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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Happily Ever After

Autumn Rowe is 7 years old who believes in all things magical and make believe and her family and her friends' parents surprise Autumn and her friends with a day out for a picnic in the enchantress
forest. Autumn and her friends start to play hide and seek and get lost in the magical enchanted forest. They end up meeting the queen fairy who is leaving the forest and there's an evil fairy
queen who happens to be the good fairy queen's sister. Who will take over the forest as the new fairy queen? Can Autumn and her friends save the forest and the magical creatures that live there
before it's too late? This book is in progress and in 2017

Table of Contents

Chapter one - Autumn

Submitted: July 09, 2017

Chapter one – Autumn

It all started during the summer holidays on a summer sunny Monday evening.

Autumn Rowe is 7 years old. She has blue eyes and brown hair.

She has a mum called Tracey, a dad called Patrick and three older sisters called Pippa, Tanya and Dominique.

Like most 7-year olds, Autumn believes in all things mythical creatures, fairies, unicorns, elves, mermaids, princesses, gnomes and pixies out there somewhere.

Mrs Rowe was in the kitchen when Autumn came into the kitchen “hey mummy. What’s for tea?” I asked, “what would you like for tea darling?” asked Mrs Rowe “cake” I joked.

Mrs Rowe laughed a happy laugh “cake?! I wish but we can have it for pudding and have sausages, mash and peas for tea?” asked Mrs Rowe “okay mummy” I said giving my mum a giant big hug “I’m going to go and look for fairies” I added “okay sweetheart” said Mrs Rowe and I ran out into the big back garden.

When I got outside, my older sister Tanya was sat on the garden bench reading her book.

I started to look through the grass when Tanya came over “what are you going?” she asked, “looking for fairies” I said as I continued my search, Tanya walked back inside.

“Mum, you know Autumn and her friends are looking for fairies” she said going into the big kitchen.

Mrs Rowe was watching me through the kitchen window while cleaning the dishes.

“Yeah, I know darling” said Mrs Rowe “one problem, fairies don’t exist. They’re not real. Someone needs to tell her” said Tanya “Tan, she’s just a kid. She’s seven years old” said Mrs Rowe “I can’t tell her, she believes in every mythical creature. Why would you want to ruin that?” she asked.

After that, the issue was dropped and forgotten about.

That afternoon, I was in my bedroom with one of my best friends Pippa Watts who was also 7 years old.
My bedroom was big, the walls had been decorated with fairies, unicorns, princesses, elves, fairy houses and an enchanted forest with fairy dust and I had a princess bed with four bed posts.

“Do you want to go and look for more fairies in the garden?” I asked “yeah” said Pippa Watts smiling at me.

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Chapter two: the search

Submitted: July 16, 2017

Chapter two – the search

When Pippa and I got into the garden. My dad was relaxing on a sunbed.

"Hey daddy," I said. My dad opened his eyes and sat up.

"Hey princess, what are you girls up to?" asked Mr. Rowe "looking for fairies and elves," I said "have fun, can you try and find my crown for me? I've lost it" said Mr. Rowe kissing my hair and walked inside.

"Honey," said Mr Rowe to Mrs Rowe walking into the kitchen, "yes?" asked Mrs Rowe who was folding the laundry "Autumn and Pippa are outside looking for fairies and elves," said Mr Rowe "I know, it's so sweet," said Mrs Rowe "maybe I should join them" she said.

Then my 21-year-old sister Pippa came into the kitchen.

"Mum, we know you don't want Autumn to grow up," said Pippa "I don't know what you're talking about," said Mrs. Rowe not admitting that what Pippa had said was true.

Mrs. Rowe was very overprotective of her youngest daughter Autumn. When Autumn was born, Tracey was very ill which meant that Autumn had to be taken out of her mum earlier than expected.

But my sisters Tanya and Dominique had come in and everyone knew that my mum was lying. The reason why Mrs. Rowe is so overprotective of Autumn is because when Autumn was little, she got bullied at school.

