Unknown Battleground

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This is a fanfiction based around the world of Players Unknown Battleground, hope you enjoy!

Submitted: July 09, 2017

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Submitted: July 09, 2017



I could feel my eyes struggling to open, almost like I had been asleep; but to my knowledge, I had not been sleeping. My ears were ringing, my body ached, and there was sunlight that was blinding me. I finally get the strength to sit up and observe my surroundings. I had been laying on the ground, no wonder why my body hurt. I was dirty, my clothes were tattered, clothes that I didn't even remember putting on.

I didn't remember. A sort of slow-rising panic began to take me. Who was I, where was I, and... who are all these other people? There had to have been at least a hundred of us, all wearing dirt covered clothing, all just as confused as I was. They didn't look threatening, so after shoving aside the building nausea, and anxiety, I stumble my way to the closest person to me that was awake.

“Hey...what's going on?”

“I know just as much as you do.” He didn't seem too happy to talk to me, and had appeared to have been awake for quite some time. I was unsure if I should ask anymore questions since it was apparent he didn't know what was going on either. He made a small sigh before speaking to me again, “It looks like we're on a small island right now, not sure what's to become of us.” I nodded at him to show that I understood. I had decided to keep talking to a minimum to save my strength; I didn't know what I would need it for, but something in my gut told me to not be wasteful.

It seemed like no one else was talking to each other, only a couple decided to make groups. That was actually quite smart, in theory, anyway. Whatever situation we all might be put in, the more I thought, the more I realized having different groups would just divide us. We would become hostile with one another. Knowing this, I made the choice to be a lone wolf, or keep my circle small at the least. This guy I had spoke to didn't appear too bad, maybe we could stick together.

“It looks like they're starting to make groups. I don't like the idea, but maybe we should stick together?”

He glanced at some of the groups, then back at me, “I don't see why not. I'll probably need the help later anyway.”

A wave of relief washed over me. For some reason, I felt as if our lives were in danger; I'm certain others felt the same, but for me...I knew it, and it was obvious everyone else, didn't. I started to think about the future, and panic started to set in again, I could feel my chest start to tighten, and my head start to spin until a huge plane appeared in the distance, with its loud drone-like sound. It brought me out of my anxiety state, and replaced itself with hope. We were gonna be free.

Everyone started to wave their hands and scream, and for some reason, I didn't. As the plane got closer, we all split to make room for it to land, everyone still hollering and throwing their bodies around. I was skeptical, this plane looked old, and not of regular military standards. Something felt off, and I wish I could have ran away, but there was no where to run.

The guy and I stayed close together as the plane landed, looking at each other with great concern, as everyone else was practically jumping to get on. It was huge. I had never seen anything like it before; and it somehow came off as a coincidence that it was big enough to probably fit all of us. There was something going on here.

The back of the plane opened, like the style of an A400M Atlas. People began to flood inside of it, despite none of the pilots coming out to explain what was happening. No one could see how strange this was, they were just worried about getting back home and being safe, that they refused to see anything wrong with this.

The guy and I gazed at each other once more before silently agreeing that we would get on, in fear of being left behind. Because going and not knowing, would be better than staying, and knowing that we would die.

There was no way to reach the pilots, it was almost as if the plane was flying on its own. I tried not to concern myself with that at the moment, considering I might have bigger problems heading my way. I looked around the craft, seeing tons of parachute packs. I put two and two together, picking one up and slinging it around my shoulders, fastening the straps, and making sure it was nice and tight around me, others soon followed. The guy tilted his head at me, shrugged, and followed as I did, slightly shouting over the droning of the plane to speak to me, “Think they're gonna drop us?”

“There's too many parachutes for that to not be the case.”

He nodded his head up in silent acknowledgment. I wondered if he was as scared as I truly was, if he was hiding it just as well as I was.

After what seemed like a couple hours, the back of the plane opened up once more, exposing another island; this time with much more land, lakes, buildings, and some kind of military base. Some began to immediately drop out, I suppose they thought it was freedom, blinded by their hope, not realizing it wasn't their home. I stood, making a slight look towards the guy, the sunlight forcing its way inside. I held out my hand to the guy, my other hand tightly wrapped around one of the straps to my parachute. He stared at my hand for a moment before standing and taking it. I didn't know what was going to become of us, but something told me that we would eventually have to jump out.

