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Hunger makes you loose all of your inhibitions.. it makes you forget who you are, what you are.. and even makes you do unimaginable things..

Submitted: July 09, 2017

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Submitted: July 09, 2017



" I am so hungry.." thought Aki as he walked by the buildings..

It's been 2 days since he last had a bite. He had a fight with his brother and left home.Now walking around the streets, he was feeling hungry, very very hungry.

He kept thinking about his conditions as he walked along, his hair locks swayed in the wind and made his blond hair locks even messier than they already were. He looked at his image once as he passed by a store. 

"Ohh, how horrible I look.. People would surely mistake me as a begger..." He exhaled. 

Aki was indeed looking that way. He, Aki, the one who always tried to follow the fashion trends and always made himself look attractive was resembling a begger.. How Ironic.. 

As he kept on walking he remebered word by word what exactly happened 2 days ago. His brother had brought one of his girlfriends and had gone outside to buy drinks while she remained alone in the apartment with Aki. They were watching tv together when suddenly she started feeling sick and asked Aki if he'd take her to the restroom. As soon as he (Aki) stood up, she dragged him along with herself on the floor and they fell down with Aki on top of her. Without saying a single word, she just put her mouth on him and started kissing him. He did try to push her away but before he could, his brother stepped in and saw exactly the opposite of what was happening. The girl started crying and said that Aki had forced himself on her. His brother got so angry that he kicked him(Aki) out and told him not to show his face again. 

Aki knew that he had no proof to show his brother and he had fallen for the oledest trick in the book but he could not forget that the fact that his own brother kicked him out, the one who had raised him fighting against all odds.He was not sad or angry at the girl, but he was sad at his brother for believing in that girl more than him.

His stomach growled.. yes his stomach growled.. "Goddamn it! Why does it have to be me? So hungry, so hungry.. I am soo f**king HUNGRY!" He yelled.

All of a sudden, amidst of all the people walking past him, he saw her..

The reason for his condition,the reason why he was walking through the streets, the reason why his brother had kicked him out, the reason why he has been sleeping on the streets.. His brother's girl-friend! She was in the market with her friends,  laughing as they ate at a nearby resturant.. 

" Ahhh, food.. " Aki thought. He was salivating from just the mere thought of food. He watched as She put the food in her mouth.. "That must be delicious if only she would invite me.." Aki murmured..

Wait! Did he just think that! 

He Did! Didn't he!

He blushed so hard that even his ears glowed red.. He immediately left the spot to avoid such thoughts. 

"What was I thinking? How could have I thought of something like that? "-Aki kept saying that to himself as he walked away from that place as soon as possible..

He became tired again. No! He became even more tired than before. His stomach was growling even more than some time ago. He couldnt walk anymore and took shelter on the steps of an apartment building and sat with his legs cramped to his chest.

"Aki.. Aki... OIIII AKIIII.." He heard. " Is that you bro?"- Aki thought. He opened his eyes.. He doesn't even know when he had closed them.. But It wasn't his brother.. It was someone else.. More accurately, it was that Girl, the reason for his present condition.. His brother's girlfriend.. Aki couldnt say anything. He kept looking at her. She smiled and said " How about coming upstairs? I live in this building. I saw you at the market but before I could even call you,, you were gone! Come on. Dont be like this! You look like s**t! As I know I'm the reason for your such condition, let me at least help you."

Aki could not utter a single word. He was hungry, he wanted to eat and sleep on a warm bed. So even though his mind asked him to stop, he went along with her. 

Her apartment was small,one room with a kitchen, bathroom and a small dining, perfect for someone living alone. "Come in, make yourself at home"-She said. Aki sat on the sofa as she went to the kitchen. He kept looking at her from that distance. "Should I even be here? What if bro comes here, and finds that I'm here? It was afterall a bad idea!"-Aki Aki thought to himself. After a while she came back with a full dish of ramen and his mind just stopped. He started to eat without caring for the world! How could he not? He had not eaten a single bite for the past two days.. His brother's girl-friend was saying something, but he was so busy eating he didn't hear a word! The only thing He did hear was " I knew your brother would react this way! Thats exactly why I did that! I dumped your brother anyways, I wanted to be yours from the very begining! I only thought out of a way to separate you two, thats all. Now that you don't stay at your brother's place anymore, we can basically live here together! Your brother is really an idiot though! To have kicked his own brother out for such a trivial matter! He was so in love with me. Poor thing. He cried and begged like a begger to stop me.."

Aki could not eat anymore, Aki's mind was not functioning. Was this really happening??? Was she telling the truth?? 

Without thinking he just caught her throat and pushed her down, Before she could utter a word, he put his mouth on her and kissed her furiously without letting her breath. He put his entire pressure on her throat as he held her at one place and kept kissing her. She started struggling, but he was more powerful than her. The pressure on her throat increased and she couldn't breath because of the mouth on her.. A few more moments, and she stopped! She stopped moving. 

Aki let her go. Aki let go off her throat. Her eyes were open, she was looking at him with her big black eyes, her face was flushed..There were tears on the sides of her eyes.. Her mouth was open.. The only thing that was different was the fact that she had stopped breathing.. She was lying dead on her sofa!

Aki stared at her for a few minutes and then suddenly said " At least now my bro will let me in without a doubt! Thanks for helping me out! From now on he will never hurt me for others! Bye then.."

And Aki left.. Aki was feeling happy, very very happy, because now he can be with his brother again. His rational mind had stopped functioning the exact moment he heard that part from his brother's ex-girlfriend. Now as he walked down the same street, back to his home, he didn't feel any remorse for his doings! The only thought his mind kept telling him was the fact that he can go back home again..

And so Aki did....

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