"Trace, it's natural to not want your kids to grow up but sadly they have to. We've just got to accept that our baby girl is growing up and is going to be in year 5 in September. I know this is hard for you but you were exactly the same with Tanya, Pippa, and Dominque but look how they've turned out. Autumn is going to be okay" said Mr. Rowe reassuring his wife.

Mrs. Rowe smiled at her husband "did you know that Autumn wants to be an author when she grows up?" asked Mrs. Rowe "no I didn't but it's the perfect job for her. She has got an amazing imagination" said Mr. Rowe "I agree with you dad. For a 7-year-old, she has an outstanding imagination" agreed Tanya.

Everyone smiled at each other.

Back in the garden, my other best friends had joined Pippa and me on the search for fairies.
"I can't wait for September," said Seth Clarke "Yeah, neither can I. Year 7," I said with a smile.

Seth Clarke was 7 years old, he had brown hair and green eyes. He was the tallest out of the group and the oldest. He was a bit of a teacher's pet at school, always coming top in almost everything. His birthday is October 24th, 2010.

We continued our search when my 15-year-old sister Dominique came over.

Dominique Martha Rowe had brown hair and brown eyes and was Autumn's older sister. She had an interest in anything technical and was much like her dad Patrick. But she's always wanted to be a chef when she's older and take after her mum Tracey. Dominique and Autumn do get on with each other but they have their moments of arguments and falls out but Dominique is always there when Autumn needs her. Her birthday is 1st of September 2005 and the difference between them is 5 years

"Why are you looking through our grass?" she asked “We're looking for fairies," I said "you'll find nothing, I wouldn't bother," said Dominique and stormed back inside the house.

"What does she mean by that?" asked Scott "I don't know, she's probably in one of her moods, ignore her," I said.

Scott Toogood is 6 years old and the youngest out of the five friends. He's 5'2 and loves playing football and going on his Xbox. His birthday is July 24th, 2011. He's got, one sister, one brother and one stepsister.

We all walked into the house and went upstairs to my room.

I went into my wardrobe and got the board game twister out and we set it all up and started to play.

Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Rowe were on the phone to Pippa's parents.

"Yes, that's an excellent idea. A picnic in the forest of enchantress. I'll just pop upstairs and tell them the wonderful surprise. Oh, they’re going to be over the moon" said Mr. Rowe sounding happy and walked upstairs.
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Chapter three: The picnic

Submitted: July 18, 2017

Chapter three – The Picnic

I answered the door “hi daddy” I said “hello girls. We’ve got a surprise for you” said Mr. Rowe.

The five friends looked at each other.

“What’s that?” I asked “well, how would you feel about going on a picnic?” asked Mr. Rowe looking at us.

“Oh, daddy! Yes, I love picnics” I said, “Oh me too,” said Pippa “same,” said Seth and Scott together, “I thought you all would love it,” said Mrs. Rowe coming into my room “what time are we going and when are we going?” I asked, “tomorrow at lunchtime,” said Mrs. Rowe “where are we going?” I asked, “in the enchantress forest, it’s a lovely little forest near Cornwall,” said Mr. Rowe.
The kids looked at one another with the biggest smiles on their faces.

“Yes so you must get a good night’s sleep otherwise you’ll all be like zombies tomorrow and it’s going to be a long day” said Mrs Rowe “okay mummy” I said “see you all tomorrow” said Scott “what time do you want us here Mrs Rowe?” asked Pippa “10?” asked Mrs Rowe “I expect you all want to bring things with you for the journey” she added “bye then” I said to my friends smiling.

The next morning, it was a Tuesday and perfect weather for the picnic.

Autumn had got up early and was dressed in a pink summer dress with her hair in plaits when her friends arrived. She was helping her mum in the kitchen with the preparation of the food.

By the time everything and everyone were ready to go, it was midday.

