Blood Bond- Part 1

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Her idea of family is about to be challenged. she was used to being ignored, almost invisible at times. But when she's thrown into a chaotic spiral, will she sink or swim in her new life.

Submitted: July 09, 2017

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Submitted: July 09, 2017



The bright screen seemed to stare at me. A stark white page had become the only light illuminating the room. My parents had long since gone to bed, almost forgetting I had even been sitting there with them. Without a word, they had left the room and turned off the light, leaving me alone with the white screen. Why is this so hard? The words My family were the only words on the page. I had no idea what the teacher was trying to prove by setting the task of writing about our families. My brain seemed to cease up in that moment, there was nothing I could say about my family. At least nothing school appropriate to say about them. Everything that I considered normal would have looked crazy to anyone else, I was sure that if I even wrote it down they would lock me up for being mentally insane. Or at the very least make me see a psychologist. I had two options, either I faked an illness and stayed home tomorrow or I made up some lie that, to anyone else, would seem normal.  

'This sucks' my fingers idly tapped away at the keyboard. I spammed the delete button. Let's try writing the truth. 'I have a mum and dad but they barely even notice me. I used to have a sister but she was taken away after stabbing her last boyfriend.' My finger held down the delete button. My hand slammed down the lid of my laptop in an almost violent fashion. I was getting nowhere with this. I found myself now sitting in complete darkness. 

There was something eerily satisfying about the darkness. After staring at that bright screen for so long it was a relief for my eyes. I found myself relaxing further into the sofa allowing my other senses to take hold. A soft tapping of rain began to lash against the front window. I let myself slip off into a soft slumber as the sound enveloped me. 

I heard voices. At first, I had thought they were in my dream but the more my ears attuned to them, the more I was convinced otherwise. 

"Shhhh... you're going to wake her up," it was my mum's voice, she sounded softly distressed. A tone I had never heard from her before. A second voice joined hers. 

"I think it's a little too late for that now. But we can go on pretending she's asleep if you like." His voice was like velvet, soft and smooth. With an even distinct English accent, something I had only ever heard in period dramas that ran late at night. "So, it seems we can do away with pleasantries and get down to business." My eyes were soon being flooded with a blinding light.  

"Mum! Light, I have school tomorrow" I was still in a dreamy haze. I threw my arm over my eyes, blocking out most of the light.  

"Looks like you've raised a monster that's afraid of the light." The voice I had assumed was a dream, now spoke so close to my ear that I flinched. My eyes flung open only to met by the gaze of a stranger's face. I could feel my heart give out an involuntary loud thump. Why is he so close? I found myself scrambling to the furthest part of the sofa, unable to meet his gaze.
"Was your plan to give me a heart attack, because I think it worked," my heart hadn't slowed down a beat. 

"Now I wouldn't want that, would I?" His voice was like a melody in the air forcing my eyes to study him. He looked young, younger than his voice gave away. He was dressed in a fine suit that fitted his form perfectly. It somehow made him look devilishly vintage. Even the way he stood screamed elegance. His hair was the only thing that let his look down, it had been dishevelled by the rain. Wet clumps of golden brown locks clung to his boyish face. I found myself unable to blink or look away from him. His features soften as he spoke, "I don't have time spare for you to sit and stare at me all day." He drew ever so close to me, a devilish sweet smile invaded his face. "Maybe later," my heart began pounding again. I had never felt so small in my whole life, let alone be noticed by anyone. His gaze was now boring holes into my mother who had been hiding behind the door. "I assume you haven't told her," his tone had changed into something more serious, it was just enough to jolt my heart back to an even pace. She sheepishly backed further away, offering only a slight shake of her head as an answer. "Modern people! Always assuming they know what's best. I haven't the time to tame a wild child." His voice was harsher than sandpaper. My mum didn't even attempt to argue back. His eyes snapped back to mine, only softening slightly when he met my gaze. "Will you come willingly or do I have to carry you?" There was an edge of annoyance in his voice. I sat frozen to the sofa, unable to move under his gaze. Before I knew it, he was scooping me off the sofa and into his arms. I felt like a frail small kitten in his arms. I gave one last look at a mother I barely even recognised before he turned and left the house behind.  

