are you?”

Sarah looked out of the viewport again, but this time she spotted the Englishwoman’s lithe form bounding toward the lander. She was moving very quickly, kicking up small clouds of gray dust as she hopped from foot to foot. In the distance, Sarah made out the rover heading in the same direction. But she quickly realized that Natalya was not the driver; she couldn’t see the usual shimmering of her suit. Whoever was driving was dressed in black.

“Come on, Alexys! Hurry!”

By now, Alexys had reached the lander and was out of sight as she began to climb the ladder. Sarah went back to her seat and began initializing the launch sequence, just in case. She had no idea what was happening, but it had Alexys rattled, and she was as tough as they came. It would take a few minutes for the engines to warm up properly.

Suddenly, Sarah noticed abrupt movement outside of the window, as Alexys hurtled backwards directly away from the Artemis. Her arms and legs flailed wildly as she soared through space until she finally hit the ground. Sarah was shocked to see a woman in some kind of skintight black outfit flying toward the fallen astronaut. She was stunning. Sarah hadn’t been seeing things after all.

The beautiful red-haired woman lifted Sarah to her feet and began looking her over. Another woman came into view as well, strutting up o the scene. It was the woman she had seen earlier! Finally, they were joined by whoever had been driving the rover, a stunning woman with shocking, snow white hair. The women stood around Sarah, examining her. The black haired woman reached for her, but was brushed aside by the redhead, who wanted her to herself. She seemed interested in Alexys, and began touching her. In a sudden movement, she pulled the insignia from her breast and pinned it to her own chest. She soon went back to running her hands across the astronaut’s body.

“Alexys!” she said after keying her comms. “What’s happening? I can’t get a hold of Jess! Get in here, quick!”

Abruptly, the black haired woman stepped behind her and grabbed Alexys’ air hose! Sarah was worried for her friend, but there was nothing she could really do. She watched as Alexys began struggling to free her hose.

“Oh no!” Sarah shouted. “Let her go!”

But then Alexys stopped fighting. The redhead had never stopped touching her, and was beginning to rub between her legs. Sarah was confused, but it turned her on at the same time. The thought of these beautiful vixens, untouched by the harsh environment, caressing the lovely astronaut, so vulnerable in her tight-fitting spacesuit. Sarah felt her own eyelids droop slightly under the weight of her growing lust. Silently, she opened the comms channel so she could hear what was happening. The sounds of Alexys’ heavy breathing and moaning only aroused her further.

Only a few moments later, there was a pause, and Sarah could tell Alexys had climaxed, but was desperately short on air. The other two women continued, more forcefully this time, until the redhead shuddered and smiled broadly. Alexys even came for a second time. Sarah began to feel like she would have to take care of herself if things carried on this way, her hands straying towards her loins. She wished she could trade places with her friend.

There was a second pause, just as Alexys climaxed. The black-haired woman was looking into her helmet, and then, suddenly, tore out her air hose! Alexys’ gasps took on a completely different sound as she fought for air.

“NO!” Sarah screamed. “Oh God! Alexys!”

She tried to tear her eyes away as Ursa finished herself off, rubbing perversely against Alexys’ struggling form. It was no use, though. Sarah watched the entire proceeding in horror. She could still hear the astronaut’s ragged breathing over the comms, and cut the link before it stopped.

Sarah shook her head and wiped the sadness from her mind. Slowly, fear had begun to set in.

Oh God, I’m next! I need to get out of here!

Sarah reopened the connection with Houston and began to frantically flick switches and turn knobs on the console.

“Houston, come in!” she said quickly. “Houston, this is Artemis. Do you read? They’re all gone. All of them. Natalya, Jess, Alexys. They’re dead. They killed them. Houston, can you hear me?”

“Now just hold on there, Artemis,” came the slow response. “What was that? What’s happening up there?”