“Right, are we all ready to go?” asked Mr. Rowe.

We all looked at Mr. Rowe “yes” we all said together “then let’s go” said Mr. Rowe and we all walked outside.

All four cars were parked next to each other and we all got in them.

Autumn got into her dad’s car with her friends and her mum. Mr. and Mrs. Wood had Pippa’s mum along with Scott’s mum and stepdad. Pippa’s older sister had Jenny’s younger sister Billie, Sapphire’s older brother, Seth’s older sister and Scott’s older brother. The last car had Scott’s older sister Carly and Autumn’s other two older sisters with Pippa driving.
“Where is this forest of enchantress dad?” I asked “Cornwall,” said Mr. Rowe

All the families including Pippa’s dad, Scott’s dad, and Sapphire’s mum live in Yeovil.

“So, is that where we’re going?” I asked “yes sweetheart,” said Mr. Rowe as we got onto the motorway.
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chapter four - do you believe in fairies?

Submitted: August 03, 2017

Chapter four – Do you believe in fairies?

As we drove into Cornwall, I noticed a sign just on a border saying,

"Welcome to the kingdom of Enchantress"

All that was to be seen was masses of the forest "I definitely need to explore there" I thought to myself as I was lost in thought. I didn't realize that the 4 cars that we were traveling in had turned left into a huge empty car park.

"So, is this the forest?" I asked "yes, princess," said Mr. Rowe as we all parked the four cars and got out.

I looked around this big forest.

It had lots and lots of trees and lots of grass. Some of the trees had apples growing on them.

There were loads of birds flying high in all different directions.

Flowers were everywhere. There was also a woodpecker in one of the trees working hard.

"This forest is amazing daddy," I said, "isn't it lovely darling," said Mr. Rowe.

We all looked around at the magical kingdom we had entered.

"Shall we set up the picnic? I'd expect the kids are hungry by now traveling all this way" said Mrs. Rowe "Yeah, I expect so love" said Mr. Rowe as his wife got the blanket out of the boot of the car.

Mrs. Rowe started to put the blanket out on the grass and laid all the food out on top.
"Mummy?" I asked, "yes darling?" asked Mrs. Rowe "Can we go and play hide and seek?" I asked.

My mummy had only just finished setting up the table and laying out all the food on the blanket "yes, you can after lunchtime" said Mrs. Rowe. I smiled at my mummy.

We all sat down on the blanket and started to eat.

"This is lovely food mum," said Tanya "and a beautiful place dad" added Dominique "thank you, darling," said Mr. and Mrs. Rowe together.

"Mummy?" I asked as I finished my sandwich "Yes sweetie?" asked Mrs. Rowe "what's up darling?" asked Mr. Rowe. I looked at both my mummy and daddy.
"Do you believe in fairies?" I asked.

Everyone went silent and looked at Mrs. Rowe
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Chapter five - Are they real?

Submitted: August 06, 2017

Chapter five - Are they real?
“Of course, she doesn’t! they’re not real” said Dominique.

I looked at my older sister and everyone else looked at me and the expression on my face.

“Dominique, how could you say that? Say sorry” said Mrs. Rowe who was angry and shocked with her 15-year-old daughter.

“No, I won’t mum. But it’s the truth” said Dominique.

Everyone looked back at me. I nearly had tears down my face.

“Autumn, are you okay?” asked Pippa “yeah, I’m just going to go over here,” I said and went over to a tree.

Everyone looked at Dominique unimpressed “what?” she asked “what is wrong with you? She’s just a kid” said Pippa pushing Dominique.

Dominique sighed.
“Fine, I’m sorry,” said Dominique “you’re saying it to the wrong person, ” said Mr. Rowe pointing over at Autumn. She was bending down looking at some pink roses by herself.

Dominique walked over to her little sister.