The rain pelted down in big heavy clumps. The onslaught of water lasted for half a heartbeat before I was being sheltered by the roof of a car. Even if I had thought about escaping, the car was already in motion. He drove in silence through the night without stopping once. A thought crossed my mind. One that seemed funnier than it really was. I had a real excuse for why I didn't finish my homework now, 'I got kidnapped by a handsome stranger' but the more I thought about it the more I began to wonder about the guy sitting next to me. He obviously knew my mother and she obviously knew him, even feared him.  

"We're here," his voice suddenly snapped me out of my daydream. "It's time you knew where you truly came from." He pulled over just in front of a towering mansion. The locks on the door clicked firmly in place. "Your mother and father are a disgrace to our kind. They should be punished properly for their crimes. But I can't legally do anything about it." He all but spat the words out. "At least I could save your sister in time. She almost flew open the floodgates to our world."  

"What are you talking about?" I had been listening to his words but at the mention of my sister, I found myself turning on him. 

"You really don't have a clue, do you? I'm only going to say this once so you better listen. You're a vampire. Or at least that's the term humans seem to have given us. Never cared much for that word." Before I could question or even talk back, he started the car up again, pulling us into the courtyard. The mansion now seemed to look down at us like a giant.  

He didn't wait for me, he was halfway up the courtyard before I even had the chance to muster up the courage. Can't stay here all day. I swallowed down the lump in my throat, one that had been forming ever since I got into the car. Just as my hand reached out of the door handle, it was being yanked open. "I thought Henry was joking with me!" A sweet angelic-like voice filled the air. Veronica. "Are you going to get out the car or what?" She lowered her head just enough to peek inside the car. I almost flung myself at her when I saw her face. 

"Long time no see, sis." My smile was too big to hide. Ever since she left the house no one ever mentioned her again. She began dragging me out of the car when I hadn't made the effort to do so.
"Hurry up, you have to meet the whole gang. There's Aunt Lottie for starters, she's a hoot. Then there's..." She started to rattle off names quicker than I could focus, all while dragging me further into the larger-than-life mansion. The deeper we ventured the louder the 80's music got and the dimmer the light seemed to get. Before long Veronica hurried us into a large back room that looked like an upmarket kitchen. The guy who had brought me here was leaning casually against one wall, looking half bored. "I'll get you something to eat, See you in a bit sis. This is going to be so much fun now!" She floated out in a graceful manner. 

"Human food! She's not onto the hard stuff yet!" His voice was no longer velvety. When he spoke to her if anything it was harsher than the way he had spoken to my mum and I didn't even think that was possible. "She's going to be insufferable now that you're here." 

"I can leave if that makes anything better..." His stare shot down any more words I would have said. 

"I'd rather suffer through her antics than let a child of the night to be brought up how she was." His body seemed to move in slow increments towards me. Without hesitation, I found myself backing away from him. "If you had been brought up right, you wouldn't be retreating now," his words beguiled me. Veronica appeared at the door, holding a tray of food. He stepped back quickly as if nothing had just happened. She had the biggest smile on her face.  

"I brought human food. And don't give me that you're not hungry crap because I can hear your stomach growling." She exaggerated the word human as if to tease him. I had to hold back a snicker. There was only one thing I had truly missed and that was my sister. 
She looked healthier than the last time I had seen her, well at least she didn't look about ready to murder anyone. My eyes were studying her but caught the attention of the guy behind her. He gave me a stiff smile before leaving the room.  
"Don't mind Henry, he has a bad attitude towards integrated vamps." She was just the same, at least the same before she snapped and got taken away. 
"What happened to you?" My words were barely above a whisper.  
"It's a funny story actually, I'll tell it while you eat," she handed me a plate full of party food, all of which were her favourites. She settled down on a chair at a grand looking dining table, waiting for me to start eating. I followed suit and joined her at the table, my hand nudging the food like a little kid would do. Even though these were her favourites, I didn't much like them myself. In fact, I hadn't eaten any of them since she left. Her eyes were watching me like a hawk. "Oh come on, at least you can still eat this stuff. Don't tell me you're on a diet!" Her words snapped my mind back into focus. She was here, actually here sitting in front of me. That alone sparked me into eating food I didn't much care for. "Right so you know about my boyfriend and all. But what even I didn't know at the time is that our parents are vampires. Yup, they just decided to leave that out of our medical history. So when I finally turned I was with my boyfriend, man I must have scared the shit out of him. Anyway word got back to the council and here we are. I was worried about you." I felt her hand brush against mine.  
"They ignored me when you left." My voice felt small in the space between us. "In some ways, I felt like they were ashamed of me. Oh, I would have so loved to have seen the teachers face tomorrow. She gave us an assignment on families."  
"You're kidding, right? Now I want to see her face. What were you going to write?"  
"I was going to make it up, maybe say you went to live on a farm." My sister was sat stifling her infectious laugh.  