Sarah looked out of the viewport, noticing that the three women were all looking directly at her and had begun moving toward the lander. She grabbed her helmet and quickly slid it in her suit’s neck ring, locking it firmly into place.

“I’m getting out of here, Houston.” she said in a panic. “Main boosters ready. Please work, baby. Get me out of here!”

She hit the ignition switch just as the three woman drew close, feeling the entire craft shudder violently as it lurched upwards. She punched several other keys to activate the stabilizers and seal the hatch. Artemis was airborne! But not for long…

Outside of the landing craft, Kaidra reached up and grabbed a firm hold of one of the four insect-like legs of the ship. The metal bent easily in her hand, almost like clay. The Artemis tilted dangerously toward her, so she used her other hand to grip higher on the landing gear. Inside the cockpit, sparks erupted from the console under the strain. The force of the main booster working against Kaidra’s unbreakable hold was tearing Artemis apart!

“Oh God, no!” Sarah shouted. “Houston! Someone, help me!”

With almost no effort, Kaidra pulled sharply, bringing the ship down hard. All four legs of the landing gear crumpled under the force of the impact, and the booster itself was crushed. Alarms sounded loudly within, and several small explosions rocked he interior, sending sparks and small pieces of the ship in all directions. Sarah was tossed around roughly, but her safety harness held her in place and prevented any serious injury. She was a bit dazed, but shook it off. She had to get the fires under control. What had happened?

Sarah spotted movement outside of the viewport again, as Kaidra flew up into view. She was staring straight at the astronaut inside and smiled coyly. With one finger, she gestured for Sarah to come closer, to come outside of the ship. Sarah shook her had, half in disbelief.

“Houston! They’re coming for me. God no!”

Kaidra tapped on the window in an effort to draw her attention, but it wasn’t forthcoming. She tapped harder, and the entire window spider webbed, cracking a solid 5 inches of glass that could handle the rigors of reentering Earth’s orbit or even small meteorites! Sarah’s jaw dropped in horror. Kaidra frowned, then anger flashed in her eyes and she moved up and beyond Sarah’s vision. Sarah unfastened her harness and moved to the viewport to look upward, but she couldn’t see anything. The other two women stood outside, Ursa’s hands on her hips while Zarise folded her arms across her chest, both waiting patiently.

Suddenly, there was an earsplitting screech as the ceiling of the cockpit began to bend inwards. Metal ground against metal, bending and twisting as Kaidra pushed inwards on the ship. She tore it apart like paper. More explosions rocked the small room, with sparks tearing across the entire console.

“Oh God!” Sarah looked about her, unsure of what to do; her training had never mentioned encounters with homicidal women with unlimited strength! “Houston…I…no. No, please! Oh God I - AAAAAH!”

Sarah screamed as a compartment above her was ripped apart by a blast that sent several heavy pieces in all directions. One of these impacted with her helmet, knocking her completely senseless. The beautiful astronaut crumpled to the floor, unconscious. The flying shrapnel had barely missed her short lifeline, although a heavy chunk of debris had pinned it in place, preventing most of the air from getting through.

Kaidra punched her fists into the metal, feeling it bend around her hands. She opened her hands up, then closed them again, grabbing a fistful of metal in each hand. She leaned back and, pulling mightily, tore a massive slab from the frame of the Artemis, exposing the interior to the harsh environment of the moon. She could easily make out Sarah’s inert form amongst the debris, laid out on her stomach on the floor.

Kaidra signaled for the others to join her. Zarise flew up to meet her companion with a warm smile. Ursa was walking around the base of the wrecked lander.

“I ripped through the metal fibers of that astronaut’s suit like paper,” she mused. “And what she did…that was amazing! Something is happening to us.”

Zarise looked down at her trusted aide. “It seems that the red sun of his solar system has made us more powerful, beyond anything we were capable of before. We’ve one left. I want to find out all I can from her. This one is mine.”

“Of course, General.”