“Hi,” said Dominique. I stood up right and looked at my sister “Autumn, look I didn’t mean what I said okay. Fairies are real and they do exist. In fact, I just saw one in between those two trees over there” she added pointing to two giant trees.

I smiled at my sister “I forgive you” I said and I ran towards the trees while Dominique watched me from a distance smiling.
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Chapter six - Hide and Seek

Submitted: August 28, 2017

Chapter six – Hide and Seek

When I got back, everyone had finished eating their lunch.

“Can we go and play now mummy?” asked Pippa to her mum who was relaxing under a tree with Mrs Rowe.

She sat up “yes go and play. But be careful and don’t go too far okay” said Mrs Watts.

“I’ll count to 100 and ready and not I’m coming okay,” said my sister Pippa

“1,2,3” she started counting and Autumn and her friends ran as fast as they could.

20 minutes later, my sister was up to number 86 and we all waited in our hiding places.
But we hadn’t noticed where we had entered.

We had entered a part of the forest that wasn’t similar to the other part of the forest we had come from.

What we saw in front of us was a small path with round gray pebbles that led us to a small cottage with a small fairy door that was Aqua which was a bluey green.

There was lots of grass around the tiny house and flowers dotted everywhere.

“Where are we?” asked Pippa “I don’t know,” I said but then at the corner of my eye. I saw a sign with some writing on.

“Hey guys, look,” I said to my friends “what’s that?” asked Scott.
I read it out loud.

“Welcome to our fairy cottage”

“This is a fairy cottage?” asked Seth “yeah,” said Sapphire.

I looked around the forest.

There was a sparkle in the air and magic all around the cottage.
The cottage wall was peachy pink. There were toadstools next to each other by the house.
The fairy door was a light blue and had a brown door knob.
The roof was a bright red that looked like big pebbles.
The five friends stepped towards the cottage and walked along the path.
“Should we knock on the door or go in?” asked Seth.

I looked at my friends and we started to walk towards the pretty cottage.

As we reached the fairy door and I opened the door quietly and we stepped inside.
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Chapter seven - Lost

Submitted: September 08, 2017

Chapter seven – Lost

“Guys, who’s house is this?” I asked, “it’s a nice house so maybe it belongs to a princess?” asked Sapphire “yeah I agree,” said Pippa “or a fairy?” I asked.

We all looked around. Everything was so tiny in this house.

“There are five tiny beds,” I said, “and a tiny table and sofa” added Sapphire.

Then we heard a noise. It sounded like someone was in here with us.

We all turned around and looked at each other with scared looks on our faces.

“Who’s there?” I asked sounding scared. No answer but we heard them running.

“Someone is definitely in here,” I said “but where? I don’t see anyone else” said Pippa.

I walked around this house.

I stopped because at the corner of my eye, I could see a very small sparkle of glitter.

What could it be?
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chapter eight - the good fairy

Submitted: October 17, 2017

Chapter 8 – The good fairy

I bent down and there was a tiny fairy sitting in one of the corners of the small cottage curled in a ball.

“Hello there,” I said gently touching the fairy.

I looked very closely at the tiny creature. Her wings were as bright as the sun sparkling in the sunlight. She wore a pink long pretty dress that went to her ankles. Her hair was dark brown so were
her lovely eyes that were looking right at me.

She was the most beautiful creature I have ever seen.

"Guys, I think there's something magical about this part of the forest," I said "that's a fairy. A real fairy. Dominique said there's no such thing as fairies. But that's a real fairy" I said
"don't listen to your sister. She doesn't know anything" said Sapphire.

By this time, the tiny fairy was shaking, curled up in a ball scared.

I bent down again "Hello, I'm Autumn. I've always wanted to meet a fairy. What's your name?" I asked.

To the fairy, I must have been like a giant compared to her.

The fairy looked up at me and smiled. She stood up "I'm Abbie. But what are you doing here?" she asked "We've gotten lost playing hide and seek with my sister. We're on here on a family day out but
Abbie, where are we?" I asked.

