"The card game"

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Card game

Submitted: July 09, 2017

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Submitted: July 09, 2017



My name is Boris and I was in the kitchen of our house it was an older house built in the early 2000's so nothing fancy it was a three story home with over 100 acres. Anyway my son and daughter came over to play cards. "Annie" she is 27 just recently got engaged and works as a nurse. And my son "Jeremy" he is 30 and is married to a beautiful wife named "Becky" and they have a son and a daughter both two. And they had a third baby girl on the way. We were playing cards. Annie had just gotten a good hand and beat us. That's $50 you both owe me. She said. Yeah yeah. Jeremy says taking money out of his wallet. I won't be able to buy the kids food this month if that keeps up. Jeremy says kidding. "I'm terribly sorry I am broke and well I didn't want to say anything but I'm actually loosing my home next month. "What that's Horrible!" Why are you loosing it? I ask. You know me I made some wrong choices anyway it's fine I'm fine let's keep playing next round I bet $75.00. "Dad No your broke and loosing your Home if anything me and Jeremy will help you out." No Annie I mean it it's fine. "Did the bank send you anything? If they did it would be in my wallet. Boris says. His voice changed from good to bad almost immediately as he said "But Don't you dare go in there!" Too late as I grab the wallet and take out a paper. "What is this?" Annie walks up to me. What is it? Dad. I look up at him scared. What is it? Annie asks scared. I give Annie the paper. Is is this true?? 

" I'm afraid it is I didn't want you to know. You have stage 4 Cancer? And you didn't want to tell us? Yes I didn't want you to worry shit well that went out the window. Look I wanted tonight to be a fun night with my kids please this still can be. It could but it says here you need to go to the hospital for another evaluation Did you go? No I don't have money. We'll chip in won't we Annie? Yes of course. No matter the  cost we'll help you dad. Thanks but It's too late. Does mom know? Boris looks down at the ground. Shit you really had no right to keep this to yourself. I say. No right? I had every right. I didn't want any of you to worry. But what happens when the day comes that you don't wake up? What about us then? And I'm the meantime we could have saved you. Honey. Boris says. This is stage 4 cancer there is No cure for Cancer yet. All you would be doing is delaying the inevitable. Sure I'd be ok for a few months that would be another card game or two but then I'd be In Pain again please don't tell anyone about this both of you please honor my last request. How long do you have? Annie asks. Well let's just say if I win to either of you tonight don't worry about paying me back." Dad I'm sorry. Annie hugs Boris. And Jeremy does the same. It's ok promise me you won't tell your mother. We both promised. And we played another few rounds of cards. If this was the last card game we had with our father we would make the best out of it. And make him happy.

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