* * *

Zarise gently hovered down to the floor of the craft and rolled Sarah onto her back with her foot. The astronaut groaned lightly. Zarise prodded her lightly with her toe, just enough to cause her to open her eyes. She immediately took on an expression of fear, trying to back away from the imposing woman, but her short lifeline held her in place. Zarise only smiled at this.

“You astronauts really should find a better way to survive here,” she mocked. “Maybe your kind should stay on your own world.”

Sarah tried to key her comms. “Houston, please come in!”

“Hooston? Strange name. Your clothes, your words. All so very strange. That will change.”

“What do you want?”

Zarise smiled. “Everything.”

The general leaned down, careful to plant her heel directly onto Sarah’s air hose. Sarah tugged at the hose for a moment, but stopped when she noticed that Zarise was still staring at her.

“By all means,” the alien gestured at the hose. “Take it, if you can. It’s interesting to watch you humans struggle.”

“Why are you doing this?” Sarah asked frantically. “We never hurt you!”

Zarise laughed. “You couldn’t hurt us if you wanted to. Now, what is your name, astronaut?”

“I-I’m Commander Sarah Watson.”

“Commander? So you are soldiers, then?”

“No. It‘s not like that.” Sarah tried to explain. “We’re civilians. I’m just the pilot and team leader.”

The general smiled as she thought this over. “Civilians, eh? So there are soldiers on your world? But are they just as frail as you? Is there anyone like us?”

“Yes,” Sarah stammered. “J-just one. He’s like you. He protects us.”

“Really?” Zarise was intrigued. “A man like us? What is his name?”

“We call him Superman. I don’t know his real name. No-one does. I read a story about him, though. He said he was from a planet called Krypton, but it was destroy-”

“Krypton? He’s from Krypton?”

Zarise grabbed a clump of Sarah’s suit and hoisted her from the floor, glaring into her helmet, her eyes flashing menacingly.

“He said that he was from Krypton? Answer me!”

Sarah struggled in vain to free herself. “Gah! Y-yes. That’s what the newspapers say. They write about him. He fights for the innocent and protects the world. H-he’s a hero.”

Zarise growled as she hurled Sarah back to the floor.

“Jor’El’s child.” she muttered. “It must be him. Ursa! Kaidra! We’re leaving.”

“What about me?” Sarah asked.

“Ah yes…you.”

Zarise turned slowly and knelt by Sarah’s side yet again. “I would like to repay you for what you have told me.”

Her hand ran up the inside of Sarah’s thigh, towards her groin, causing Sarah’s eyes to flutter. She was still frightened of this alien, but she felt drawn to her as well. She breathed long and deep breaths as the anxiety and nervousness built within her. But the woman’s hand changed directions and grabbed hold of her short umbilical instead.

“No!” Sarah cried out. “What are you doing?”

Zarise began to lightly scratch her fingernails against the sturdy fabric of the short hose, shredding the outermost fibers easily. Sarah stared wide-eyed as the outer layer frayed into thin strands, though the inner layers were still intact. But she knew the alien was just toying with her. She had cut through a material that only the sharpest of knives could penetrate as if it was paper.

“Please,” the astronaut begged. “Don’t do this.”

But their was only malice in Zarise’s eyes as she flicked a single finger, cutting through the final layers of the umbilical. A thin stream of air poured from the rupture into the airless, destroyed cabin.


Zarise stood slowly, smiling down at the struggling astronaut. “This is your reward. I could kill you at any time, commander, but I wanted you to have more time to make peace with yourself. You see now how kind I can be. Your world has much to look forward to!”

And with those last words, Zarise slowly floated into the air and flew into the distance along with her equally cruel companions.

Sarah was breathing heavily as she struggled to cover the tear, but it was no use. Her air supply was almost unlimited, as it was connected to the lander’s air recycling units. However, with as much damage as the craft had taken, Sarah doubted recyclers were even intact. The reserve air supply was most likely provided her with oxygen now, but it would be only minutes, at most an hour, before the air in her suit became too thin to breathe. It would be a slow, drawn out death.