We were the only ones left in that plane, reaching the edge of the island I gripped his hand tighter in fear of the unknown. We stared out, and down toward the island, the sun almost blinding our vision. We were stiff, refusing to move until a giant force from behind us shoved us both from the safety of the plane, and into the sky. We had let go of each others hands, not expecting to be kicked off. I tried to turn and see who had pushed us, but the plane was already closing, and no faces could be seen.

I turn my attention to the guy, trying to maneuver myself free falling, making attempted swipes at his hands. The wind was an unrelenting force that seemed like it wanted to keep us apart; I shouted for him, and he pointed to a cluster of buildings that looked like some sort of apartments. I gave a thumbs up, and continued to fall, but this time with certainty.

I watched some of the others that were lower, their parachutes deployed. The sun was beating down on me, the wind still resisting my body, and for a moment, I had wished I could stay like this. I took a huge breath in, preparing myself for the inevitable.

I released my parachute, heading toward the apartments, watching as the guy was almost already there. When I finally landed, the first thing I did was fling my head around to see where my partner was. I found him waving his hand at me, he was inside one of the buildings already, sticking his body out the broken window.

Everything here seemed broken, and abandoned. It appeared as if a war had been going on. I had always enjoyed the quiet, but right now, it frightened me, making my chest tight like running on a cold day. Most of the grass appeared dead, except for a few of the hilly areas were it flourished, and some kind of vehicle tracks could be traced.

I rushed into the building, meeting him as he was loading a pistol. I started to feel a rising twinge of terror until he spoke to me, “There's another one over there. I don't know why they're here, but you better take one just in case.”

He wasn't going to kill me, good.

“Hey, you have something hanging out of your pocket there.”

I checked below me, seeing a silver beaded necklace, tugging on it to reveal dog tags. I glanced and saw what appeared to be my name. The guy came over, peering down to see.

“Ah, I'm guessing you didn't know your name until now?”


“Well...I don't like knowing names in situations like this, makes you all emotional and shit. But, you might as well know mine since I know yours now.”

He shoved the gun in his pants, and stuck out his hand to shake, “I'm Matt.” I shook his hand, feeling exactly what he was wanting to avoid. Knowing our names made us closer than just “survival buddies” now. Now, we were friends. Which meant sticking together no matter what.

I grabbed the other hand gun, loading it with care, and noticed some kind of armor vest, and a small backpack.

“Hey Matt, there's some more stuff over here.”

He shuffled over, tilting his head, “Hm, you take that vest, and I'll take the backpack.”

I quickly fastened the vest over my shirt, it looked like it would protect me slightly from harm. I wondered why Matt didn't want the vest, but maybe he was just looking out for me, trying to be fair, I'm not sure.

“I'm not sure what's going on, but there are weapons and armor placed everywhere. Can only mean one thing..:

Matt looked at me with almost somber eyes, and again, two and two was put together. We were going to have to kill the others on this island. I wasn't completely sure we would have to, until I heard gun shots already going off, and screams. I whipped my head around, feeling my pupils dilate, and my blood run cold. Those shots sounded rather close to us, and I began to regret not mentally realizing, and preparing sooner for what I was going to have to do. I had never killed anyone before, at least...not that I remember. I knew how to load a gun, and what kind of gun it was, I seemed to remember quite a bit about weaponry. But why.

Matt had snapped me out of my zoned-out state, telling me to get down. I glanced out the window and saw a man being chased by a woman with some sort of shotgun. Matt and I watched from opposite sides of the window, watching he ruthlessly chase him. He looked back once, and that's when he tripped over himself, falling straight into the yellowish dirt. The woman slowly walked up to him, and raised her shotgun pointed at him. He made whimpers, and what sounded like begging for his life. He gave him one look, and shot him.

My throat felt closed, I could hear my heart beating as if it was in my head and not my chest. I shakily held my pistol, unsure what to do. Even if I wanted to shoot her, I know that I would miss her due to my nerves. I started to slowly bring up my gun, trying not to pay attention to the pool of blood forming around the mans body, until I heard a shot go off right next to me.

I turn my attention to the sound, my ear ringing, and my vision feeling like it was going to fade. I saw Matt at a shooting stance, and then I heard the girl fall to the ground, dropping the shotgun. I finally let myself breathe, trying to control it. Matt made a large sigh before lowering his pistol.

“Two rules: we only kill those who have killed others, and we kill those who are trying to kill us. Sound fair?” He turned his head toward me, finally starting to look as shaken as I was. I nodded at him, putting away my pistol.

Is this what is to become of us. Is this what all of this was, some unknown battleground.

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