"You should totally do it, oh and film it too so I can watch it!" She hadn't changed one bit. I was about to reply but the next moment the door swung open.  

"You know that’s not a good idea." Henry was standing firm at the door.  

"Spoilsport. Can never do anything fun around here." She seemed more disappointed than I did. 
"Anyway the girl needs her rest, she's still human." They were both looking at me like I was the elephant in the room.  

"I know, at least she can be better prepared than I was." Their interaction made me feel like a little child, always talked about and never talked to. "She can sleep in my room, I might turn in early tonight." I felt her hand close around mine as she guided me skillfully passed Henry and through the door. It wasn't long before the hum of the music downstairs blended into silence upstairs. "My room's this way, you'll never guess how they decorated it." When her bedroom door opened I gasped. Every inch of it was the same, even down to the position of the window. It was like they had boxed up her old room and transported it here. "The vamp community is at least good for one thing." She was smiling at me as she dragged me towards the double bed. "They can do the same for you if you ask really nicely."  

"I always preferred your room." The lamp, the teddies even the scuff mark on the wall. Every detail was the same. "Mum wouldn't even let me paint the walls..." She froze in place when I mentioned her. Her face was fixated on the wall.  

"How's she doing?" There was a hint of sadness in her words.

"She's fine, though she wasn't all the same when you left." The grip on my hand tightened to the point where I thought I heard bones cracking. I tried to hold it together but in the end, I yelped out in pain. Her face swung back quickly to mine. Instantly, she let go. "I'm so sorry, I keep forgetting that you're still human. I could fix that now if you like." For a moment I thought she meant my hand but her fangs protruded outwards. "No, it's probably best if you turn naturally." She withdrew as if ashamed of what she had just been thinking. "It's probably best I sleep somewhere else tonight, oh also lock the door when I leave." She waved a delicate hand at me as she bounced happily out of the room. I did as she told me, it was a habit I had ever since I was a child. Once the door was locked I took my time looking around the room. My mum had locked the door to her bedroom so I was never allowed back in there. Every detail brought back a different memory. I found myself curling up on the floor looking up at the glow-in-the-dark stars stuck on the ceiling. 

"You need to be more alert than that." His voice was as soft as the first time I had heard it. I found myself jolting upright. My back was hurting from a bad night's sleep that I seemed to have spent on the floor. Henry was crouched down next to me.
"I thought I locked the door?" My eyes sleepily looked across the room. The door was wide open. 

"You did, but a locked door never stopped me. Where's Veronica?" I tried to rub the sleep out of my eyes. 

"She said she was sleeping somewhere else." A smile seemed to sweep across his face. 

"Is that so?" His words seemed to scream danger. Everything happened in a blur, one minute I was sitting on the floor. The next minute my back was against the wall, Henry's devilishly handsome face stood in front of me. "Then I'll tell you the benefits of being a vampire. One. I think I just showed you that one." He drew even closer, my breathing seemed to stop momentarily. "Looks like the fun's over." Before I could wonder what he was talking about he was gone. In his place was my sister.  

"Are you ok, he didn't hurt you, did he?" She seemed to inspect every inch of me before giving me a stone-cold stare. "I told you to lock the door!"  

"I did, what just happened?" She held me in a tight embrace. 
"I guess there's no avoiding it now." I tried to squirm out of her arms but she wouldn't give way. "If I don't do this someone else will!" I felt a hot blinding pain on my neck seconds after her words, the pain seemed to spread from my neck until my whole body collapsed in pain. 

--------------------------------------End of Part 1--------------------------------------

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