But then Sarah suddenly remembered her air pack! She had kept it near at hand in case she had needed to go out and help one of the other crew members. Pinned as it was, Sarah’s umbilical didn’t have enough slack to allow her to stand, so she had difficulty scanning the debris-strewn floor. There it was! Not ten feet away from her along the wall. It looked to be intact, but Sarah had no way of knowing unless she could examine it closely.

Grabbing hold of the hose below where it had been cut, she pulled as hard as she could in the hopes she could free it from under the girder. But it was no use, and she was worried that if she continued to pull at it, the sharp metal wreckage would damage the hose further. But she had to get to her air pack!

Sarah bit her lip; the solution seemed obvious, but it was extremely risky. Sarah glanced down at her lifeline and the air leaking between her fingers. She talked it through in her head,

You’re going to die if you don’t do something. Slowly. You need that air supply. And you can’t get it with your air hose pinned. And you can’t get it loose. You know what you have to do. Take a few breaths and do it. Focus. You can do it.

Sarah let out a long sigh, trying to get herself together as she gripped her lifeline where it connected to her suit. “You can do this. Just breathe….ok…now!”

The astronaut unfastened the coupling and watched it fall free in a burst of air. She naturally wanted to gasp as she felt the oxygen being pulled from her suit, but she had trained for things like this, if only for short periods of time. Sarah clamped her hand over the open coupling and stumbled over the detritus toward the white backpack laying just a few feet away. Slowly, she dropped to her knees next to it and turned it over in her hands to find it’s trailing air hose. To her horror, the short hose wasn’t attached, having become dislodged at some point.

In a panic and short on oxygen, Sarah’s eyes darted back and forth for the hose. Her umbilical would be of no help to her, but if she couldn’t find the short hose, she would suffocate in just a few moments. She tried to calm herself, inhaled some of the remaining air in her suit, and began shifting the wreckage aside in her search. Sweat dripped from her brow as Sarah became more anxious…and as her air became more depleted.

Where is it?

Just when she thought she wouldn’t find it, she remembered the spare hoses inside one of the storage lockers that had been smashed when the ceiling had been destroyed. The door was bent and twisted after an explosion had ripped through that part of the Artemis, spilling many of its contents out on the floor. The hoses were still inside, and the door would need to be prized loose for her to get at any of them. And that meant she would have to use both hands to get at it, leaving the coupling uncovered.

Sarah used up the last of her air to get a few quick breaths and then slid her gloved fingers into the gap between the locker frame and the door. She put her foot up against the wall and pulled as hard as she could, feeling the metal snap free of what had been holding it in place. What little air remained in her suit was sucked out in a matter of seconds, just as the door popped open. Sarah snatched up the hose and quickly plugged it into her stomach coupling, then knelt down next to her air pack, fumbling to attach the open end to a valve.

It was hard to concentrate with no air. The astronaut’s lungs burned and she could feel her throat tightening. Finally, she could no longer hold her breath and she exhaled abruptly, then reached for her throat, reacting to the lack of air. She gasped raggedly as she fell forward, propping herself up with her free hand. Sarah was so close. She just had to open the valve on the air pack and she would have all the oxygen she needed. The valve was on the other side of the pack; she would have to reach around it and find the switch.

Sarah reached out, collapsing onto her chest as she fought desperately for her life. Feebly, she fumbled around for the knob on the pack, her fingers barely moving as she felt her consciousness slipping. With a final burst of energy, Sarah flipped the pack over so she could see the switch and turned it to on. Instantly, she felt the cool air as it poured into her suit. The astronaut gave a final weary smile, gasping raggedly for a few moments to catch her breath, then her head drooped within her helmet as she passed out.

Sarah was so tired; it was time for a rest…

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