Abbie was walking around in her little cottage and she looked at us.

"I'm the fairy queen. This is the kingdom of the enchantress. This part of the forest is hidden from all humans" said Abbie "you can't be here. If Agatha ever finds out" she added running out of
the small cottage "who's Agatha?!" asked Seth "she's my older sister" said Abbie "is she as nice as you?" asked Scott "no" said Abbie "she's evil" she added.

We all looked at each other than at Abbie with confusing looks on our faces.

"Evil? Evil how?" asked Pippa "I'm the good fairy, the queen of this forest and Agatha is the bad fairy. She's my older sister. Our parents have moved on and our mother gave the role of being the
queen of the forest to me instead of Agatha. You would think Agatha would be the new queen because she's the oldest but running an enchanted forest has a lot of responsibility and Agatha's not very
responsible" said Abbie "and our parents told her it was me next in line to be queen. She got very mad at me and we had a big fall out and she hasn't talked to me in 2 years. Now I'm leaving and
this is a bad thing" she added "why?" asked Seth "if I leave then this forest is in danger and all the creatures are also in danger" said Abbie "creatures?" asked Scott.

We all looked at each other than at Abbie.

"Yeah, the forest is enchanted and is full of magical creatures
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Chapter nine - Enchanted

Submitted: October 25, 2017

Chapter nine – Enchanted

“Enchanted? How? What creatures live here with you?” I asked sounding curious “I’m not the only one who lives in this forest,” said Abbie “who else lives here?” asked Sapphire.

Abbie was flying in the sky gracefully.

“Yes, there are loads of creatures,” said Abbie gently landing on the floor and putting her tiny feet onto the ground.

“What sort of creatures?” asked Seth “there’s elves, princesses, giants, more fairies, and an ice princess,” said Abbie “wow, this place is magical,” said Seth “oh and there’s this unicorn,” said
Abbie “unicorn? What’s she called?” I asked “rainbow, she’s super kind and all the creatures love her,” said Abbie.

We all smiled “I can’t wait to meet her” I said, “the fairies’ have fairy dust” said Abbie “how do you get the fairy dust?” I asked, “this is where it gets more magical and enchanted,” said Abbie
“why?” I asked, “we get our fairy dust by Rainbow’s horn,” said Abbie.

We all smiled at Abbie “that is magical. But Abbie, why are you leaving such a magical and enchanted place?” asked Pippa “well since my mum and dad have moved on and left. Agatha has always tried
to take over in my place. But it’s not going to work” said Abbie “I also have a problem” she added, “what’s the problem?” I asked, “would you like a tour of the forest?” asked Abbie.

I knew she had changed the subject on purpose, but I don’t think I would win an argument with a good magical fairy, do you?
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Chapter ten - The Magical Forest

Submitted: November 15, 2017

Chapter ten – the magical forest

“Yes, absolutely,” said Pippa.

Abbie smiled at us while flying in the blue clear sky with the big bright sun shining.

We reached a small house with an unusual roof.

It was unusual because I’d never seen a roof like it.

There was a small path with round grey pebbles that led us to a small cottage with a small door that was aqua which was a bluey green. There was lots of grass around the tiny house and flowers
dotted everywhere. There was sign that said, “welcome to our fairy cottage” The cottage walls were peachy pink. There were toadstools next to each other by the house. The fairy door was a light
blue and had a brown doorknob. The roof was a bright red and it had what looked like big pebbles on it.

I read it out loud “welcome to our fairy cottage” “this is your cottage, Abbie. It’s very pretty” said Autumn “thank you,” said Abbie “my friend and I live here” she added “there’s more of you?”
asked Pippa sounding interested “yes but only one more. She’s called Ruby” said Abbie “doesn’t your sister live with you?” I asked “no, let’s go,” said Abbie

We decided not to ask any more questions and followed Abbie.

We hadn’t noticed that we had been on a hill.

