At Their Posts

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This poem was inspired by a visit to a Shot at Dawn memorial - a visit I made with a good friend, and would not have made without him. Thank you, Jason :)

This poem was written to try and convey the finality, and the horror of the mass killings of British soldiers by their own men. Many were executed wrongfully, as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental illnesses that disabled soldiers were not understood. Many soldiers also deserted their posts or ran from battle. Indeed while not an honourable act, no man can be expected to endure the hell they did. Many of these men were not given fair trial either, and consequently were murdered on the orders of a warped authority. Another thing I found truly horrifying was the age of the victims. I found two in their 40's. All others were, by large majority, 17 - 29. Too young to die.

I hope you enjoy this poem. And may our fallen heroes rest in a perfect and eternal peace for their service to our country. Thank you so much for making the sacrifices that you did in your efforts to secure the safety of your people.

Submitted: July 09, 2017

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Submitted: July 09, 2017



At their posts, they stay. Stuck. Solemnly they stand.

A small wooden testament to a much greater being,

Remembered by only a morbid black plaque.

Upon which could be found their name and age at death.


In front of them, a clean, white statue.

Blindfolded, ready for execution.

Lacking manly features. A mere boy.

His fear stricken face tells many stories.


Behind him in ranks stand firmly the posts.

Plain, brown, lifeless.

To remember young men, and boys

Who were shot to death by their comrades.


Over them each morning the sun rises.

Each a morning for which they themselves could not rise.

Each evening behind them the sun falls

As they fell so long ago. In the morning.


And after deserting their post in life,

They’re now eternally damned to remain at these

For the entirety of the passing of time.

Waiting to finally rise with the sun once more.

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