The small fairy cottage sat on a hill with green grass and different colored leaves and flowers everywhere on the ground.

In the distant, the girls could see a pink castle. It had lots of windows and curtains so you can look at the view of the kingdom. The curtains were all different colours. The walls were pink just
right for princesses. There was a door bridge over the pink front door so people the princesses didn’t like couldn’t get in and two grey paths that led to the front door. Flowers of all different
colors were blooming and blossoming and trees were bright green. There were pink roofs for each little tower of the castle and flags flying in the wind.

“Wow that’s a very pretty pink castle,” said Pippa “yes, I love it” I agreed smiling “guess who lives here?” asked Abbie grinning “princesses?” asked Seth “yes Seth. There are four lovely
princesses” said Abbie “who live here” she added “what are their names?” asked Sapphire “Esme, Fiona, Annika, and Alice,” said Abbie.

We all smiled at the tiny fairy flying in the blue clear sky.

“This forest really is magical,” I thought to myself.

As we walked through the forest, we came upon a giant tree and in that tree, was …

This wasn’t an original tree. In a wooden brown stump, there was a tiny red roof with a tiny red door.

The walls were peachy color. The roof was bright red.

There were pebbles all in a line in front of the door and there was a tiny sign that said, “welcome to our elf house”

“What a sweet little house,” said Scott “yes, three elves live here,” said Abbie “what’s their names?” asked Seth “George, Gabriel and Freddie,” said Abbie.

It was interesting learning all about these different magical creatures.

The next house was across a bridge.

The bridge was brown and grey. It had two lights each end and they were the shape of a circle.

We walked behind Abbie who was flying gracefully.

We stopped halfway and we looked down and we could see a river flowing smoothly.

“There’s a river?!” asked Sapphire “yeah, Maddie the mermaid lives in the sea,” said Abbie “wow, I love mermaids,” said Pippa smiling at Abbie and Abbie smiled back at Pippa.

We stopped looking at the beautiful view that was in front of us.

“How come no one knows about this forest? Why is it hidden away?” asked Sapphire.

Abbie looked at Sapphire “because we don’t want humans finding out about us” said Abbie as we started walking across the bridge again “but Abbie, we’re humans and we’re finding out about you?” I
asked, “yes but you’re all children and you came upon this forest because you got lost playing hide and seek and I can see that you’re not a threat to us because you believe that there are magical
creatures out there,” said Abbie smiling at me and my friends.

As soon as we reached the next house. We looked up and we saw a dark blue palace.

The palace has loads of windows and loads of little towers. It has one window that is a circle and was at the top.

“Woah! That’s a gigantic palace” said Pippa “yes, it’s enormous” I said, “I agree” said Seth “so who lives here Abbie?” I asked, “there’s an evil ice princess that no one likes and she lives here,”
said Abbie “what is her name?” asked Scott “Kathryn,” said Abbie “why is she evil?” asked Pippa. Abbie went quiet and looked at us.

“She lives with my sister,” said Abbie “and they’re planning to take over the forest” she added as we carried on our tour.

We reached the last house. This house was very different from the other houses in the forest.

It is all different shades of brown. It has trees around the cave. The door was dark brown. There were also loads of green crunchy grass around the cave.

“And who lives here? Giants?” asked Pippa “yes, there are three disgusting and mean giants. Who are called Bamberg, Jufog and Warhammer” said Abbie.

“Are they scary giants?” I asked starting to get scared.

Abbie didn’t answer and we headed back to Abbie’s cottage.

When we got back to the usual, colorful houses. We bumped into three girls dressed who wore three dresses.

One of the girls wore a long pink dress, had a tiara on, blue eyes and blonde hair, the second girl had brown hair and green eyes. She wore a light blue grown. The last girl wore a pink top and a
purple skirt with a pink princess' hat. She had black hair and blue eyes.

“Hello Abbie, who are these people with you?” asked one of the girls.
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